FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"Taking A Step Back"
Part 44
by Mary N.
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Isabel was completely out of patients when she stormed off with Alex in tow. She just had to get away form Michael and Maria before she lost her cool demeanor. Once reaching the house she headed straight upstairs to the Master bath and splashed cold water on her face.

Alex followed her , hoping to help her calm down. He knew she was trying to stay calm, but he could feel the way her arms were stiffening each time Maria and Michael felled to do whatever exercise they were working on. "Isabel, don't be angry. They had no idea this was going to happen to them today of all days. You can at least give them credit for trying to control themselves. Admit it, they are in more control then Max and Liz were the first day after the started hearing each others thoughts."

"I know Alex, that's why I had to get away. I know they were trying. It's just, this is really bad timing for them to go through this. Especially when Maria and Michael need the practice more than the rest of us. Michael's come so far, but he still has a ways to go. And Maria, she has no clue what to do. How are they going to be any use to us, let alone protect themselves if something goes wrong?"

Alex wraps her in his arms holding her close to him and in a calm reassuring voice he says, "Everything's going to be fine, you'll see." He knows she's more scared than she wants to admit about this confrontation with Kathleen Topolski. Feeling safe and protected in Alex's arms, Isabel follows him mindlessly as he leads her to the bedroom and over to the bed.

Isabel's fears stems from the fact that Topolski could easily tell her superiors their secret now that Teomner is no longer around to control her. Here this woman holds their future in her hands, and their is very little Isabel feels they can do to stop her.


Michael and Maria found a large flat boulder to sit on. She leaned back into his chest to get comfortable and they talked long after the others had gone in. It took them awhile to get the hang of not having one's thoughts running over the others, but they managed. Talking wasn't the only thing these two did. As soon as they noticed the others were gone they got even more comfortable in each others arms. Their kisses were full of the fire they both had been repressing from the moment of their kiss when Maria first arrived earlier today.

Michael loves the feeling of Maria's warm soft skin under his touch and explores her body shamelessly. *Oh Michael, that feels so good.* He hears her say, encouraging him to continue his exploration of every inch, every crevice of her beautiful, sexy body. *Your skin is so soft Maria, so warm.*

Maria is sucking on and nipping at Michael's neck and running her hands up the front of his shirt. *You drive me crazy when you do that. *

*I'm driving you crazy? Michael, your driving me crazy, so crazy I'm on fire. If I were to get any hotter, I think I'd explode. *

Michael groans out load at those words in his head. *I want to feel you baby, all of you, in and out.*

*Do it then, do it. I want to feel all of you.* Maria practically rips Michael's shirt off his back and hungrily returns her lips to his.

Michael equally as frantic pulls Maria's shirt over her head and quickly discards her bra. He eagerly laps at her right breast while caressing the left one. Maria let out a loud gasp at the sensation. They proceed at their fervent pace removing each others clothes, eager to be together as one once again. Through out their passionate love making they told the other of the things they liked that the other was doing.

The two lovers stayed out in the desert resting in each others arms for another hour just enjoying the warmth of the sun on there bare bodies, and the thoughts that they shared with one another.


When Liz, Max, Kyle, and Sandie headed back to the house they were tired and excited. They accomplished a lot in the few hours they worked learning new skills and refining them. They entered the house hopping to find out from Isabel and Alex how things went on their end.

When Isabel and Alex didn't answer their calls, they searched the house in groups of two Max and Liz found them sleeping peacefully in the Master bedroom and closed the door so they didn't risk waking them.

The two couples met back in the living room, and made themselves comfortable on the couch. Liz sat in Max's lap on one end of the couch, and rested her head on his shoulder. They sat talking to each other through their thoughts while caressing each others hands.

Sandie sat beside Kyle on the other end of the couch, resting her head against his chest. Kyle is as captivated in Sandie's Deep Ocean blue eyes as she is in his sky blue ones. In fact they haven't taken their eyes off of each other since returning to the house. Kyle leans down as she lifts up and their lips meet tenderly, and slowly accelerating into something deeper and more passionate with every passing minute.

Max and Liz have also gotten lost in the heat of the moment. They break apart embarrassed how carried away the had gotten when they hear moans coming from the other couple and realize that they to have gotten carried away. *Lets take this upstairs Max. You did promise me some one on one time.*

*That I did, shall we go?* Liz quickly stands up and doesn't even wait for Max, she makes a mad dash for the stairs, once she reaches them then she takes a second to look back at Max. He is coming quickly after her. She wastes no time climbing the stairs laughing the whole way. She doesn't want to go into Topolski's childhood room, so she passes by it. Instead she heads for the next door, the only other available bedroom. She wasn't prepared for the flood of memories that wash over her as she enters. Memories she really didn't want to remember about the times she spent in this room in the past. She pushes through those memories by telling herself, *It's time to make some happy ones.* After only a moments hesitation she moved to the far wall and turns to watch Max carefully advancing on her, as if he were stocking his prey, slow and cautious. Then he grabbed her lifting her from her feet, through her on one the twin beds, and started tickling her. ugh her on the one of the twin beds, and started tickling her. "Stop Max, stop", she pleaded in while laughing. "Say, alien's rule."

