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"The One"
Part 5
by Jennaev
Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell, Max, Liz, Maria, Brody or Sydney. I do own Adarah Davis and Tierzah Rodruiguiz.
Summary: When Brody recieves an omnious call about his estranged wife, he Max and Maria travel across state. Once there old feelings are rekindled and new feelings are discovered.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
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"Its pretty hot in here tonight, " Tierzah whispered as she circled the hottub, which held one Max Evans. The object of her lust, at least for the moment. She wasn't easy,exactly, she just knew what she wanted. And she wanted the well-built, half-naked guy in front of her.

"A little." He replied. And he had a feeling it was about to get a lot hotter judging by the look she was giving him. He had known that she would find him here. He bet she had some type of radar. He watched intently as she stripped off her robe. Holy hell! She was naked, save for a red thong. He stared, dumbfounded at her. Damn. She was sexy. He could feel his borrowed trunks begin to tighten.

"You don't mind if I don't cover myself. It's my heritage, you see, we believe our bodies are meant to be displayed and admired." She explained as she slowly waded into the hot water.

"No." His voice came out choked. God those were some nice breasts. Some very, very nice breasts, he thought. Then another thought popped into his head. This is what my boss's wife looks like naked....that's a little twisted, actually.

"Good." Tierzah settled in opposite him, her eyes sweeping him over again. "So why is it Max, that a man like you has no girlfriend?"

"Its complicated. I'm just better off alone," he explained, his tongue finding it difficult to maneuver around the words while she was running water over her arms and chest.

"You sound like my idiot brother-in-law. When will you men realize that alone is never better," she whispered seductively. ************************************ "Did you find some?" Adarah asked as she entered her suite. Brody was standing in front of the large dresser, running his fingers over the cherry wood. He seemed lost in thought. Her heart gave a quick slam when she realized that they were alone, in their bedroom.

"Uh, no, I hadn't gotten that far yet." He had been day dreaming. The second he had walked through those bedroom doors he was lost in memories. This was the first time he'd been back in their old bedroom. It still looked exactly the same. The large waterbed Adarah had insisted they buy when she was pregnant, because it felt good on her back. The cherry dresser with its huge framed mirror. There were a few new pictures stuck in the corners, but the old ones were still there. And their wedding picture still hung above the bed. That had stunned him. He would have thought, of all things, that would have been the first to go. For some reason Adarah had kept it there. Didn't the other guys wonder? There were other guys...there had to be. Adarah was just to beautiful of a person to not be admired by some one. That thought was why he hadn't made it to the closet. He hadn't been able to move, it had paralyzed him. Images of his wife in his bed with another was just too painful.

"Why don't I get them." She slipped past him, breathing in his light aftershave and slight musky scent as she passed. Her body quickly responded. He still had that effect on her, even after everything. She grabbed a grey pair of sweats and a tee shirt, one that she liked to sleep in sometimes. When she emerged he was standing at the foot of the bed staring at their wedding picture. God, so long ago. She had been 19, almost six years ago now.

"Here." She held them out. Brody nodded, taking them silently, then turning back to the wall.

"Why?" His voice cracked. He cleared his throat. "Why didn't you take this down a year ago, when I walked out on you?" he asked sadly.

Adarah stood silent for a moment. Why? He was asking her why? "Because you're my husband." She said slowly.

"I never deserved to be."

"Brody.." She touched his arm gently. He pulled away.

"I'll just go get changed and go to bed. I'm pretty tired." And if he stayed much longer he'd do something they'd both regret later. He turned to the door.

"Wait! You can sleep here." Adarah hadn't meant to say it. But having him there, in their home, in their bedroom....

" Here?" he repeated hoarsely. What did she mean by that? Here, or here with her?

"Here, with me." She whispered, her eyes wide and pleading. "Please Brody, stay here with me."

"Dar'. " He couldn't. There was no way. He wanted her so badly. Just to taste her, hold her, know she was really there. " I....I can't."

"Why?" She spat out, "Is it Maria?" She hadn't meant to say it.

"No." Brody shook his head. How could she even think that?

"Then why?" She began to pace, anger spilling out as hot tears. She brushed them away with the sleeve of her red sweater.

"Good night." He fought with every muscle in his body to turn away and walk out the door...again.

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