FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
Part 1b
by Lenore13
Disclaimer: Roswell, the characters, and situations are owned by the WB. No infringement intended.
Summary: After Destiny. Tess and Max have just "hooked up." Someone new also falls into the picture of the group of six.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: I never understood why Liz couldnít have a backbone. She was never once given any strength to give up Max, even though he cheated on her. Iím giving her this strength!
- next day at school-

As Max rounds the corner his eyes fill with tears as he sees Liz and Andrew kissing again. He hears the wolf cries and whistles of those that pass by and see how involved Liz and Andrew are. Andrewís hands are wandering all over Liz. He knew he deserved to watch Liz finally find happiness, but something still wasnít right. As Max continued to stare Johanna came up behind.

"Youíre eyes deceive you," Johanna whispered into Maxís ear. Before he could turn around and ask her what she meant she was gone.

As Liz continued to kiss Andrew she suddenly felt Johannaís hand on her arm.

"Liz, please can we talk." Johannaís voice strained to break from a whisper so that Liz could hear her. Her eyes were full of hurt as she looked at Andrew.

"Yeah. Iíll see you later Andrew, k?" Liz kissed him one last time and then followed Johanna.

As Liz followed Johanna she could sense something was wrong. Since Johanna had begun to teach Liz how to use her powers Liz had sharpened many of her senses. She could hear a pin drop in a noisy room. She could see farther away then she ever could before. Every sense had been heightened including feeling peopleís emotions.

"What wrong?" Liz asked

"Liz, um, well, ok. I didnít tell you something. You know I love you, and I mean we are sisters in all, but when I first told you I thought that I should break things to you one day at a time. But I lied to you. Remember how you were asking me what I was. How I could be human and still do this? Well, ok, ummmÖ let me put it this wayÖ you are human to some degree, but most of you isnít. You have normal cells and blood when looked at in microscopes and when taken for tests, but if you looked at your blood right now with your new senses youíd see it was different. So would your cells." Johanna searched Lizís face for any sort of emotion.

"So what am I? What are you keeping from me?" Liz asked, her face straining to stay composed.

"Ok. You know how sometimes at night when you wake up feeling different. I know you do. You do every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday night. Usually around three in the morning. Right?"

"How did you know?" Lizís eyes searched Johannaís for the answers, but everything was now hidden.

"Well, umm, thatís because you are different. When you were born, to my mother, well, something went wrong. We lived in this tiny village. You werenít even born in the United States. You were born in England. But there were some complications. You died. But later that night you came back to life. I did too. I was born before you, and I too died. That night someone came to our mother and offered her a way for us to be brought back to life. The only agreement was that he would take you right away and then take me when I was six. I donít know why, she never explained. But she agreed. Liz, umm, you are different. More so than Michael, Isabel, Tess and Max will ever be. I mean we have some of the same characteristics, but we also have some advantages." Liz looked at Johanna, her eyes almost in tears.

"What advantages? And how did IÖhow was I brought back to life? Johanna tell me please."

"Youíre a person from beyond the grave. You will never die. Once you hit the age of 26 you will age one year for every ten years. And once you hit the age of 30 you will never look a day older. You donít need to ever sleep, or eat, technically. Youíre different." Johanna replied.

"What am I? What the fuck am I?" Lizís voice trembled as she began to realize. What she was.

"Youíre a vampire Liz. You are untouchable, and unattainable. Whatever you want is yours. Every guy wants you, and every girl wants to be you." Liz began to laugh, thinking Johanna was just setting her up.

"Ok, so why donít I need to drink blood? And why can I be in the light? Oh and where is my coffin? And why do I sleep at night?" Liz asked, a slight touch of humor stayed in her voice.

"Well, that goes back to your waking up. Since we were separated and never grew up with everyone else, well, they just had others feed us blood at night while we were sleeping. Thatís why you wake up. Your body is taking in its energy and there is a burst. Also you are feeling the others presence. As for all the other stuff, none of its true. We can run, skip, jump and play to our hearts content in the sun. As for the sleeping part, itís just that you have trained your body to rest then, that way it could keep the blood in your system. If you drank blood every day then you would never have to rest. And no, you donít have to drink human blood. I personally recommend pigs or goat. And thatís the other thing we have to talk about." Johanna could see the emotion rising in Lizís eyes." Maybe Iíve already told you enough. We can discuss more later. I just had to tell you the truth." Liz looked again at Johanna. How was she supposed to register all of this?

"No, tell me it all now."

"Well, itís about your relationship with Andrew. It canít happen. Heís a human. It could never be, and thatís why I broke off from him. Heís completely human. As for Max, well, that would be ok, but still, there would be some risks. I know you felt the urges when you were with Kyle and with Andrew. I could feel them. Whenever you would kiss them suddenly your blood would boil. Its because you wanted their blood." She blushed as she turned again towards Johanna.