Still laughing she gives in, "Fine, fine, alien's rule." She stated and breathed a sigh of relieve when he stopped tickling her. Max laid down on the bed beside her looking up at the ceiling feeling happy and relaxed.

When Liz catches her breath she sits up and leans over him. "Are you ready to make some new memories in this room?" She says making an absent minded reference to their previous memories.

Feeling play ful, Max raises his eye brows and acts like he hasn't a clue what she's referring to. "What kind of new memories are you talking about Ms. Parker?"

"Don't you play like you don't know Mr. Evans, otherwise I'm going to think your not interested." Liz teases. She runs her left hand down his chest and abdomen, stopping at the waist band of his pants. *Are you interested?*

He answers nonchalantly, "Interested yes, but I can't help but think your only after my body." Before she could respond, Max, catching her off guard, pulls her into a sizzling kiss. He hungrily seizes her lips with his warm mouth as if he's a starving man who's just been offered a feast.

Even though she didn't have a chance vo respond verbally to his statement, she still has her ways, *You know it, and what a great body it is, but what's a great body without a great mind to go with it? *

Liz welcomes his touch and the tingling feeling that always accompanies it as he pushes her back on the bed and rolls over partially on top of her with his right leg in between her legs. He continues to kiss her lips and absent mindedly answers her question. *I can't argue with that.* They kick each others shoes off letting them drop to the ground, making themselves more comfortable. Max begins working his way down her neck to the hollow in the middle with a trail of hot open mouth kisses. His head is swimming with lust and desire for the petite women laying so close to him that he can feel heat radiating off of her body. Eagerly, Max pulls her shirt from her body and removes her bra with practiced ease.

Their breathing is fast and shallow, they are both so out of control. Liz doesn't now where she found the strength, but she pushes him off of her and stands to her feet moving out of arms reach.

Max sits up and was going to ask her what is wrong, but stops himself when Liz releases the button on her jeans. As she finished removing her clothes, he watched as a feeling of awe washes over him at the sight of her nakedness. He takes her all in starting at her slender leg, moving upward to her shapely hips, flat stomach, firm and yet soft round breast, soft shoulders, silky dark brown hair, finally meeting her dark brown eyes with his now heavy hooded eyes. *You truly are an angel of beauty, come here. * Reaching his hand out for her, Max is surprised by her reaction. She backs further away from him smiling mischievously, *No, you come to me.*

His curiosity is now peaked, "What do you have in mind?"

"You, me, something not so predictable."

Still sitting on the bed, he lets his eyes roam up and down her body once more, and with I twang of mocked hurt he says, "Predictable, have we become predictable?"

"Wrong word, I'm just thinking something out of the ordinary." Her smile widens and she licks her lips.

"There is nothing ordinary about you Liz, I guarantee it." He stands up from the bed and starts to move toward her. With each step he takes, she takes one backing away from him.

"Don't be difficult." She scolds taking yet another step back.

"Who said anything about difficult, I'm talking hard."

"I'd like to see how hard your talk about."

"As you wish my lady." Max unbuttons his shirt slowly, teasing her as she teased him. He drops it to the floor and moves onto his pants. He unbuttons the top button and slowly slides the zipper down. Then one leg at a time, he steps out of his jeans followed by his black boxers. Now standing completely exposed to her wondering eyes, he blushes slightly as her gaze locks on his lower extremities. Trying not to show the discomfort he feels, created by the intensity of her gaze, he responds by smiling brightly and advances towards her once again. *You now your the only one I have this kind of reaction to. As I said, hard.*

Not wanting to give up the control of the situation, she backs away once more, but finds she's backed herself into a corner of the room. Max moves all the way to her, resting his hands on the wall either side of her. With a sheepish grin on his face he asks, "Do you like what you see?"

"Don't get a swelled head, but yes Max, I do. You are exquisite." Max can't hind his reaction this time. He face turns a bright crimson. Liz doesn't even try to hide her smile, knowing she made him blush. She take advantage of the situation and slip under his arm and moves away from the corner heading for the center of the room. She didn't get very far before Max turned around catching hold of her wrist, and pulled her tightly against him.

