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"Taking A Step Back"
Part 45
by Mary N.
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As Isabel woke up, the first thing she realizes is Alex has been watching her sleep. She opens her eyes slowly and smiles a blissful smile. "Hello."

He smiles back and brushes the loose strains of hair from her face. "Did you sleep well?"

"You know that I did. I always do when we dream together." She rolls over facing him, and kisses him lightly on the lips. "How long have I been asleep?"

Propping his head up on one hand he wraps the other over Isabel's waist. "Almost three hours."

She sits up quickly and climbs out of bed. "That long! I wonder why no one woke us up?" She heads for the master bathroom.

Still surprised by her sudden reaction he answers, "Because they are sleeping as well. I went to check when I first woke up."

Isabel turns and looks at him with a sigh of relief, "Ohhhh, thank goodness. I was sure they were imagining we were doing all kinds of things up here by ourselves all of this time." She turns back to the bathroom, and disappears inside.

Alex suspects what the others were doing, especially Max and Liz since their door was locked. He has a few ideas of his own. Alex gets up from the bed, locks their bedroom door, and quickly returns to the bed to wait for Isabel to return. Alex smiles when she finally emerges from the bathroom with her hair straightened and her make freshened up. He only hopes that she'll have to fix it again in about an hour or so. With a suggestive grin and a wiggle of his eye brows, Alex pats the bed beside him.

A smile spreads across Isabel's face as she ponders the possibility of today being the day she gives herself to Alex completely. She saunters over to the bed and lays down on her side next to him. She rests her head in the crook of her arm and with her free hand she takes hold of the front of Alex's baby blue button down shirt and pulls him down beside her. His lips are so close to hers now she can feel his breath on her lips. In a seductive sultry voice she asks "You want me?"

So caught off guard by her forwardness, all he can muster is, "uh ha."

Shocking him even further, she leans in and kisses him passionately on the lips. With a hint of a smile, and in the same seductive voice as before, she says, "Then I think it's time you show me."

If not for the lustful look in her eyes, he would have believed, she was teasing him. However, now all he could think about is how much he loves Isabel and wants to be with her in every way. He almost can't believe this is really happening. That this could be the day they cross that imaginary line they've drawn, and that this radiant angel is willing to give herself to him. To the guy so many consider as geeky Alex Whitman. He couldn't help but think how jealous most guys at school would be of him right now. He quickly pushes that thought away. That's not what this is about. This is about Isabel and him. Besides he's never cared what other people thought, all he cares about is making the love of his life happy.

Alex leaned in, closing the short distance that's formed between them and kisses her as passionately as she kissed him. He's played out this moment in so many ways, so many times, and now he plans to make as many of their fantasies come true as possible.

Isabel has fought her desires for Alex so long, and now all she can think about is giving into them. She slides her hands up his stomach and chest until encountering the top few buttons of his shirt. She unbuttons the first three buttons, and pulls his shirt over his head, throwing it carelessly in the air. Staring straight into his eyes, she playfully grazes her nails gently down his chest. "So, Alex Whitman, are you going to show me, or are we going to stare at each other all afternoon." Isabel smiles widely at the vibrating sound coming from deep in his throat.

Alex stands to his feet looking at her mischievously and slowly unfastens the button on his pants, unzips the zipper, and steps one leg out at a time. Standing before her in only his boxers, he then offers her his hand. "I'll show you all right."

Isabel looks at his boxers curiously. They have yellow suns, and moons, puffy white clouds, and zodiac constellations on a dark-blue back ground. Looking closer, she realizes that the moons, suns, and clouds all have faces, and the clouds look like they are blowing air from their mouths. "Very cute Alex."

He looks down at his boxers and smirks, "You like? I thought you might."

"You thought I might be seeing them did you?"

With a playful grin he answers, "Of course, if not tonight, then eventually. I knew you couldn't resist this bod forever." He pounds on his chest like Tarzan making her laugh. After she calms down, he reaches a hand out to her. She accepts his and willingly, but when he tries to pull her to her feet she resists. She wants him to join her on the bed, not to help her to her feet. "What are you up to Alex Whitman?"