"But Max makes my blood boil." Liz whispered to Johanna.

"Yes, thatís true, but if you tasted it you wouldnít like it." Johanna whispered back.

"So what now? Do I have to go into hiding?" Liz could barely keep her mind from exploding with all this new information.

"Well, actually, we need to leave, just for awhile. You need to leave Andrew, and so do I. Also, we need to go back and be with those who we actually belong with. We need to become adept to everything, then we can come back. Donít worry, nothing bad will happen, we just need more answers, and well, we have to go back, or else they will come after us and kill us. We were supposed to go back years ago, but I couldnít tear myself away from Andrew, and I didnít want to break what my mother told me." Johanna again searched Lizís eyes for any emotions. She seemed to have none left.

"No, Johanna. I canít leave the family I have ever known. I canít leave Maria and Alex. They would be heartbroken. How could I explain it to them?" Tears were streaming down Lizís face.

"You wonít. I left a note on your bed. We have to leave now. Come on. Weíll be back soon."

"Please, let me say one goodbye."

"No, we have to go Liz. Weíll be back." A car abruptly drove up and parked near the two girls. Johanna take Lizís hand in her and leads her to the car. As she opens the door Liz is sobbing, her head hung low. After Johanna and Liz was in the car Johanna closes the door and pulls her sister into her arms. The car drove off, not leaving any sign that it had ever even been there. The car drove for what seemed like hours to Liz, and when it stopped she looked out the window. They were at the airport. Johanna opened the door and helped Liz out. They walked into the building and Johanna signed the two in and arranged the seating. Liz still had no clue as to where they were going.

- back at school-

Max felt an abrupt sting in his heart and he didnít know what it was. Flashes began to come to him. First one of Liz and Johanna talking outside and then the two were getting into a strange car. And then he saw a flash of the airport. He pushed himself away from his desk and ran out of class. He had to get Liz back or else she would really be gone. As he backed his jeep out of the school parking lot his mind raced with thought of Liz. He could never lose her. Max sped down the street until he was on the highway. When he finally made it to the airport he ran through the doors into the building looking for Liz. Another vision came to him and he started racing for Gate 23. As he approached he saw the stewardess closing the door. He had to get to Liz.

"Stop! Donít close that door!" but he was too late. The stewardess closed the door slowly behind her. He felt his heart sink. He looked out the window next to him and saw the plane starting to move. Her face was looking out one of the windows, tears streaming down her cheeks. He had let the love of his life leave. As a stewardess passed he quickly ran towards him.

"Where is that plane going?" Maxís face was covered in tears and she knew why.

"Oh, I believe its going to England. Is there anything I can do sir?" Maxís heart sank. He had lost her.

- England-

Johanna pulled Liz through the terminal towards the exit where she saw a car waiting for them.

"Come on Liz, just be strong. After we are done we can go back. Your parents wonít need to understand, weíll just plant fake memories that you were at your aunts or something."

Liz could barely move her feet. Even tears couldnít come to her. As they reached the car she simply got in, not even caring anymore. All she had left was her sister. She drew her knees up to her chest and just sat in the car, rocking back and forth, nothing going through her mind. She was completely lost. As the car came to a halt she felt Johanna getting up, and then she felt a big warm hand on hers. She looked over into the face of a strange man.

"My baby. My baby!" Liz felt her insides crumble as the man hugged her close to him. She still felt nothingness inside her mind though. And then she was inside a house. It was old, but comfortable.

"Well, I guess now is when I tell everything. You are changing, my two babyís are changing over finally." The manís voice was raspy as he still held Liz close to him. She could see the hurt in Johannaís eyes. Who is this man? Why is he holding me so close but keeping Johanna at such a distance?

"WhoÖ who are you?" Lizís voice could barely be heard, it was just below a whisper.

"Heís our father Liz. If you wish to call him that. He gave us life again." Johanna walked towards him and hugged him quickly and then walked upstairs.

"Now come my baby, we have so much to discuss." The man finally let his embrace fall, but he now took Lizís hand.

"You probably have a lot of questions."

"Why am I here?"

"I needed to make sure you were ok, and I needed to be positive that you accepted this change that will come over you soon. Soon we wonít be able to simply feed you blood ever couple of days, you need it every night, otherwise you will become weak. You will become so weak that you would simply retreat into a life of nothingness."

"Iím already there."

"Not yet my child. That is just your heart adjusting. You will be back home soon enough, and you will be ok. But now I must tell you about everything." He took Lizís hand again and leads her though many different doors and then through a hidden door in the wall. They descend some stairs and are then emerged in a huge room. He smiles at her. He then shows her to a chair and lets her sit. After he pulls up another chair he begins his story of her life.

