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"Taking A Step Back"
Part 45
by Mary N.
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Later in the evening, the group is gathered around the table finishing up the meal the girls prepared. Alex being the sensitive sweety that he is stands up picks up Isabel's plate saying, "I suggest, since our lovely ladies made this fine meal, it's only fair for us guys to clean up the mess."

The Max and Kyle agree quickly, followed my Michael. Each guy carries his plate along with the plate of their prospective other to the kitchen. The guys work together cleaning up the kitchen and made plans for later.

**** Meanwhile the girls moved into the living room and made themselves comfortable.

"This has been the best day ever. Everything is turning out so perfect." Sighs Maria as she contemplates how wonderful everything was with Michael this afternoon and dreaming about what the night still holds in store for them. Liz, Isabel, and Sandie happily agree with her.

Even though Sandie enjoyed dreaming with Kyle earlier, she's not ready to go back to sleep just yet. Nor is she ready to tempt herself into going too far in reality. She figures the best way to avoid a tempting situation is to hangout as a group. "What should we do tonight? We could play a game or go outside and do some star gazing. What do you three think?"

Isabel, Liz, and Maria exchange knowing glances. Liz is the one that voices what the three of them are thinking. "I don't think so, I'm thinking about calling it an early night."

Sandie doesn't catch onto Liz's meaning and innocently asks, "How can you sleep after sleeping all afternoon?"

With a wide smile on her face, Maria clarifies for Sandie. "Sandie, what she means is we want to go to bed, but sleeping has nothing to do with it."

Extremely embarrassed, Sandie turns a deep crimson and buries her face in her hands. "Ohhhh!"

"What about you and Kyle? I thought you two were getting really close." Probes Liz.

Smiling bashfully, Sandie looks around at her three friends. "Yes we are, just not that close. We've gotten really friendly, even to the point we've started the bonding, but every time things start to get really serious, I feel this rush of panic and I back away."

Maria's excitement for Sandie and Kyle can be heard in her voice. "Wait, you two have bonded? When did this happen? Why didn't you tell us? What do your parents think?" Liz is also happy for the two of them, but she's more interested in why Sandie is scared of being close to Kyle. "Sandie, do you have any idea why you're scared? Do you feel the same way in your dreams? You two have shared dreams together, right?"

Sandie shuffles uncomfortably in her seat and looks up in her friends waiting faces. Determined not to drag this out she gives the simplest answers she can think of to the questions she remembers. "Yes, we've bonded. When? Last night. Why am I scared? I'm not sure, and no I didn't feel that way during our dream, which we've only shared one. That was today, which by the way Liz and Max woke us up from when they came down stairs from their nap."

Before the girls could continue their conversation, the guys emerge from the kitchen excited about the plans they've made for the night. "We've come up with the perfect idea of what we should do tonight. Anyone interested in knowing what it is?"

Maria, Liz, and Isabel exchange disappointed looks. They had their own plans for tonight, but as excited as the guys look and sound they agree to go along with it.

Sandie on the other hand is a little relieved. Even though she enjoys time alone with Kyle, she's nervous about things going to far too fast. At least it sounds like tonight won't be a problem. Cheerfully she asks, "What do you four have in store for us tonight?"

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