FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"Who Are You?"
Part 10
by Ta'al
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Alex's face was hard as he slammed the phone down into the table-set. Momentarily forgetting his strength the phone, and his arm, crashed effortlessly through the table. He cast an annoyed look on the wreckage, before stooping to try and clean up some of the mess. A part of him wanted to rip Liz's head off, but a larger part of him was grateful. He, like Liz and Maria, had wanted so much to tell Isabelle. But now he didn't have to.

Liz was going to contact Maria and tell her. Maria found it harder to control herself, but, like the others she had wanted to tell Michael. She would understand, eventually. Until then, Alez had other plans. He would do what he did most nights, but maybe with a slight twist.

Dressing quickly, the now leather-clad vampire opened his top-floor window. He quickly flew from his perch, crossing the town quickly, he gracefully landed in a tree. A tree that he frequented often.

The tree was outside of Isabelle's house.

He waited for twenty minutes, his waiting was broken by the sound of heels stepping onto concrete. He waited quietly as he saw Isabelle approach. For an instant he was transfixed by her. She was beautiful, no doubt. But she had a soul, and that was what drew him to her. She kept walking, oblivious to his presence. She soon walked right underneath him, it was then that he chose to make his move. Falling silently, he landed by the tree, leant into it.

"Hey." He said, nonchalently.

Isabelle nearly jumped out of her skin. The person who had not a moment ago been occupying her thoughts, was now standing next to her. Dressed in leather.

~He looks so hot~ She thought, looking him up and down.

"Alex! You scared me."

Guilt crossed his face for a moment.

"Sorry." Apology lacing his word.

She smiled at him before answering.

"It's all right, how are you?"

"Alright I guess. How about you?" He inquired

"I had an interesting phone call from Liz a while ago."

She smiled at him again. ~He's so much more than I ever imagined~


"Yeah. Listen, Isabelle, I'm sorry, I should have tol…" His apology was interupted as Isabelle raised a finger to his lips.

"It's alright, I know. I know about you, Liz and Maria. I must say I was shocked, to say the least.".

He relaxed, a smile appearing on his face.

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