"You said you wanted me to show you how much I love you, and that's exactly what I plan to do."

"Alex, I didn't mean for you to take charge."

"Maybe not, but I have a few surprises for you and if you don't give me a chance, you'll never know what they are. So the question is, do you trust me?"

Isabel looks at him suspiciously, and wonders what surprises he's thinking about. "Trust you? Yes, I trust you."

"Then up you go." Without answering further Isabel stands to her feet allowing herself to be pulled snugly into Alex's arms. "Would you do me the honor of this dance?"

"There's no music Alex."

"We can make our own music." They begin to sway back and forth as Alex hums the melody to "I Do" (CHERISH YOU) by 98 Degrees. With his left hand he brings her right hand up to his mouth. He kisses her palm and then kisses and sucks each finger in turn. He runs the other hand tentatively up her spine to the base of her neck, where he massages with a strong tender grip. Next he brings a hand to each of her shoulders massaging them and brushes his lips across her succulent lip in a tender kiss. Alex slowly trails his hands down her back, slips them under her shirt at her hips, pulls her it up over her head, and drops it to the ground.

The feeling of Alex's hands on her skin makes every cell in her body tingle. With her own hands she's been busy exploring his shoulders, back, and chest enjoying the feeling of his warm skin against her finger tips. The combinations of these sensations are making her body ache for more.

As Alex pulled her shirt off, she felt a surge of anticipation and light headiness. Bracing her hands on his shoulders for support, she easily gave into his embrace, and hungry kisses. Loving the way his hands continued to move freely about her body, she scarcely noticed when he unclasped her bra. But the gentleness of his hands sliding the straps off of her shoulders and down her arms is nothing short of mind shattering. And the way his eyes widened as her breast came into full view sent shivers up her spine. He met her on looking eyes with a question which she nodded yes in response to.

He fixed his eyes on her chest as he cupped her well-endowed breasts, one in each hand, and squeezed them tenderly. "They're so big, so soft I just want to . . . " He trailed off thinking it would be better to show her rather than tell her. Alex began by running his tongue down each breast catching the hardened nipple in his mouth, and back up. The moans of pleasure escaping her lips add to his pleasure and the excitement of this experience.

Wanting to continue this in a more comfortable position, Alex leads Isabel back to the bed, laying her on her back. He unfastens the button and zipper on her shorts and eases them over her hips, and down her long legs. Then straddling her hips, cups her breast in his hands, and licks around the tip of one while kneading the nipple of the other with his thumb and finger. Another moan escapes her lips encouraging him to continue. He nibbles on the tip of her breast, before sucking in as much of it into his mouth as he can. Sucking softly at first, but gradually his suction grows stronger; as if he is a starving babe in need of nourishment. He resumes massaging both breast firmly in his hands as he licks along her cleavage to her other breast, and repeats the actions.

Isabel is clinging to the comforter while biting down on the corner of it in order to muffle her cries of pleasure. She doesn't want anyone over hearing her screams of pleasure. She worries they might barge in under the assumption something is wrong, or out of revenge for the many times she's interrupted them.

She grinds her hips against Alex's arousal, seeking out any relief to the overwhelmed desire building within her. No relief is found, only more yearning as Alex grinds himself against her with equal pressure. He releases his suction on her left breast and moves to her side. Where he licks and kisses his way across her collar bone, down between her breasts and belly, past her navel. Stopping only when he reaches her panty line. He slips his thumbs under the elastic and slides her panties slowly down her sensual legs.

His slow pace is more than she can stand, "Alex please, no more teasing. You're driving me crazy."

Restraining the groan building at the tip of his toes, he makes several attempts to speak, but the words won't come. When they finally do, all he can manage is three words that send chills down her spine, "That's the idea." A cross between a moan and whimper passes her lips caused by the combination of sheer pleasure and tortured agony.