"You were born to you mother, Kalikula. She was a beautiful woman, I would watch her from afar every day and night just to make sure she was safe. I had worshipped her from afar for so long. I was never like anyone. I was one of the firsts ever. I am actually the third vampire to ever be made. I was created to replace the second, and you were made to replace me. You are bestowed with more powers then anyone. When I found out that your mother had become pregnant my heart broke. I had never even had a chance to tell my love to her, and I still had no way to prove my love to her. The night you and Johanna were born I knew that would be the night that I would prove my love. After the village had gone to sleep I went to your mother and told her I would give her babies their life back on three conditions. One was that she gave you up right after I resurrected you. The second would be that she gave up Johanna when she was six. I could not be so cruel as to take away both her children, but you were more powerful then I had imagined, and I knew you were the one. Had you stayed with your mother, well, no good would have come from it. The third condition was that she would leave and never look for either of you again. She agreed because she loved the two of you more then anything. After I brought you and Johanna back to life I took you away immediately. I had to find a place that no one would look for you. You are seeked out by people who want to use your power for evil. We are not blood thirsty people who kill at will, we are actually good hearted people who have no interest in killing, unless they deserve it. I had to find some place that no one would ever look for you, some place that already would be discovered for something else, and therefore no danger would be brought to you. I knew that Roswell would be the best place. I knew that Michael, Isabel, Max and Tess would be there and that because of their circumstances you would be safe. I then found the perfect parents. People who would love you unconditionally. I then planted the memory into your parents and the whole town that Nancy Parker had actually had you. I watched, as you grew up, your life still normal. I had men go into your room at night and feed you the blood that you needed so that you would not grow weak. You have some wonderful friends Liz. That day that you got shot though, it wasnít an accident. Those were my men, others like you, Johanna and I. I told them that I needed to see how strong you were. But my plan back fired when Max instead saved you. Had he done nothing, you would still be alive, but no one would have interrogated Max for saving you. You can heal yourself just as they can heal others, itís just that you heal yourself in another way. We have trained our bodies to heal to the point so that we can live and then go and get help, that way we donít look suspicious. Now donít go thinking that you caused the FBI and everyone to come after Max, they already knew, they were going after him for other reasons. They are going after you too. One of our enemies has somehow found out that you are going to be the next chosen one. They told the FBI that you existed and that they should keep an eye on you. We just found out that they have seen the men coming into your room and feeding you. That is partially why you are here. We are getting the FBI away from Roswell, but you have to act normal once you go back. You and Johanna cannot use your powers out in the open as you had been. Oh, and honey, Max is a wonderful person, donít let him go. I know he is pushing you away for another, and I know that Andrew is pushing you in, but you and Andrew were not meant to be. He is a spy, he is there only to take your powers and use them for his own evil purposes. There was another reason I placed you in Roswell, I knew Max would be there. You were meant to be, but when he saved your life a new life was mixed with your old one. He is not leaving, ever. I know this, and you will to one day. But for now I have to teach you how to control your powers and how to use them correctly. Come my child, my days grow short, and you must be prepared. You must prepare to take over and become what you really are. You are a vampire, and you also have some alien in you too." He again pulled Liz up and brought her down another set of stairs. Her eyes ha softened and began to feel again. Who could imagine that I would be so different? But why me? Now I know how Max feels. The room was even larger then before.

- at the Crashdown the same day-

"Max, whatís wrong? Whereís Liz? WHEREíS LIZ?" Maria strained to compose herself. All she knew was that Liz was gone. Max just sat at the table, his eyes completely blank. Even when Isabel or Michael tried to speak to him he would just sit there and stare blankly at the doors connecting to Lizís house, expecting Liz to walk through, but she never did.

"Oh god, Alex, sheís never coming back is she?" Alex pulled Maria close. Tears were streaming down his cheeks too. He had known that Liz was upset, but why would she leave.

"Ever since Johanna came to town Liz had acted differently, and now we will never know why. Its like Johanna brainwashed Liz, just like Tess brainwashed Max." Maria could barely make out the words, her voice was strained.

"Sheís her sister."

"What did you say Max? Whoís whose sister?" Alex looked at Max, his eyes had finally begun to gain some life.

"Liz and Johanna are sisters." Maria and Alex gasped and then looked at Isabel, Michael and Tess.

"Did you know this? Why didnít you tell us? Why did you hide this from us? I thought there were no secrets between us anymore." Maria glared between the four aliens in front of her. She had never felt so much distrust. They had hidden a secret about Liz from the two people who cared about her the most.

"We were as surprised as you are, but we thought she would tell you." Isabel could tell how mad Maria was.

"Well, now we know why Liz left. She wanted to be with her family."

"Unless her family is in England, then I donít know what she is doing leaving for England." As Max said this everyone looked towards him.

"Sheís in England?" Mariaís voice was barely audible.

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