Feeling Liz's necked body pressed up against his excites him even more, if that's possible, causing Max to shallow hard. In a deep husky voice Max said, "No more games Liz, no more games." Then his mouth descends on her lavishing her lips and body with hot hungry kisses as he eases her to the closest of the two twin beds.

Liz's head is swimming, until she bumps into the bed. Her mind clears enough that she remembers what she been planning to do to Max tonight. "Max, I have one more game in mind."

Max groans, he doesn't know how he can possible handle waiting any longer. He wants to be with her so badly it hurts. He could only muster on word, her name stated in a question. "Liz?"

"Just one more Max." The look in Liz's eyes was almost pleading.

Max didn't want to give in, but then this was Liz. "I could never deny you anything."

"Thank you." Liz brushes her hand across Max's chest and shoulder as she circles around behind him.

Max's eyes follow her as far as he and, "Liz what do you have in mind?"

"We've always been either rushed, tired, or worried someone would catch us. Today is the first time we don't have to worry about that, and I want to take advantage of it."

"What do you mean by take advantage of it?"

Liz glides her hand up his muscler arms and broad shoulders. "I want to touch you, to explore your body." She draws her hands slowly down his strong back and all the way down to his firm butt.

Max's body reacts to the implications of her words, as well as her touch. He closes his eyes and exhales trying to calm himself, but the tingling sensation being left by her warm delicate hands is driving him closer to the edge.

Liz's hands changes directions, she now tantalizes him by running her hands up over his hips, sides, and forward wrapping her arms around him to his chest. She presses her body up against his and closes her eyes. Longing for the taste of him, she leave a trail of kisses down his spine.

The experience is effecting Max in a way he would never have expected. His breathing has become rapid and trite, his eyes are still closed and his head tilted slightly back in pure ecstasy.

Pulling back from him, she leaves her right hand on him gliding across his shoulder as she walks back around him. Once facing him, she raises up on her toes and kisses his check.

Max opens his eyes and meets Liz s stare. *Are you having fun? * Liz asks as she rests her hands on his incredible pecks and plays with his harden nipples.

Max closes his eyes once again, he swallows trying to clear the lump in his throat. *Yes, it feels so good.*

*I'm glad you like it too.* Bringing her lips to his nipples she lowers one hand down to his rippling abs.

A moan escapes both of their lips. A few moments later she lowers one of her hands farther south and runs her tongue from his chest to his abdomen, and her hands going even further south moving toward the second most mysterious part of Max. (If you don't know what ranks as number one then you really do think she's only interested in his body.)

Max captures her wrists in his hands before she can go any further. Even though the idea of her touching him is appealing, Max knows he would lose all control, and he has other plans.


Kyle and Sandie watched in surprise as Max and Liz playfully ran up the stairs. After talk about it briefly the resumed their own make out session. Things started out lightly, but they're kisses grew deeper as the time drew on. Kyle's hand slipped under Sandie's shirt stroking her back and sides.

Sandie relished in this new sensation, no one had ever touched her the way he is. Following his lead she too slips her hands under his shirt caressing his back.

Kyle is lost in the moment, and goes further still. While caressing her sides grazes the sides of her breasts. She doesn't seem to mind, so he takes that as a sign that she okay with it and fondles her left breast through her bra.

Sandie pulls away, shocked back into reality and out of the haze her head has been swimming in. They are both breathing heavily from their deep kisses, and they both sit there staring at each other taking deep quick breathes.

Sandie is worried what Kyle must be thinking about her reaction. She liked the way it felt, but she just doesn't feel ready for any heavy petting. What she doesn't understand is why she's not feeling the urgency to progress to the next level. She knows that once the other saw into each others souls they were drawn to each other and miserable when they fought it. Why didn't she feel that same draw to Kyle? She wondered if it had to do with her being a year younger than the others, or if it's because she's only half alien.

Kyle's beating himself up for taking things to far. The last thing he wants to do is push Sandie faster then she's ready for. He watches her expression trying to determine what she's thinking.

Sandie is the first to break the silence that lingers between them. "Kyle, I'm just not. . . . "

"Ready." He finishes for her, understanding what she was going to say. He touches the side of her face tenderly. "Shhhh this is my fault. I promised you, no faster than you ready, remember?" Sandie, visible relaxed and breaths a sigh of relief, and cuddled back against Kyle's chest. She closes her eyes and enjoys his warm embrace, and the combined smell of him and his cologne.

Kyle stokes her hair lovingly causing Sandie to relax even more. She is in a sleepy haze when she hers Kyle's voice. "Sandie?" She answers the only have aware she's doing so, "Um hm?"

"Thank you?"

