FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"The One"
Part 4
by Jennaev
Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell, Max, Liz, Maria, Brody or Sydney. I do own Adarah Davis and Tierzah Rodruiguiz.
Summary: When Brody recieves an omnious call about his estranged wife, he Max and Maria travel across state. Once there old feelings are rekindled and new feelings are discovered.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: A very special thank you to plumeria, who was an absolute God send and edited this story. Thanks for letting me harasass you so much! Feedback: Please, I beg of you. Send all comments, pro or neg to
"They don't make pizza like that in Roswell." Maria licked her fingers.

"They don't make pizza like that anywhere." Adarah laughed. "I'm so full." She stretched, rubbing her slightly rounded belly, feeling the thin stretch marks under her finger tips. She noticed her husband's eyes follow her movements. He used to touch me there, she thought. He used to trace every line on my body when we made love. Stop! Stop thinking like that! She quickly stood.

"Why don't I show you your rooms, and the hot tub." She waited for them to follow her. "Why don't you put Syd to bed, Brody? I'll say good night in a few minutes."

"And I'll put the kettle on." Tierzah placed her hand briefly on Max's biceps as she slid passed him. The boy was built. No doubt about that. Maybe he'd be interested in seeing the hot tub with her, she thought wickedly.

"Maria, I can lend you some night clothes, and a bathing suit if you'd like." Adarah offered. " This is one of the spare rooms here, with a TV and stuff. Here is another one for you." She pointed out two of the five spare rooms on the floor. "And downstairs on the enclosed deck is a hot tub, but there's a Jacuzzi in here if you'd rather."

"My God." Maria sighed. "I could so live here." She moaned. "Max, buy me a house like this please."

"I wish." Max laughed, staring out the large window. How far away from Roswell he felt.

"Make yourselves at home, please. I'm going down for some tea, probably a quick dip in the hot tub, then off to bed. Its been a long day." Adarah stated sadly. "Thank you." As much as Maria wanted to hate this women, she found it hard. She was just so damn nice. Why would Brody have left her?

"So, tell me again, why Brody left this? And her?" Maria asked as Max opened the door to the suite.

"I really don't know. It must have been pretty serious."

" Well, it's not really my business. I'm going for a Jacuzzi buddy. Then to bed." Maria disappeared into the room.

***************************** "Is she asleep?" Adarah crept softly into the pink room. Brody closed the book and stared up at her, nodding. She tiptoed in, kissing her baby on her forehead, then sitting opposite her husband. "She's not my little baby anymore." Adarah sighed. "I miss it."

"Yah. I know." Brody could relate. She seemed so much more grown up now.

"Everyone is settled. I'm going to take some clothes up to Maria.. I think there are still some of your sweat pants here.." Adarah trailed off. She hadn't actually thrown anything of his out.

"Oh." His sweat pants? He had expected her to have heaved all of his belongings the second he had left.

"Yah. There in the the closet." How desperate did she look? Now he knows I kept everything of his, she thought. "You can go get them." She jumped up, remembering her promise to get Maria's clothes. She carefully chose a light silk nightgown and her black bathing suit. It might be a little big, but it'd do. Maria had smiled gratefully, and she had instantly felt ashamed for all the nasty thoughts she had when she believed that Maria was after Brody.

"I'm gone check out that Jacuzzi I think."

"Good idea." Adarah stopped. "Maria, thank you for looking out for Sydney." She smiled and left quickly, anxious to get back to Brody. Tonight, they would talk.

"Yah, sure." Maria muttered. It's not like I was trying to land your husband or anything, Maria thought warily.

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