FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
Part 1g
by Lenore13
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Summary: After Destiny. Tess and Max have just "hooked up." Someone new also falls into the picture of the group of six.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: I never understood why Liz couldn’t have a backbone. She was never once given any strength to give up Max, even though he cheated on her. I’m giving her this strength!
"Ok, I’m sorry but this is majorly creeping me out." Tess could barely even speak as she made sure Mark and Liz were gone.

"Well, maybe if you weren’t so rude. If you haven’t noticed he has been nothing but nice to us, and what do you do? You always have to put in your two cents. Here we are in a house that has no rules from parents and with a man who is helping build our powers. He also tells us more about our past then Nasedo ever has. Also when are you going to get it that Max doesn’t love you? He loves Liz. You have to accept that." Michael couldn’t believe he was going off on Tess, but she really did tick him off with her last comment.

"Tess, you really do have to understand. Max really does love Liz. They were meant to be. I know you think we have a destiny to fulfill, but I think that Max is right. We make our own destinies." Isabel was also agitated by Tess’s behavior. Who did she think she was? Here they were being treated like royalty and what does Tess do? She goes and mouths off to the king.

Mark exchanged looks with Max and then Liz. Max was holding Liz closely to him.

"So I’m assuming you have… bonded?" Max and Liz both blushed and he immediately knew the answer. "Well, then I guess we should have a talk. Max, may I talk to Liz alone for a moment?"

"No, Dad, whatever you have to say to me, Max can hear too. There are no secrets between us." Max looked at Liz with pure love in his eyes.

"Fine. Follow me, I don’t want the others to listen in our talk." Mark led the two down some more hallways and into a secluded book room. "Please sit." Max sat down and then sat down right next to him. "What I have to say isn’t easy for me to say at all. And I know that neither of you will enjoy it, but you need to know this. Now that you have bonded you two are joined for life. Max you have just taken on a great responsibility. But there is a problem. You are not like us, and in order for you and Liz to be together you must be the same." Max’s eyes looked from Liz and then back to Mark.

"You mean… I have to become one of you? But how? I’m already different, and what about saving my people?"

"You will still be able to save you people, but if you really want to be with Liz then you will have to become one of us. It may even be an advantage for you, your powers will become greatly strengthened, I know this is a big decision, so I suggest that you sleep on it tonight." Mark eyed the two, "If you choose to sleep." Max and Liz blush at his last statement, but Max suddenly looked from Liz to Mark.

"I don’t have to think about anything if it means I can be with Liz. I will do anything. I love Liz with every fiber in my body, and if that means that I have to become one of you, then so be it."

"Max, no, don’t just do this so you can be with me. I can’t hold…" Max pressed a finger to Liz’s lips and pleaded with her with his eyes.

"I will do anything to be with Liz. Anything."

"Are you sure? This is a big jump, and while I know you love my daughter, are you sure you want to do this?"

"If it means that Liz will forever be mine, then yes." Liz looks at Max and her eyes fill with tears. She kisses him softly. Max looks back at Liz and takes her hand into his.

"Then so be it! Now Liz, while you should be the one to do this I am not sure that you know how, or if you have the willpower" he glares at Liz knowingly, "so I think I should perform the change over."

"No, I want to. If Max is going to do this, then let me change him over." Liz squeezes his hand and looks into his eyes for any last minute regrets, but they are filled with love for her.

"Well, ok. I guess I could teach you. Max, when Liz is done you will be extremely tired, and you have to rest. Don’t worry about your friends, they will never notice the difference, unless they see you tonight. So with that being said, let us go to Liz’s room."

As Mark exited the room Max followed with Liz trailing behind him. She is still unsure if she can change Max, but if this is what he wants she will give it to him. As they pass through the dinning hall Isabel, Michael and Tess give Max a questioning look, but he just follows Mark.

"Hey, where are you going?" Max, Liz and Mark ignore Tess’s comment and continue towards the door. After they have left Tess gets up and follows them. Michael tells her to sit back down, but he isn’t willing to deal with her. If she wants to get her head bitten off by some vampire, then so be it.

Once Mark, Max and Liz have reached Liz’s room Mark tells Liz what she must do.

"Max, I want you to sit on the bed. Just relax." Liz sits down next to him and takes his hand into hers. As she smiles her eyes brighten when she sees his eyes are almost a mirror image of hers.

"I will watch to make sure no one, or rather a certain someone doesn’t bother you. If you have any trouble just call for me. Once you have drawn his blood you must hurry though." With that Mark walks towards the door. Liz looks back at Max and kisses his lips softly and then trails hot kisses down his neck.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Liz whispers in between kisses.

"Yes, Liz I love you, and I want you." Max feels a sudden pain and begins to sway. Liz steadies him as she latches her mouth to his neck. She sucks on it softly, her hand still holding onto his.