Alex closes his eyes and releases the moan he can no longer hold back. He brings his lips to hers in a deep heated kiss. As much as he would enjoy continuing to explore her body in this manner, his own body is screaming for attention. Attention he no longer wishes to deny himself. He removes his boxers revealing his arousal.

Isabel is surprised, as lean as Alex is, she would never have guessed the size of him. Within the circles she formerly traveled, she often heard the other girls talking. From what she's heard them saying, and what she sees now, she wonders if Alex would be described as a girl she over heard put it, "Hung like a horse." She didn't know for sure of course, being that she's never seen that part of a guy before.

Laying beside her, one again, Alex began to kiss her softly. For a moment she seemed to tense and he felt the need to ask, "Are you having second thoughts, because if you are, we don't have to do this?"

She figures the best thing for her to do is be honest with him. After all she knows if she can't tell him what she's really thinking, than she shouldn't be doing this. In a matter of days he's going to be able to hear her every thought whether she wants him to or not. "If I don't want to? Yes, I want to. It's just . . . you're so, big. In our dreams you never seemed that big."

Alex couldn't help but laugh, "Is, I'm no bigger now, I just don't think you really looked before."

"I guess I thought because you're so lean, you would be smaller."

This time Alex stifles the laugh, not wanting her to feel embarrassed by talking about her misconception. "Isabel, it doesn't always work that way. There are some really big guys, whom on the average would be considered small." Wanting to make sure this is what Isabel really wants, he pulls her close and whispers, "What happens or doesn't happen is now completely up to you."

Isabel thanks all the stars in the heavens for placing her in this time, on this planet, in this town, so she can be with this man. She wonders why she's been blessed to be loved so completely and unconditionally. Most guys at a moment like this wouldn't be thinking about what the girl wants, but then, Alex isn't most guys. Smiling brightly, Isabel leans in and kisses Alex tenderly. She wants to make sure he knows there are no doubts in her mind. This is what she wants.


For the first time since Kyle and Sandie bonded, they share the needed connection to share their dream. Neither of them is too surprised when they find themselves sharing a dream. They both have heard the others talking about sharing dreams. What surprises them is where they are in their dream. They are sitting in a hot tub under a sky full of brilliantly bright stars. That's not what really surprises them, it's what they are wearing that does.

Sandie figures this has to be Kyle's dream, because there is no way she would ever wear a skimpy sting bikini, royal blue or any other color. Not only would she never wear a string bikini, but she wouldn't wear a bikini of any kind. She thinks of them as something that only sun bathers wear, and she's not the sun bathing type. She's always found one piece swim suits fit her needs more, because she's the active type. The type that would rather be in the water swimming laps or on the boards diving. Which for her means a one piece Speedo works the best. They allow her the freedom to do whatever she wants to do without the risk of losing her suit. Besides with her olive skin she has always tanned so easily that the idea of laying in the sun seemed like a waist of time.

Looking down at her current swim suit she realizes there is one fall back too always wearing a one piece, her stomach couldn't possibly be any whiter and she looks really funny. Her arms always look darker than most of her body being that she rarely wears long sleeve shirts. Her legs still have a health glow from wearing short and skirts, and then there's her stomach, which has never seen the light of day. She slips further down in the water, hoping Kyle won't notice, otherwise she's sure he would have to shield his eyes protecting them from the glare.

Kyle has a whimsical expression on his face, and she's sure that he's already noticed, and in order to avoid the conversation she is sure is coming, she attempts to take charge of the conversation. "Hey, is this what you fantasize about? A girl half necked in a hot tub?"

"No way your pinning this on me, I think this has to be yours." Kyle was too busy noticing his own swimming suit to pay that close of attention to what Sandie was wearing. He takes one more look down in the water just to make sure he's not imagining things. He can't believe he's actually wearing a swimsuit that covers less of him then his boxers do. The only time he's ever seen guy wearing a black Speedo was for diving or swimming competition and that was on T.V. at the Olympics. Kyle stands up in the hot tub to show her what he is referring to, as he says, "There is no way I would ever be caught in public wearing a pair of these."

