FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
Part 1a
by Lenore13
Disclaimer: Roswell, the characters, and situations are owned by the WB. No infringement intended.
Summary: After Destiny. Tess and Max have just "hooked up." Someone new also falls into the picture of the group of six.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: I never understood why Liz couldnít have a backbone. She was never once given any strength to give up Max, even though he cheated on her. Iím giving her this strength!
- next day at school-

"Johanna! Wait up!" Liz ran down the halls to reach Johanna. When she finally reached her she saw that Johanna was fighting to keep tears from her eyes. "Whatís wrong? What happened?" Lizís eyes grew with fear that Max and the others had done something to her.

"Oh just problems. The same problems you have. You know Iím not here to take him away right? Iím only here to help you get what you deserve. Max just canít see because Tess is controlling his mind. All the thoughts he feels are her thoughts. Iím just here to make Tess go away." Johanna responded, her arms wrapped around Liz.

"Thank you. And I know you would never try to take Max away. But what do you mean the same problems as myself?" Liz asked, her hands rubbing Johannaís back while trying to comfort her.

"Letís go somewhere else, and Iíll tell you everything." Johanna said as she took Lizís hand and pulled her away from the school. Once they were outside Johanna continued to walk until she reached a desolate area.

"Ok, this is going to be tough. I knew you were in trouble, I knew I had to come and help turn things right. That whole thing about destiny is completely wrong. When I was six years old my mother gave me this ring and told me that when I was seventeen I would travel to someplace new and save something that was meant to be. She said a girl and a boy who were meant to be would be separated because of forces that neither could explain." Johanna looked over Lizís expressions before continuing on. "Well, that was you and Max. Liz, I donít what I am, or what my mother was, but we can just do things. Something in our bloodline has given us these powers to feel and do things without trying, just like your friends."

"Oh, ok. So youíre saying youíre like my guardian angel sort ofÖ except human?" Liz asked.

"Um, no. But there is one last thing my mother told me. This is really hard to say. Youíre in our bloodline too. You were adopted, but my mother placed a fake memory into your parents and yourself to think otherwise. Everything I can do, you can do. Youíre my sister." Johanna felt Lizís arm shaking as she let her hand fall from Johannaís.

"No, thatís not possible. I wasnít adopted. Iíve always been with my parents. They even have photos from my birth, with my dad helping deliver me. How did thoseÖoh my god. Their fake, arenít they. EVERYTHING ABOUT ME IS A LIE!" Liz yelled and suddenly she felt tears sting at her eyes and then someone pulling her away.

"What the hell did you do to her?" Max asked angrily as he wrapped his arms around Liz.

"Max, just leave. This isnít any of your business yet." Johanna uttered as she took Lizís arm. But Max wouldnít Liz go. He picked her up and walked over to his jeep. After he placed her into the passenger seat he walked around and back over to Johanna.

"Donít get near Liz ever again. I donít know what you did, but something is wrong about you and why you are so close to her. Now tell me, who are you? WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?" Max couldnít believe he had just been so taken over with anger, but he just stared at Johanna. Johanna stared back at him and then at Liz. She was trying to get out of the jeep. As Liz broke free from the car she ran, ran away from both Max and Johanna.

"Who am I? Who am I? I am the one person Liz can depend on for the rest of her life, which is a hell of a lot better then what you are. You gave Liz a reason to live and took it away from her in mere seconds! So maybe you should rethink who should be staying away from Liz. " Johanna then turned and ran after Liz. Max stared at the two and felt as if he should turn and run for Liz too, but he suddenly couldnít.

"Hey sweetie. What are you doing out here?" Tessís voice burned into Maxís mind, and suddenly he couldnít think about Liz, only about Tess.

"Nothing, nothing at all." He shrugged as he said this and turned towards Tess. He clasped her hand in his and walked back to school.

"LizÖsister, please wait up." Johanna began to speed up and catch up with Liz. "Please, I know youíre scared, but you canít be. Iím the only person left in our family, except you. And I love you even though I donít know you. But when you first met me, you let me in, you didnít even think twice. Liz, please!" Liz began to slow down at Johannaís touching words. She had never had any brothers or sisters, maybe it would be ok. She turned around and ran back towards Johanna and hugged her.

"I love you too sis." Liz confirmed, out of breath. The two girls stood there in the road, hugging each other.

"So, what do we do now?" Johanna asked as she pulled away slightly.

"Well, I donít know. Iíd like to get to know my only living link to a family." With that they started back towards school, hand in hand.

- later at the crashdown-

Max watched closely as he saw Liz and Johanna come in. He had never seen Liz like this. Her eyes were filled with happiness for the first time. Why has she become so close to her? And then he heard it.

"Come on sis, letís go talk upstairs and get you acquainted with your new family." Liz commented as she put her books down behind the counter. Johanna and Liz are sisters? Max quickly got up and ran out of the crashdown and to his car. He had to tell Isabel, Michael and Tess. There was defiantly something going on.