Without warning Tess rushes into Liz’s room. She has heard the whole discussion and fears for Max’s life. As she rushes through the door she feels a gust of wind and the next thing she knows she is against the wall and her feet aren’t touching the ground. She looks down and sees Mark holding her by her throat. As she looks back up she sees Liz sucking on Max’s neck and the color draining from Max’s body.

"What the hell are you doing?" Mark tightens his grip and restricts what Tess can say. Liz continues to suck on Max’s neck, as he grows almost lifeless in her arms. She pears out of the corner of her eye at Tess and smiles to herself. As she feels Max’s pulse almost come to a halt she quickly takes the knife her father gave her and makes an incision. She presses her arm/wrist to Max’s mouth and she can feel him sucking on it delicately. Even when I am hurting him, he still has to be gentle to me. What have I done to deserve him? Liz feels herself weaken as Max continues to drink her own altered blood. Liz feels for his pulse and when she feels he has had enough she pulls her arm away. She abruptly heals herself and then looks at Max. He is still in some shock about what has just happens, but he is still looking at her with total and complete love in his eyes. She lays him down and cuddles up next to him.

Mark begins to loosen his grip on Tess. She stares at Max and Liz in anger and shock. Max was no longer one of them, but one of the others. He had abandoned his people. No, he would never do that. Maybe Liz forced him, she took him by surprise. As Tess reached the ground she could feel the anger in her growing. Now Max had truly left her.

"If you know what is good for you then you will leave my daughter and Max alone. He does not want you. And you will also not tell your companions. They will learn in due time, but for now Liz and Max need rest. Now leave, and I expect to never have to deal with you again."

"No, tell me what Liz has done to him? He is my destiny. He belongs to me."

"You don’t understand. You saw it all with your own eyes, you should know what happened. He is one of us now. He made the decision so that he could be with Liz. So leave." Mark watched as Tess reluctantly left, but he knew she would only go tell her companions and he couldn’t have that happening right now. He looked back over to Liz and Max and then followed Tess. As he had guessed she was in Isabel’s room, and Michael was in there too. They were having an argument. Mark quietly opened the door and stepped in un-noticed.

"Tess, we don’t want to hear it, so give up already. Let Max and Liz be happy. Why are you making up these lies?"

"I swear to you. Liz changed Max into whatever she is. I watched with my own eyes. But you can’t tell them we know otherwise her father, or at least the guy saying he is her father will kill us all. He said he doesn’t want you to know."

"Tess, just give it up. Max was never and will never be interested in you." Michael snapped back. Just as he said this he heard someone clapping. The three turned and looked at Mark.

"Well, well, well. Tess, I thought I told you not to do this, but then again, I knew I couldn’t trust you." Mark opened the door and motioned for two men to come in. He pointed to Tess. They walked over and grabbed her.

"What are you doing?" Tess’s voice was lace with fear and anger.’

"Take her to the airport and wipe her memory clean. I want her to be left with no memory of what happened from the day she met Max. Also erase any memory of Max and her in the past." Mark motioned for them to move, but Michael abruptly got up from his seat.

"Wait, what is happening?" Michael could barely control his anger.

"Tess has entered shaky grounds, she has no place here, she will only hinder you. She will only weaken you when you must fight your enemy. She has betrayed you by giving your whereabouts to the enemy. Now take her away." Mark turned and left as Tess struggled with the two men. Neither Michael nor Isabel said a word as Tess was taken away. After she was gone they looked at each other and then ran outside in search of Liz, Max or Mark. When they reached the end of the hall they knocked on Liz’s door, but no one answered so they turned around and knocked on Mark’s door. He opened it and looked at Isabel and Michael.

"What can I do for you two?"

"What is happening? Is what Tess said true? Is Max something different now?"

"I believe you should be talking to Liz and Max about this, it is not my place to speak to you about this. I am here to help you and to help prepare my daughter. She will help you and in return you will hopefully be able to help her. And whatever Max and Liz have done, well, the decision was theirs." Isabel and Michael eyed Mark suspiciously but let it slide.

"What about Tess?"

"She has betrayed you. She betrayed your planet before and she has done it again. While it was true that Max and Tess were meant to be together, that was two… rather three lifetimes ago. Max and Liz were supposed to be together two life times ago, and now they are taking things into their own hands. I know you will do the same. As for Tess, well, Tess will be taken care of."

He then smiled and closed the door. Michael and Isabel glanced at each other and then turned to knock on Liz’s door again. When no one answered they opened the door quietly. They gasped at what Liz’s room looked like, but when their eyes landed on Max and Liz lying together on her bed they smiled.

