FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"Twice in a Lifetime"
Part 6
by Sineya
Disclaimer: They’re mine, mine, all mine!I wish, they really belong to those wonderful creators.. All but Seth, who is really all mine. Song and lyrics belong to the lovely and talented Sarah McLachlan
Summary: Buffy’s always been different, so when she was told she was the slayer she was relieved, it answered her question of,"What am I?." Now in a Roswell, NM, she finds her real destiny, and learns that true love can happen twice in a lifetime.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: For all intents and purposes of this story, I’d like those who read this story, to try and pretend that Michael and Angel look exactly the same, using Michael's image. No, I don't think they actually look alike, but for this story I'm gonna pretend.
Tears streamed down her face as she turned into her driveway. She parked, and noticed that her mothers car was gone, *Well, at least I won’t have to deal with her.* She slowly got off her bike, walking through the door, into the kitchen, and up to her room.

She turned on the light, and looked around her room, she sat on the floor, and pulled a box out, from under her bed. Ripping the cover off, she slowly reached into it and pulled out a picture. It was one of Angel and her at the prom, she pulled out another, Angel and her in his apartment, and another, Angel fighting a vampire.

Picture after picture, after picture, they were all of her and Angel, or of Angel by himself. When she had found out that vampires could get their picture taken she had gone crazy, and started taking a camera with her everywhere. It had become an obsession. She had hundreds of them.

She looked around her room, it seemed suddenly bare and empty. Then she looked at the pictures laying around her and got an idea. She got up and grabbed some tape off her desk, picking up the pictures, she started taping them to the walls.

A half an hour later she had taped pictures all over her room. Everywhere she turned she

saw Angel. Angel, Angel, Angel.*Mom’s gonna freak when she comes in here.* She told herself.*Who the hell cares, she’s all about forgetting him, and for me to move on, well maybe she’ll see that I can never forget Angel.*

"If I bring anyone in this room there gonna think I’m crazy."She said softly. So with reluctance she went around the room, and took down some of the pictures, leaving a normal amount up, so if anyone came in her room, they’d just think she was a normal girl, who missed her boyfriend.

*They’ll never realize that I have an obsession with a dead man, who now resides in Hell.* She thought softly.

"And I put him there."

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