- at Maxís house-

"So youíre saying that Johanna is Lizís sister. But how? Liz canít do what Johanna canÖMax, can Liz do what Johanna does?" Isabelís breath was coming out in short spurts now as this new realization dawned on her. Liz was different, but she had never known it.

"I never saw her do anything, but it would explain the visions I guess. I mean Michael and Maria never had visions. Only Michael did. But still, she is human, I know that. When we did that cell project in biology, her cells were exactly like in the book. And so is her blood." Max replied.

"I think we should just forget about her." Tess eyed Max to see how he would react to what she had just said, but he was completely blank." Max, sweetie, whatís wrong?" She pulled herself close to him, but he pushed her away. His eyes were filled with sadness.

"Whatís wrong Max?" Michael asked as he walked towards Max.

"Sheís coming over. I can tell." Max replied.

"Whoís coming over?ÖMax, whoís coming over?" Isabel could barely get her words out before they heard a knock at their front door.

Max walked down stairs and towards the door. It was Johanna. He thought he could make out someone behind her, but no one else was there. He hesitated, but finally opened the door.

"Hi Max. I just wanted to say sorry about before. Bye." And she Johanna was gone.

- three days later at school-

Max watches as Liz and Johanna cross the grass, they are laughing and Liz looks completely different. God, she has become even more beautiful, if thatís possible. I just wish I could go over and hold her close to me. His eyes watched as he noticed Liz and Johanna sitting down behind a tree. He had to watch and see what they were doing. Liz no longer ate lunch with Maria or Alex, and everyone was becoming worried. As he approached the tree he watched in astonishment. Liz was floating in the air. Max gasped and suddenly heard a loud crack. Liz looked over and suddenly hit the ground.

"Can I help you?" Johanna growled as she looked towards Max." This is sort of private."

"Howíd you do that Liz?" Max asked his gaze still on Liz.

"I just did. I donít know how. You want to see something else. She concentrated for a second and then ran her hands through her hair. Where she once had beautiful brown hair now laid a heap of blonde curls, almost identical to Tessís. He began to step back, but he still didnít want to take his eyes off Liz. She shook her head and laughed as her brown hair suddenly appeared.

"Never trust you eyes Max." Johanna said quickly and then she and Liz disappeared without even getting up. He walked over to the tree and looked around for Johanna or Liz. How did she do that? What has she become?

- later at the crashdown-

Liz and Maria are working. It is almost seven at night when a stranger walks in. He looks around until his eyes rest on Liz. He watches her gracefully move around, his eyes never leaving her body.

"Looks like you have a new admirer. Oh, and heís hot!" Maria said as she poured coffee. Liz looked towards the door and then back at Maria. He never broke his eyes away from her, even when she had looked at him. "So where have you been? Alex and I never see you at lunch anymore. Ever since Johanna came to town, wellÖ it seems like you guys are inseparable."

"Oh, wellÖ MariaÖ donít freak, but, weíre sisters." Liz frowned and then walked towards the stranger. He had just sit down, but as she came towards him he got up and nodded his head at her. She smiled.

"What! Liz, oh no you donít! Stop jokingÖ Youíre not, are you? Youíre serious. You? Johanna?" Maria couldnít help but look at Liz with questioning eyes. Liz simply waved. She was into a deep conversation with this new stranger in the cafť.

"So what can I get you?" Liz asked. Her eyes had drawn to the strangers. They were big brown eyes, just like Maxís, and filled with so much. She felt like she could just disappear in his eyes. He smiled.

"Well, how about a cherry coke?"

"Ok, Iíll be right back and then I can get your order." As she walked away she motioned for Maria to meet her in the back. As Liz walked through the doors she felt Maria spring on her.

"Ok Liz, tell me who that hunk is and why he is staring at you! I mean I thought only Max gave you those kind of stares, but this guy, oh my god!"

"I donít know, but his eyes are so perfect. They felt so much like Maxís. When I was getting his order I didnít even remember Max." Liz replied, her eyes filled with glee.

Three hours later Liz was beginning to clean up. Maria had left already. She was alone except for the stranger who still sat at his table drinking his cherry coke. As she walked through the doors connecting with the cafť, a mop in her hand she felt her eyes gaze over towards the stranger. His eyes were still locked on her.

"Can you come and sit with me? Iíd enjoy some company."

"Sure." Liz placed the mop against the counter and walked over to sit down.

"So what is your name?"

"Iím Liz. Liz Parker. Whatís your name?"

"Oh, my name is Andrew. Andrew Smith." He smiled back at Liz. His eyes almost glowing with happiness as he looked into her eyes.

"Itís nice to meet you. Do you go to school here?"

"Only if you do. Actually, yes I do. Roswell High. Iíll be a junior this year. And yourself?"