The way Kyle looks in his Speedo, Sandie can't see way he would want to wear anything else. She openly admires how well he is built, thinking those sports do come in hand for something. She licks her lips subconsciously and smiles. "Why not, you look REALLY GOOD in them. " Uncomfortable with how that must have sounded she tries a quick recovery, "Besides most of the swimmers I know wear them."

The way she is looking at him doesn't go unnoticed, nor does the emphasis she put on the words really good. Liking the idea that he's getting to her, he teasingly says, "Not in public, but for you I think I can handle them. I showed you mine, now it's time for you to show me yours."

"Oh no, there is no way. If I stood up, you would have to shield your eyes."

"Why would I need to do that?"

"For the same reason I knew this had to be your fantasy and not mine." Not understanding what she could possible be referring to, he raises his eye brows questioningly. Sandie knows he doesn't understand, so she stands up rasing her eyes to the sky so she doesn't have to look at his face when he starts laughing. "See my stomach is white, really white. I don't wear two piece swimsuits."

Kyle can't believe what he is seeing. It's not the color of her skin that catches his eye, it's her prefect hour glass shape. Her well defined round breasts, slim waist, flat tight stomach, shapely hips, and slim muscular thighs. It's very evident to him that the clothes she wears don't do her figure justice. Fighting his impulses to take her in his arms and completely devour her, he says, "You say you don't were bikinis. Good thing."

That's not quite what she expected to hear him say. She suspected he would comment on how white she is, and tell her she needed to get some more sun, but to tell it was a good thing she doesn't wear a bikini, well that s just insulting. She never thought of herself as having a great body or anything, but she didn't think of herself as repulsive either. Upset by his statement she angrily asks, "And just what's that supposed to mean?"

With a very serious look on his face, Kyle answers, "I'd have to kill any guy that look at you, because they would be thinking the same think that I'm thinking right now."

Sandie's expression changes completely, she smiles timidly and asks, "And exactly what would that be?" He didn't need to answer that question, she could see it in his eyes, in his expression as his eyes drift down her body once more. He has an undeniable expression of hunger, of lust. The way his eyes drifted down her, combined with the way he was looking at her, sent feeling that seemed so foreign and yet some how familiar to her, through her body. She closes her eyes for a moment, trying to repress these feeling and at the same time trying to understand what is happening to her. After losing the raging battle within, she opens her eyes and nods ever so slightly.

That is all the consent he needed. Taking a refreshing breath, Kyle cautiously slides his hands up her waist and hips. He looks into her eyes to make sure she still okay with this, not wanting to do anything to makes her feel uncomfortable in anyway. The look in her eyes is anything but uncomfortable. He lowers his lips to hers as he continues to lovingly caress and explore her body with his hands. The only problem being, the more he touches her, the more he wants to touch her.

Sandie can't believe how good Kyle is with his hands. Everywhere his hands have traveled, she feels tingly. The only way she can describe it to say it feels like little sparks pulsing through her body awakening feelings and new sensations that have laid dormant all of these years. Her heart rate seemingly increases three times its normal rate, and her knees have long since turned to Jell-O. She wonders why they haven't completely given way and allowed her to slip beneath the water. She can't help but smile back as Kyle smiles at her. *Does he know, does he know what he's doing to me? *

She's startled when he asks, "What are you thinking."

Kyle had to do something, he wants to touch her in ways he doubts she's ready for, after what happened while they were awake he is certain of that. The only way he can think of is to back away a bit allowing himself time to calm himself down, to take the time to regain even the slights fraction of self control. As he asked her his question he looked into her eyes, and quickly realized he made a mistake by doing so. His own feelings were mirrored right back at him. She too has lost control.

"I think that I have a problem, I'm not thinking at all. At least not clearly."

Kyle groaned to himself, and pulled back from her sitting himself back in the water. "We have to slow down. I don't want you to regret this later, or to. . . ."

