FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"Twice in a Lifetime"
Part 4
by Sineya
Disclaimer: Theyíre mine, mine, all mine!I wish, they really belong to those wonderful creators.. All but Seth, who is really all mine. Song and lyrics belong to the lovely and talented Sarah McLachlan
Summary: Buffyís always been different, so when she was told she was the slayer she was relieved, it answered her question of,"What am I?." Now in a Roswell, NM, she finds her real destiny, and learns that true love can happen twice in a lifetime.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: For all intents and purposes of this story, Iíd like those who read this story, to try and pretend that Michael and Angel look exactly the same, using Michael's image. No, I don't think they actually look alike, but for this story I'm gonna pretend.
Buffy stared at him.

She stared at Angel.

Her Angel.

He was dead!

Wasnít he?

But he was standing right in front of her.

She didnít care, he was alive, he was here.

In Roswell.

The others stared at her, what was wrong?

"Are you okay?"Liz asked her again.

No response.

"Whatís wrong Buffy?"Maria whispered frantically


"Buffy, Buffy, Buffy?"Isabel was shaking her.


"Whatís wrong with her?."Max asked.

She was staring at Michael like she had seen a ghost.

Michael was standing there, frozen in place.

Then suddenly she smiled, it was so beautiful and bright that the room lit up.

She ran to Michael, and wrapped him in her arms, she reached up and brought his face down, then crushed his lips to hers, she kissed him deeply, running her fingers through his hair, down his back, and into his coat. She didnít realize he was just standing there passively letting her kiss him. Finally she stopped and looked up.

"Iím so sorry, Iím so sorry."Tears were streaming down her face."I thought Iíd lost you, please donít hate me, I love you."Tears gushed out of her eyes, she gulped in big breaths of air,"I love you so much, please forgive me."She looked at him pleadingly.

Michael had finally came out of his frozen state, and he pushed her off him. He felt so different, and there was a strange girl crawling all over him, a strange and beautiful girl. He finally realized that the others were in the room. He looked at the girl, her eyes were filled with tears, and grief, and something else. He needed to get her away from him, she was making him feel things that he didnít wanna feel.

"Who are you, and why the hell are you mauling me ?" He asked her harshly.

Buffy felt her heart crack as he spoke to her, this wasnít Angel, he never acted this cold, this....mean. The only one who had was.....

"Angelus?"She asked tearfully.

Michael looked at her and her tearful gaze and felt his walls start to crumble, he needed to get out of here, fast, now.

He turned and ran.

Buffy only saw Angel, she didnít know how, or why, she just saw him leaving the restaurant, she saw her love leaving her.


"Angel please, donít leave me again, please!"She ran after him. He was just outside the restaurant. Max, Liz, Maria, and Isabel all ran out after her.

"Why did she call him Angel?"Liz asked.

"Maybe she thinks heís someone else?"Maria offered.

"Letís just help Michael, she could be FBI, and now sheís pretending to know him to mess with our heads."Isabel said.

"Her pain looked real enough to me."Max disagreed.


Michael ran outside, he had to get away, away from that girl, who was she, and why did she ask him to forgive her, why did she call him Angelus,*Why did she say she loved him?*

The street was deserted, he ran out into the road, stopping suddenly to catch his breath, he heard a noise and looked up

Into beaming headlights.


Buffy saw the car head straight for him, she saw him look up and realize it, she saw her loverís death on her hands again, she couldnít let it happen.

"Angel!" She ran as fast as she could, her slayer strength flowing through her, just as the car was inches from him she leapt, pushed him out of the way, and smashed into the car windshield herself.

She lay unmoving, while the car sped away.

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