Those two words were the last two she expected to hear. She opens her eyes slowly, and sits up and looks him in the eyes, forcing herself to snap out of the sleepy haze. "Why are you thanking me?"

He rests his hand on the side of her face caressing her cheek with his thumb. "I didn't know it could feel like this, That I could be this happy."

Sandie's face seems to take on a glow of it's own. "Kyle, I've always hoped it would be, but it's you that's made me the happiest I've ever been in my life, and for the first time I have everything I've ever dreamed of." Sandie's thoughts unwillingly drift to tomorrow's events. "If anything happens tomorrow. . . ."

"Nothing's going to happen." Kyle reassures her.

"I'm sure your right, but just incase. I want you to know, I love you."

Kyle smiles, in the past those three words would have scared him, but not coming from Sandie, because he reciprocates those same feelings. "I love you Sandie Gates, and I will always love you."

They kiss tenderly, but Sandie quickly deepens the kiss. When they come up for air Kyle asks a question that's been bothering him. "Sandie, the visions I saw from your life. . . . I saw you searching some office when a man walked in. Why would you be searching someone's office?"

Sandie stands to her feet, leaving Kyle feeling like he shouldn't have asked. She paces for a moment trying to decide how much she should tell him. She's never been allowed to tell anyone, but she has to tell him. Secrets aren't good, and it's bound to come up again in the near future. She sits back down next to him, and take his hand in hers to give herself the courage she needs. "This is hard for me to talk about, so don't say anything until I'm done, Okay? I was only 9, I think when I was sent on my first mission with my parents. Our superiors felt that I would draw less suspicion if I was caught, or seen going somewhere where I shouldn't be. Because of my age you know. I didn't go on very many, but when I was 12, the flash I think you saw, was the first time I was caught. We were after this guy who was selling government secrets to other countries. I was supposed to find and alter that information, but as you saw, that guy walked in a caught me searching for it."

"They sent you in when you were only 9, and your parents let them?" He asks not believing that anyone would use a child for such dangerous assignments let alone her own parents allowing it.

"They didn't have a choice, that's part of being what the government considers their property. My parents were never far away, they've protected me at the risk of their own lives. That's why they've worked so hard teaching me how to protect myself just incase one day they wouldn't be able to."

"What about the guys your dad works with, didn't they ever question why you were there?"

"In the beginning some of them did, but they're military, and they're trained not to ask to many questions. Over the last few years they've grown used to me being on certain kinds of missions. The only thing that my father's team knows about me is that I have a special gift, I can shield myself and the people around me, and they only know that because on occasion I've used that power to save some of their lives over the years. It's been a good thing, because now they are even more protective of me. They call me their good luck charm."

"Have you ever had to kill anyone?" He asks with concern, he felt her fear when she thought she had, and wonders if she ever went through the real thing.

"No, thank goodness. There has always been another option."

Kyle nods, thankful that she's never had to experience something like that. He wraps his arms around her and kisses her forehead.


Michael and Maria are dressed once again and together they decide to try and work on floating small objects, and then medium ones. They aren't able to lift the medium ones very high, but they are both happy and relieved that they are able to do it now when they couldn't earlier. Michael continued to explain other exercise he worked on with Sandie and Alisha during the week, and then they would try to do them together. When they were to tired to continue they headed back to the house to share their good news.

They stepped into the living room, were they found Sandie and Kyle stretched out asleep on the couch. They went up stairs to see if they could find the others. Topolski's room was empty, so they went to the next door which was locked. Michael was going to unlock the door and open it, but Maria stopped him. *Do you really want to see what was or is going on behind that locked door?*

Michael pulled his hand back, *I suppose your right.*

They walk to the last door, the master bedroom. The door was closed, but unlocked so they peeked in. Isabel is asleep on her stomach and Alex is on his side with his arm resting over her, just above her waist. Maria pulls the door closed. *It looks like we're not the only ones worn out. Why don't we get some rest too.*

*The only bedroom left is Topolski's. Do you really want to sleep in there?*

*A bed's a bed as far as I'm concerned.* answers Maria as she leads the way down the hall.

Michael continues past the door, *You go on in, I think it would be a good idea if I turned on Alex's alarm. All be right there.*

Maria enters the room, kicks off her shoes, and climbs on the bed getting comfortable. She smiles to herself, pleased at how things have turned out. This morning she was feeling so useless, but not anymore. Now she's just tired, so she closes her eyes, and tells herself, *I'll just rest my eyes for a little while, while I wait for Michael to come back.*

Michael was only gone for a few minutes, but when he walks into the room Maria is sound asleep. He too slips off his shoes off and climb in bed. He wraps his arm around her protectively and closes his eyes. He's really looking forward to joining her in the dream world.

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