Sandie sits on her knees beside him and interrupts him, "It's different here, I'm not afraid Kyle. It's almost freeing in a way, no worries, no fears, just us enjoying being together. I love you so much Kyle, I can't think of any reason why I would regret ever being here like this with you."

He wraps his arms around her waist pulling her into his lap. "I love you too, Sandie Gates, and I want you to know, the only way I would ever regret being with you, is if you did. If some how I pushed you farther than you are ready to go. I couldn't handle doing that to you, because I want everything to be perfect for you."

"You mean perfect for us?" Sandie questions.

"Perfect for us." Kyle agrees, but inside he thinks, *Perfect for you my love. I want all of your first to be perfect.* Suddenly Kyle feels uncomfortable as a new thought enters his mind. "Sandie, I don't want to upset you, but, you do realize this isn't the first time for me, right?"

Sandie's touched by the concern and worry in his voice. She never assumed that she was his first, in fact she never really thought about it at all. All she cares about is he loves her as much as she loves him. With a sincere bright smile, Sandie tenderly strokes the side of his face, "Maybe not your first sexual experience Kyle, but we will have many first together. Like right now, it's our first time in a shared dream, and when we do share ourselves that way, it will be your first with me. Just make sure I'm the only one from now on, and I think I can live with it. After all, you don't want a jealous woman with special abilities on your hands, do you?"

Sandie didn't give him a chance to answer her question, she really didn't need an answer. She just wants to move onto more important things. Wrapping her arms around his neck she lowers her lips to his and kisses him affectionately. Before their kiss has a chance to deepen, Sandie brakes off the kiss. "Kyle, you have to do something for me."


Sandie's not sure how to say what's on her mind, she tries to say it, but stumbles her way through it. "Well, you know I've never even kissed anyone before you. What I want you to do, or should I say not to do . . . ." She throws her hands up in the air in frustration and decides to just say it. "Don't be afraid to show me, or share with me something you like, or tell me when you don't like something."

"Are you thinking about something in particular?" he teases.

"No, it's quite the opposite. I don't know a whole lot about, things, and I'm curious."

"Curious, huh? Curiosity can be a good thing."

****** As Isabel and Alex lay peacefully in each others arms their exchange knowing glances, and suddenly they both burst out laughing. It isn't that they found each other funny, it's that they both realize they were so loud during only moments before they are sure if anyone had been sleeping, they weren't now. They are also sure that everyone knows exactly what the two of them have been up to. That's what they find funny, after everything they have been through, and everything they have put the others through they have now crossed those lines themselves. They are sure they are going to receive a razing, but at that point, they don't care.

Sandie and Kyle are awaken from their dream by Max and Liz as they come barreling down the steps laughing. They are so going to tease Isabel and Alex after all the noises they heard coming from their room.

Maria and Michael appear at the top of the steps and Michael asks, "Can't you to hold it down. I mean come on, some of us were trying to sleep."

Max raises his hands in the air in an act of surrender. "Don't look at us. All of that noise was coming from Isabel and Alex."

"Isabel and Alex? Oh my gosh." Maria slaps her hand over her mouth in disbelief.

Michael gets and evil gleam in his eyes, "I think it's time for a little sweet revenge. Shall we give princess Isabel a taste of her own medicine?"

"What do you have in mind Michael?" Maria asks as ideas start to turn in her own head.

*********************** Upstairs in the master bedroom Isabel and Alex discussed what they are sure is to come as the join the others down stairs. They both agree the others aren't going to just let this slide. They are going to want some sort of revenge for everything Isabel put them through when she found out they were intimate. After all, it would only be fair they have their turn at her.

Alex is no dummy, he knows even though he sided with them, he will also be in the line of fire it's unavoidable. However, he is determined to stand by her side and see this through.

Alex takes Isabel's hand in his, "Are you ready for this?" She squeezes his hand reassuringly and answers, "As ready as I will ever be."

They exit the room and hear their friends joking and having a good time. Thinking this is a good sign they smile at each other and descend the stairs. Their relief is short lived, as soon as their presence is noticed, the room grows quiet.