"Oh, I got to Roswell High too, but Iím only a sophomore." She unexpectedly felt his hand on hers and she smiled up at him, her eyes looking into his.

"Would you like to dance?"

"But, there isnít any music." Liz smiled, wishing that there were music.

"We can make our own." He pushed his chair back, his hand never leaving hers. He then slid her chair back and helped her up. She felt his arms wrap around her. His warmth all around her, making her want to stay in his arms forever. She had never felt this way before. All of her thoughts about Max flew away. Suddenly Andrew was all that was on her mind, but she didnít mind. She rested her head against his shoulder and neck. His hands were stroking her hair softly and then her back. She could smell his cologne and it drove her crazy. She was oblivious to everything, even Max walking in.

He stared at Liz dancing with this new stranger. His heart sank at the image displayed in front of him. She was so close to him, and he was so close to her. His gaze drifted to the floor. He was just about to leave when he felt someoneís hand on his arm. At first he thought it was Tess, but as he looked up, it was Johanna.

"She doesnít love him. He is doing what Tess is doing to you. He believes that Liz is his destiny. Now you know what she felt. But you can fix it." And then Johanna left. As she passed Liz and Andrew she glanced at the two. Andrew glanced at Johanna, his eyes filled with happiness.

"Liz, can I cut in?" Liz could hear Johannaís voice, but she didnít want to leave Andrewís warmth. As she pulled away he pulled her in tighter and kissed her gently on the cheek. Tears began to swell inside of her. She had never felt like this since Max. Maybe Tess is Maxís destiny, and Andrew is mine. Liz then pulled away and turned to face Johanna. Her mouth almost fell to the floor as he saw Max standing right next to Johanna. And then she felt the tears running down her cheek.

"Iím sorry Liz. I never meant to hurt you. But I can see youíre happy now. Iíll leave." Max turned to leave, but again Johanna put her hand on his arm. He saw the same flashes as he had before. After they were over he looked at the man standing looking at Liz. It was he, the man was whom Johanna had healed and whom she was crying over.

"You two need to talk. Iíll take care of Andrew. Go ahead Liz. Max, go talk." Johanna nodded at the two of them to go upstairs.

Lizís eyes glanced back at Andrewís, his eyes were pleading with hers to stay, but she knew her sister was right. She walked took once last glance of Andrew and then headed for her stairs. She then turned around waiting for Max. He walked over slowly, as he approached his took Lizís hand in his and led her up the stairs. Max could feel Andrewís eyes burn into his.

- in Lizís room-

"I am so sorry Liz. Tess was just holding me close to her with her mind. I donít even remember some of the things I did with her. I still love you more then anything. I could never stop loving you Liz." Maxís eyes watched as Liz sat on her bed.

"I know, but Max, how am I supposed to go back to you? Tess is still here, she will do anything to take you back. Maybe you were right, maybe we should just be friends, if that." Her eyes began to fill with tears, but then thoughts of Andrew filled he head.

- downstairs in the cafť-

"You arenít supposed to be here Andrew. Liz and Max are supposed to be together. You may think she is your destiny, but Liz already has a destiny. And I do too. My destiny is to be with you. We used to be so happy until you found out from your motherís old journals that you were supposed to be with this girl. But try to remember back to what we had." The two were dancing. Johanna couldnít help but feel hurt by what the one person she loved had done to her. He knew Lizís destiny, but he still believed she was the one.

"Well, Max doesnít seem to be letting that happen." His eyes were cold as he looked at Johanna. He had used to love her so much, but once he had found out about Liz, all that he wanted to do was find her and live happily with her. He felt a connection with Liz. Something that just attracted her to him. But he also felt that connection to Johanna.

"No, but he is going through what she is going through now that you are here. Tess is brainwashing him. She is so intent on making him love her, but he doesnít. You are doing the same exact thing. Just because you think you love someone, and are meant to be doesnít mean its true. " She felt Andrew push away from her. His eyes were colder then they had ever been before. He walked towards the stairs and ran up them. As he burst in the door he pulled Liz towards him and embraced her. He then leaned towards her and kissed her. His lips pressed against hers. She felt her knees buckle and then she let herself kiss him back. She felt sparks fly and then she felt a wave go threw here. Max stood and watched in disbelief. Here he was pouring his heart out to her and she was kissing some other guy, though the guy had started it. Max couldnít watch anymore. He walked past the two, their lips still pressed together, Andrewís hands around Lizís waist pulling her closer to him.

As Johanna reached Lizís room she almost collapsed. Max looked at her and then back at Liz who was still kissing this guy. His eyes filled with tears and walked out of Lizís room. As he came downstairs he again felt Johannaís hand on his arm.

"Give it time. You put her through this too, but she still loves you. Iíll help you get what you two deserve." With that Max pulled away and ran out of the Crashdown.

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