Fanfic - Crashdown After Hours
"Screaming Inside"
Part 8
by Carrie
Disclaimer: I don't own anything, all of the Roswell characters belong to Jason Katims.
Summary: Liz's little brother, Sam, dies one night after being sick for years. After that Liz's parents no longer want her, so they ship her off to a mental hospital. Where Liz meets another patient there, Max.
Category: Crashdown After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Author's Note: This story really doesn't follow any of the plot line of the show and there are no alien related things. This involves rape, so if this subject offends you I would recommend you do not read this. But the story's main idea is not about rape and I do not go into great detail about it.
Max woke up at 8:00 am in the morning. He watched Liz sleep in his arms.

"Oh god," Max thought to himself.

"How am I ever going to tell her. I can't put this off any longer. I just couldn't tell her last night. Somehow Liz is going to find out and it needs to be from me. I guess I am just going to have to tell her this morning."

While Max was thinking to himself he never noticed when Liz woke up. She starred at him for a couple of minutes, loving how it felt in his arms. Finally she decided it was time to let him know that she was up. Liz placed a kiss on Max's lips.

"Hi," Liz said quietly.

"Liz we need to talk," Max said.

Liz could see the look of concern on his face so she decided to let him say what ever he needed to say. Liz could only hope it would not be bad news.

"Liz yesterday when I went to talk to my therapist I found out some good news. It seems I am finally ready to be release. Tomorrow I will be 18 and they can't hold me here anymore." Max told Liz.

"Oh, Max that is great I am really happy for you." Liz said while moving out of his arms.

Max could see she had tears in her eyes but did not know what to say or how to make it better. Liz could not stand to be in the room anymore with Max so she changed her shirt and jeans. Liz then put her hair in a ponytail, after that she put on her Doc Marten. Finally Liz left the room.

Liz had no idea where she was going but she knew she did not want to be in there anymore. She walked up to the medical table where was saw Ian.

"Ian is there any way to get a pass to walk around outside. "

For some strange reason Ian decided to be nice to Liz. He saw the tears in here eyes and knew Max had probably told her that he was leaving.

"Sure Liz I can get you a pass to go outside. Just wait here for a minute." Ian told her.

"Why did I have to ask Ian for help and why is Ian being so nice to me?" Liz thought to herself.

Ian came back a few minutes later and hand her the pass. Just before she was turning around to leave she heard him talking to her.

"Liz this is the only time I am going to do this for you and if you tell anyone and I mean anyone I will come in your room and rape you every night until you leave. Are we clear about this?" Ian told Liz in a harsh voice.

"Crystal clear Ian. I knew you could never be capable of anything else. Is there any other mean or rude comments you would like to tell me?" Liz asked back.

"You better leave before I change my mind." Ian told Liz.

Liz was almost to the door to go outside when she saw Max coming towards her. Liz walked faster but it seemed like Max was gaining on her, and that she could not walk fast enough.

"Wait Liz we need to talk about this," Max screamed.

"No, Max there is nothing to say," Liz screamed back.

Liz finally got through the doors and ran as fast as she could outside. Max finally caught up to her in a couple of minutes.

"How did you get outside? You need a pass and you do not have one." Liz asked.

"Liz that rule is only for mew patients like you. I don't need one. Liz I need to talk to you." Max said.

"Max I don't want to talk anymore I just want you to leave me a lone." Liz screamed.

"Liz you are mine." Max replied back calmly. Max then grabbed you should with his hand.

"You will always be mine and I will be yours. Liz you can never change that." Max told her again.

Liz turned away from him and started to walk away again. She could hear Max following her.

"Max just go away you have worn out your welcome. Go enjoy your life." Liz said and with that she took of running again.

"Not again" Max said to himself.

When he caught up to her again he pushed Liz so she fell on the ground. Then Max got down and laid on top of Liz pinning her under him. "Max please," Liz whimpered. "Don't make this any harder than it has to be. Just get off of me."

"Liz stop it. Stop trying to push me away. I already told you that you are mine." Max said.

Then he leaned down and started to kiss Liz. Max slipped his tongue in Liz's mouth. He ran it along her teeth. Liz knew that she had to pull herself together, she could feel her control starting to slip.

Somehow Liz had gotten to attached to Max, and Liz had promised herself never to get attached to anyone again. But what made it worse to Liz was that she had only met Max a week ago. It pained Liz to know that as great as Max felt in her mouth she had to stop him. So Liz bit down on Max's tongue. Max could feel the pain on his tongue but did not know where it was coming from. When he finally realized that Liz was biting him, he pulled his tongue out of her mouth.

"Max please get off of me." Liz told him again.

"No, Liz you can't push me away. So what I am leaving. You are going to have to deal with it. Because after tomorrow I am not going to be here anymore. Then what Liz, then what are you going to do?" Max asked her angrily.

"I'll move on like I always do." Liz replied back in a quite voice. Then she turned her head to the side. Max could not see Liz's face anymore. But little did he know that the real reason Liz turned her head was because she could not stand to look at Max anymore. It just brought back to many painful memories of all of the things that they had shared.

"Liz you never move on, you just run away from all of your problems. Well, Liz you can't run away from me. Why Liz, just tell me why you always run away."

"Just leave me alone." Liz whispered again.

"You tried to help me but you didn't Max. All you did was fail me Max, just like Sam did. You can't help me I should be here. My world is always dark, and for one moment I saw all of the joy a normal person has, but it is gone now. I'm back to the darkness again. That is where I belong, where should be and always will be. I belong to the darkness and you can never change that again. I will never let you change that." Liz told Max.

Then Liz turn her head back to Max and only then could he see the coldness in her eyes. Max have never seen Liz like this before and it worried him. Max bit down at his lip stud as he watched her laying there, still in the grass. Liz's skin suddenly got cold, and all Max wanted to do was bring out the Liz, he had fallen in love with again.

"You want me Max, you want me so bad than you can have me." Liz told him.

Liz flipped herself so she was on top of Max. She reached her hands down and unbuttoned Max's jeans, then pulled the zipper down. Max did not want Liz like this and in his heart he knew that but his body betrayed him.

Liz pulled down Max's pants and boxers. She could see the erection starting to form. Liz ran her hand along Max's dick. Max hardened completely. Then Liz stood up and pulled down her jeans and underwear. She was back down on Max again in a matter of only seconds. Liz placed Max's dick in her entering and started to ride him. They both climaxed together in only a couple of minutes. Liz could feel Max go limp in her and she pulled him out of her and then put her clothes back on. She stood over Max still watching him still with cold eyes.

"There Max is that what you wanted?" Liz asked. Max stood up and put his clothes on before he answered her.

"No, Liz that is not what I wanted. I love you and every part of you. I think you are beautiful and I want to make love and have sex with you forever but not like that. I don't want to do that if you can't give me your heart. Please just let me in again,'" Max told her.

"I can't since I run away so much. Your right I will never be able to deal with this kind of stuff. I want to know the truth why do you love me?" Liz asked. "Because all I can do is find myself in question."

"I love you because you are you. Even thought you may never let me in you will always be mine. Inside your heart somewhere is the love that you want to give me but you can't. That part of you heart is mine. I want to tell you all of the answers but I can't. " Max told her.

"Are you already to go back inside yet?" Max then asked.

"No, you go inside. I really just want to be left alone now." Liz told him with coldness in her voice.

"I won't leave you alone, I will try my hardest not to let you run away from me anymore." Max replied back.

"Max I think it is to late for that." Liz sat down then and watched the sun.

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