Max is sitting on the couch with Liz in his lap. Kyle and Sandie are cuddling on the other end of the couch. Maria is sitting on the floor between Michael's legs leaning back against his chair. He is sitting in the winged back chair massaging Maria's shoulders. Alex and Isabel stand next to Max and Liz waiting for the whatever is coming their way.

Max wants to laugh at how uncomfortable they look. It's hard, but he manages to control himself. "Here are our two love birds now, did you two have fun?"

Michael didn't even give them a chance to answer Max's questions. It was his turn to add to their discomfort. "Could you two have managed to be any louder? You were so loud you woke up the whole house. I would think you would've at least tried to hold it down."

Defensively Isabel replies, "We weren't that bad and you know it."

"Yeah right, you two were so loud you woke Sandie and I up way down here." Kyle lies, but as long as Isabel doesn't know it, he figures what's the harm.

Maria jumps on the band wagon, "From Topolski's old room it sounded like you were having one wild ride. So Isabel, is Alex everything you expected him to be?"

Isabel blushes a deep crimson. She can't believe it, she knows they got loud, but not that loud. And now Maria is asking personal questions, in front of Alex. If it were just Alex that would be bad enough, but in front of Max, Michael, and Kyle. Could this get any worse?

Maria didn't really expect Isabel to answer. She paused just for effect. Now it's time to put Alex in the hot seat. "What about you Alex, did Isabel live up to all of your fantasies?"

Liz knows where Maria is headed with this and she wants in. "Not likely all them, at least not all in the first day. I wonder which ones he's reenacted thou? Alex, was it the one where you . . . ."

Thank goodness Alex was standing so close to Liz. He quickly places his hand over her mouth and points at Maria with his other hand. "That's enough Parker, and don't you even try it DeLuca. I'm not the only one who used to talk in my sleep."

The three of them never talked about their fantasies, but there were occasions when one of them would talk in their sleep. After years of sleep overs, they knew enough about each others dreams to really embarrass each other if they really wanted to. It was such a situation that caused Alex to hang up his sleeping bag and avoid attending their regular sleep overs.

One morning after he woke up from a mild dream, Maria and Liz teased him shamelessly for what he said during his dream that night. After what they put him through, he wasn't about to risk the razing they would give him after a wild dream. "You two have had your fun, now if you don't want me exposing some of your more personal dreams with everyone here, I'd suggest you don't share mine. That means private lines as well." He states looking pointedly at Maria.

"Yeah, as if you would even know."

"Your right, maybe I should just tell them anyway. There was this one dream I think it was two years ago. Maria was screaming at the top of her lungs, "Take me, take me. I love it when you take me like that. Should I say the name Maria? Do you even remember the name you yelled?"

You can tell by the look on Maria's face that she is trying to remember. Then we hear Liz gasp and say, "Oh my. . . ., Maria I forgot all about that. You better give in our else you will never live this down."

Max is trying to get the name from Liz by reading her mind, but she guessed that he would try that, and preoccupied her thoughts by repeating, "No Max, no Max, no Max, I'm not telling you Max, no Max, no Max, No Max. . . .. "

Michael was trying to get Maria to tell him as well, but she just ignored him and focused on Alex. "Okay Alex, you win, but if I ever find out you told anyone. You will be so dead."

Michael wouldn't give up, he is determined to know who's name she called out in her sleep. "Come on Maria, what's the big deal?"

"No way Michael, and your right it's no big deal. That was years ago, way before I got to know you. So let it go."

"Way won't you tell me?"

More of Michael's benefit then Alex's Maria declares in a strong voice "Alex you are so bad, not only did you get this brut off of you and Isabel, now he is going to harp me all night until I finally lose my temper and tell him off!"

"Speaking of Isabel." Max saying turning his attention back to her. "Whatever happened to waiting until we are older, and playing it safe?"

Isabel roles her eyes, "Give it a rest Max. This conversation is over, unless you want me to resort to black mail as well. You've forgotten, I know things about you that even Michael and Liz don't know. And at this moment, I'm not above using them."

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