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"Who Are You?"
Part 11
by Ta'al
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As they walked, Alex noticed how Isabelle was leaning into him more and more with each step. He didn't mind in the slightest, though. It wasn't long before they reached her house, they stopped. Alex caught her eye, he had a serious look on his face.

"Isabelle, you not going to like this, but I need you to keep silent about this to Max and Michael. I swear to you we will tell them, we just need more time. As well as the time it'll take to get Maria under control. That kid has one hell of a temper…" He trailed off.

Isabelle smiled at him, catching his chin with her hand, she pulled him around to look at her. Gazing into each others eyes, Isabelle found that she saw nothing different in them. She would have thought that the knowledge of his vamparism would change how she looked at him. But when she looked into his eyes, she deep caring, warmth and most of all, love. This was the one thing that she had never seen before, he truly loved her. Liz loved Max, Maria loved Michael. The four of them were so in love it hurt them, but looking into Alex's eyes she saw one inescapable fact. Alex would never hurt her. Ever. He would die to save her the smallest of pains, and he would love her throughout eternity .

~But do I deserve his love? After all the hurt I caused him, what right do I have to ask for his love?~

"Never think that Isabelle, you deserve the best things life has to offer. You deserve everything that I can give you." Alex said

Isabelle was a bit startled that he had apparently heard her thoughts. She looked at him inquisitively. A smile graced his lips.

Turning completely to her, he placed a gentle hand to cup her cheek.

~It an effect of the sharing~ He told her in his mind.

~What's the sharing?~ Her reply sounded slightly scared.

~Vampires such as myself are telepathically linked to those that we care about, we can sense their thoughts and we can send ours to them. You know how I feel about you, I do love you, and for a vampire, that's a very rare thing. Don't say anything about it now, we both need time to think. But trust me, I'll be here tommorow. ~ His words caught her slightly off guard, but she knew that she had always thought of his affection for her as a puppy dog crush, but it was true, total, complete. He was hers, and she was his. This is how it was meant to be.

Their' parting was long and reluctant, he was right. They both needed time to think, so that they wouldn't be just caught up in the moment. So, with great reluctance, he left her at her front door, and walked home. Throughout that night, nothing was on their' minds but each other…

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