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"True Destiny "
Part 6
by Chris
Disclaimer: Not mine in any way just barrowing them for the story!
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: This takes place 2 years after Destiny. This is my first fanfic so I would love any feedback from all who read this. I hope you enjoy this!
A week later they all arrive back in Roswell, New Mexico on a cool Wednesday evening. Everyone is thrilled to be back. Now that they have there hearts desire. They all decide to spend the evening with their soul mates. Michael takes Maria back to his apartment. Which they have decided to make their home together. Max takes Liz to the home that he always wished was him and Liz's. Tess and Kyle rent a room at the motel just outside of town to spend an erotic night with her true love. Alex and Isabel return home for the night. They all agreed to meet at the Crashdown around noon the next day.

Michael and Maria

"Maria I love you. I always have how can you forgive me for the way I have treated you?" Michael says even though there is no need to say anything out loud again. They have a connection like the one that they always have yearned for with one another.

"No words Michael." Maria says as she walks up to him with a devilish grin. She puts her hand on his chest and feels his pecks. Then she trails her hand down feeling his abs and then his hard erection awaiting her direct contact. Michael gasps at the touch of her hand as he slowly pulls off her shirt. He looks in awe of her breasts. Before he can even think about touching them he is pushed on the couch with a thrust of Maria. He watches as Maria unbuttons his jeans and pulls them down. She then slides her hand just inside his boxers. Michaels eyes widen as she starts to move her hand up and down the long shaft. He cups her breast with one hand and brings her lips to his with the other hand. They kiss passionately and before they know it...Michael and Maria are entwined in the throws of passion. When they both reach their peek they collapse on top of one another. They look into each others eyes realizing the same thing. "We made a baby!" they both say with joy in their voices. They lay there and drift off to sleep.

Max and Liz

Max unlocks the door to the small three bedroom house. Then he turns to Liz and sweeps her of her feet into his arms and carries her in the house. She laughs as he throws her on the bed. She looks up at the man she has loved for so long and sees the desire and passion in his eyes. No words are needed as he takes his hand up her thigh. She feels an ache she has never felt as Max's hand stops and starts to caress her heat through her jeans. She pushes her hips into his hand as she starts to feel a new yet amazing sensation. Max lowers his lips to hers and kisses her deep and passionate. He then takes his other hand over her shirt and with in an instant the shirt is gone along with her bra. He then takes his hand and massages her bare breasts with his warm hand. She gasps at his touch then pushes harder into his hand. He looks down and realizes that she's naked . He looks up at her with surprise. She notices the look of confusion in his eyes as he begins to speak. "I know I didn't take those off." He says with his fingers still rubbing her heat. "I did I think. I wanted so bad to feel your touch that I guess I some how made it happen through our connection." Liz said breathlessly as he continued to rub her harder and faster. Before she knows it she is screaming his name as her body start to tremble with ecstasy. He looks at her enjoying just knowing that he has caused her to lose such control. He removes his hand and lays on top of her kissing her with want and need to be one with her. He then feels her soft erotic hands on his bare back and looks at her with passion and amazement "How do you do that?"

"I just need to want it enough." as she waves her hand over his pants and they too disappear. She looks at him with a desire in her that he has never seen. His hands roam her body freely as do hers. She spreads her legs and takes him in her hand and guides him into her with love and need in her eyes. He gasps and in a low and raspy voice he says "I love you and only you Liz" She looks up at him with a tear rolling down her cheek. "You don't know how long I've waited to hear those words from you again. I love you and only you Max." He starts to move slowly inside her trying not to hurt her but soon his desire has over come him. He starts thrusting harder and faster into her. She follows the rhythm as she to is overcome with passion and desire for him. She bites down on his shoulder trying not to let go just yet. Max feels her bite down on his shoulder and is sent over the edge. He thrusts in and out faster and harder and with that Liz lets out a scream of pure satisfaction. They stay joined like that as Max collapses on top of her. "Do you know what just happened?" He asks completely out of breath. "Yes I do and I love you!" She says with a look of love and devotion. They look into each other's eyes until they fall asleep still connected with one another.

Kyle and Tess

Kyle unlocks the door to the motel to find a retro 70's room with a king size bed. He thinks to him self boy is this going to be fun. Just then he feels Tess push him in the room. He turns around just in time for her to pin him up against the wall. With the surprised look on his face Tess takes this opportunity to put a pair of handcuffs on him. She leads him to the bed. He sits there just waiting and willing for anything that Tess wants to do with him. After all they are destined to be together. She starts to kiss him soft and seductively. She moves on to Kyle's neck nibbling and sucking as she goes. She abruptly stops and stands up. She takes one look at his passionate awaiting face and decides to tease him a little.

She starts to slowly move to the music in her head. She walks up to him with a look of passion as she removes her clothes. She straddles him rubbing herself against his hard erection. She continues to tease him until she can't take it any more. She pushes him back on the bed and quickly removes his jeans and boxers. She looks up at his face as she takes him into her mouth. He gasps as he feels her warm, wet, succulent mouth on him. She lets her tongue roam along the shaft and then runs it in circles around the tip. Causing Kyle to loose all self control. Just as he starts to climax she lets him go with a new goal in mind. She straddles him once again. Feeling his hard erection between her folds she realizes that she to can not wait any longer. She gently guides him into her. They both gasp at the feel of each other. She begins to slowly go up and down on him. Suddenly yearns to move faster so she does with urgency and passion that she never has felt before. As she moves faster he does the same until they both come to their peek. Tess collapses against Kyle feeling his chest heave against her own heaving chest. She then looks into his eyes and he mouths the word 'wow'. With that she recognizes that he to knows that they have made not just one but to babies.

Alex and Isabel

As Isabel walks in the living she waves her hand over the fireplace causing flames to rise. She sits down on the couch exhuasted by the trip. She motions to Alex to sit with her. He does so not wanting to upset the one carrying his children. They cozy up to one another on the couch. "I'm so glad everything has worked out. I just wish it would have happened much sooner." Isabel says with happiness in her voice.

"Me too, now I can concentrate on you and the babies. So how much longer to you think it will be?"

"Soon I hope! I'm tired of being a house." Isabel says with a groan.

"Just relax and get some sleep baby. We had a long trip today." With that Alex gives his beatiful wife a soft kiss and snuggles with her until they are fast asleep.

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