- the next morning-

Max lunged forward from the bed. He felt Liz’s warm body slide from his. His breathing was ragged, but once he saw Liz still sleeping next to him he began to calm down. That was one weird dream. Max laid back down next to Liz and once again pulled her close to him. He watched her sleep, his hands gently pushing aside stray strands of hair. When Liz began to wake Max slowly inched closer to her and kissed her forehead. She blinked a few times and then smiled. I could get used to waking up this way. Liz leaned forward and gently kissed Max.

"So, how do you feel?"

"I’m ok, how are you?" Max kissed Liz softly, drawing her closer to him.

"Ok. Do you feel any different?"

"What do you mean?" Max looked over Liz and then realized that it wasn’t a dream he had had.

"You don’t remember? Oh, God, Max, I am so sorry."

"No, don’t be sorry. I don’t regret doing it at all. I don’t regret anything when you’re involved." He pulled Liz into his arms and stroked her hair and back. He let her cry for a few minutes before pulling her away and kissing her lips delicately and then her forehead. Liz smiled and kissed him back.

"So, are you…um… hungry?" Liz looked into his eyes to make sure he really was ok.

"Only for you." Max teased back.

"Oh really." Liz got up on her knees and straddled Max’s legs. She pulled him close and kissed him feverishly. After they had kissed for awhile Max pulled away a little and just held Liz close to him.

"You know, now you’re stuck with me. At least that’s what your father said."

"I think I can deal with that." Liz kisses his lips softly again and then begins to get up. She crosses over to her closet and again picks out a nice sundress. She looks back over at Max and smiles as he gets up. "We’d better get downstairs soon, otherwise we will miss breakfast."

"Yeah, I guess. Um, Liz, I have a question." Liz stiffens as soon as she hears the tone of his voice


"Are we going to tell Isabel and Michael… and Tess?"

"Only if you want to. They won’t know unless they see you drinking blood, and usually no one will ever have to see you doing that."

"Let’s wait for awhile, if you don’t mind. I think that with all this new information they might over react." Liz walks over to him and sits down next to him.

"I don’t care if you ever tell Isabel, Michael or Tess. But we do have to tell Tess about us."

"Yeah, I don’t mind that though" Max pull Liz towards him and starts kissing her again until she pulls away."

"No, we have to get downstairs! Now get up, and get dressed!" Max succumbs to her and follows her orders.

"So you’re saying that Maria and Alex will never know about us?" Michael asks as he and Isabel are sitting down in the dinning room with Johanna.

"Not for awhile. Once things have become settled then I can reinstate their memory, well most of it. I will leave out the part of you guys leaving and place in a new memory of you guys always being there."

"So we will be able to go back and see them?" Isabel asks.

"Yes, but first lets settle some business."

"What about Tess?" Michael knows this is a topic with Johanna because she knew the truth about Tess and her brainwashing abilities. He also knew that Johanna hated Tess for hurting Liz.

"Tess was taken care of. When you were on your home planet Tess had betrayed you by giving out top secret information to the enemy. She did this because she felt that Max didn’t love her. He didn’t. He loved someone else, but he had followed suit and married Tess because he had too. When you set of the orbs Tess set a message in them. You are not and never will have predetermined mates. The whole message was fabricated by her min, except for the image of your mother. It is true that when you activated the orb you sent out a warning to the other aliens, but she sent out an additional message stating where you were. She wouldn’t have done this had Max followed her supposed destiny."

"So who exactly is our enemy?"

"Truthfully, you have two enemies. Us, or rather certain vampires and the other alien race. Ben was part of the bad group of vampires, and so yes you will need to fight him, but since we have Liz on our side that will be easy. As for the other alien race that will be harder. We will soon find out how many there are, but we do know we are greatly outnumbered."

"When will we find out? And also, how did that Andrew fellow become part of the equation?" Johanna stiffened at the mention of Andrew.

"Andrew is part of the other alien race, he is also… or rather was Liz’s destiny. We all have destinies inside of ourselves, but we do also get to choose whom we love. See when Max and Liz were little, not only did they have a destiny with each other, but they also wished for each other… if that makes sense. I mean, how coincidental is it that your destiny should show up in the same town, same school and just happen to stay there until the two noticed each other. Not very likely. And while I know our father played a major part in putting the two together, he had no idea that Max would know his feelings so fast or that Liz would suppress her feelings for so long."

"So you’re saying that Andrew is our enemy too, but he loves Liz?"

"Yes, which is why he was trying to win her from Max. If he had won Liz then he could have killed you guys, but he wasn’t willing to risk Liz’s safety. He is also supposed to kill our clan, but he couldn’t bare to do it because of his love for Liz."

"Wow. So what about Max? I mean he is still stuck in his last destiny, but Liz has moved on."

