FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"Twice in a Lifetime"
Part 5
by Sineya
Disclaimer: Theyíre mine, mine, all mine!I wish, they really belong to those wonderful creators.. All but Seth, who is really all mine. Song and lyrics belong to the lovely and talented Sarah McLachlan
Summary: Buffyís always been different, so when she was told she was the slayer she was relieved, it answered her question of,"What am I?." Now in a Roswell, NM, she finds her real destiny, and learns that true love can happen twice in a lifetime.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: For all intents and purposes of this story, Iíd like those who read this story, to try and pretend that Michael and Angel look exactly the same, using Michael's image. No, I don't think they actually look alike, but for this story I'm gonna pretend.
"Oh my god, call an ambulance."*Who was that?*

"Sheís hurt a lot." *Another unfamiliar voice.*

"Donít move her!" *Who were these people.*

"Sheís coming to."*Was that Liz?*

"Thank God."*Maria?*

Buffy slowly opened her eyes, she felt fine, sheíd just had the wind knocked out of her, *One of the perks of being the slayer.* She looked around, looked for one face in particular. He was on her left, looking worried."Angel."She sighed

Michael looked at her, Liz told him her name was Buffy, so now he had a name for this face, for this human that had saved his life."Why did you save me?"He asked her softly.

She closed her eyes and opened them again slowly,"It was you."

Max and Liz looked at each other in wonder, that was the same thing he had said to her when she asked him almost that exact question. They looked back at her, she was staring at Michael, a look growing on her face, first confusion, then anger, then fear, and finally, hopelessness.

*Itís not Angel.* Buffy realized.*But it looks like him, exactly like him, he even feels the same* she argued silently*Look into his eyes, are those Angelís eyes?* she nodded,*Yes, Theyíre brown, just like Angelís.* She told herself, *Are they filled with love? Are they filled with complete sadness? Do you really believe this is Angel?* She gently questioned. *Or do you just want to believe its him?* She shook her head slowly, hopelessly *I know its not........him, its not.....Angel.*

She looked at her wrist, *What time is it?* She looked at her watch, *11:00, this all happened in ten minutes, Iíve only been on the ground for a few minutes, but they saw me get hit by a car!* She needed to get out of here fast, now.

Away from the boy who could be Angel, but wasn't.

She looked at them crowded around her, from three of them she was getting weird vibes, but they all looked worried. She looked down at herself, her clothes were fine, *Wait whereís my jacket?* She looked around frantically, and realized she was still on the ground, and they were still around her. She lifted her arm, but they held her down,"You canít move, youíll break something." They looked genuinely worried, but they held her strongly. *Yeah right, like you guys are gonna keep a slayer down.* Even at this depressing moment, she had to laugh at that thought.

"Let me up."Buffy whispered.

"Iím calling an ambulance!"Maria jumped up.

"No, Iím fine."Buffy told her.

"We just saw you get hit by a car at full speed, youíre not fine."Liz said.

"If you donít let me up-"She started.

"What, youíll kill us?"Isabel asked sarcastically. She looked less than convinced.

"No,"She said softly."I wonít kill you."

She looked down,"Iíll do this."

With that, she swung her legs up, and swung her body off the ground.

Then she raised her legs like she was going to do a kick, but instead she flipped her body up, and over them all, landing on her feet.

They stared at her with wide eyes.

"How the hell did you do that?"Maria asked in awe."Are you some kind of....supernatural being?"

Buffy looked at them all, *How the hell do I get myself out of this one?* Then she looked behind them and saw flashing lights, *Oh great, the sheriff, just what I need another run in with the law* She looked back at them,"Please donít say anything."She whispered frantically. "Please!"Her voiced begged them to keep quiet."Iíve gotta get out of here."The flashing lights were getting closer, she really need to get out of there. She took them one last, pleading look, and then ran for her bike.

She quickly got on it, not even bothering to put on her helmet, and started it up, driving away from them as fast as she could, trying to outrun her past.

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