"I have a feeling Liz and Max will work that out." As Johanna says this, a small smile comes to her face. At the same time Liz and Max walk into the room looking at the stunned faces of Isabel and Michael.

"Hey guys." Liz said.

"Hey Liz. Max. How are you two? Last night you seemed pretty tired. We came in to talk to you, but both of you were sleeping." Michael said as he looked from Max to Liz and then back to Max. He was looking for the tell tale sign of becoming a vampire. He didn’t see any sign of bite marks on Max’s neck. Maybe Tess was lying again, wouldn’t surprise me.

"Yeah, I guess that with all that was going on we just needed some time alone to think through everything, and in the end we just fell asleep." Max had heard Michael’s thought loud and clearly in his mind. He couldn’t believe his new found strengths. As he and Liz had been walking down the stairs he had been able to sense that Liz was about to trip on the next step. He had also been able to hear the group’s discussion well before they had gotten to the dinning room. Liz smiled at him knowingly and then proceeded to sit down.

"So… where’s Tess?" Liz couldn’t wait to discuss things with Tess, especially now that she knew that she alone possessed Max.

"Um, she’s gone." Johanna said quietly as she looked to Liz and then Max. She knew that Liz had changed him over, but she didn’t understand why.

"What?" Max spat out.

"Liz… Max… can I talk to you… alone? Now!" Johanna couldn’t wait to hear why Liz had taken things into her own hands and changed Max, but she also needed to tell them about Tess.

Max, Liz and Johanna walked outside quietly. The cold morning air stung at first, but they all adjusted quickly.

"Why did you do it Liz?" Johanna’s voice was cold and anger overruled it.

"Because it was the only way we could be together… and…" Max pressed a finger to Liz’s lips and he continued for her as she was on the verge of crying.

"Her father gave us… or rather me a decision. The only way I could be with Liz completely was if I changed over." Johanna’s expressions softened as Max mentioned that her father had suggested it. She knew then that things were finally going to work out.

"Well, I guess that’s why father kicked Tess out, I mean I knew she betrayed you guys, but that alone shouldn’t have gotten her kicked out of our house and from your group." Johanna’s eyes widened in fear. "Liz! When did you change Max over?"

"Last night…. Why? And what do you mean betrayed us?"

"Oh my God. Tess must have seen. And don’t play dumb, I know you heard our conversation downstairs."

"So. Does it matter whether she saw Liz change me or not?"

"She was already mad about you and Liz being back together and she somehow knew that you had had sex… if she saw you change over then she might go and do something drastic because now you and Liz will always be together."

"What do you think she will do?"

"Either get Ben or Andrew and force them to try to get you back. And both of them are bad news. Andrew will stop at nothing to have you, and Ben, well, Ben will stop at nothing to get your power, though I guess we don’t have to worry about that." Max and Liz blush at her last comment and then smile.

"So what should we do?"

"The best thing to do would be to lay low, train ourselves and then when we are ready to find Ben and finish his group off and then to find Andrew and find out a way to wipe out his group."

"What about school? I mean, we have to finish!" Liz’s voice was strained. She couldn’t imagine not finishing school, after all she still had her dreams of going to Harvard.

"We can go to school here, or we can get a private tutor. But that isn’t the important thing. We have to get ready to fight… and soon." The three looked at each other and then began to walk back towards the house.

"Max… Liz… are you guys going to tell Isabel and Michael? I mean… you know… about Max’s change?"

"I don’t know. Liz and I had thought about it before, but I have a feeling that they suspect it."

"I think you should wait. I mean… they might freak out."

"Yeah, we were thinking the same thing." The three opened the door and walked back over to Isabel and Michael. They sat down with them and began to talk about mundane things until breakfast was called. The day continued on as usual. Training after breakfast and then lunch. After lunch they practiced more and then had dinner.

As the sun began to lower in the sky, the group wandered their separate ways. Michael, Isabel and Johanna each went to their room to sulk about their abandoned love live. Max and Liz they would use their time wisely and decided to go out back and watch the sunset together.

They were snuggling on a lounge chair with Max on his back and Liz curled up on her side, one leg swung over both of his. Her head rested gently in the crook of his shoulder and she found that merely listening to his beating heart caused a sense of ease and tranquillity to flood through her sun exhausted body. She felt heavy and listless, but she was a peace. How could she not be? She had Max back; it was all she ever wanted.

Max leisurely ran his hand through Liz's dark tresses as they watched the sun kiss the horizon good-bye and make room for the coming moon. They didn't say a single word as the new moon began its venture into the infinite, rapidly dimming sky. Liz felt hot tears of joy and wonder rise in her throat. Nothing had ever felt so right, so amazing, and so beautiful. Her body shuddered lightly. They could fight evil some other day, but for now she just wanted to be with Max.

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