Fanfic - Crashdown After Hours
"Screaming Inside"
Part 9
by Carrie
Disclaimer: I don't own anything, all of the Roswell characters belong to Jason Katims.
Summary: Liz's little brother, Sam, dies one night after being sick for years. After that Liz's parents no longer want her, so they ship her off to a mental hospital. Where Liz meets another patient there, Max.
Category: Crashdown After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Author's Note: This story really doesn't follow any of the plot line of the show and there are no alien related things. This involves rape, so if this subject offends you I would recommend you do not read this. But the story's main idea is not about rape and I do not go into great detail about it.
Liz sat there and watched the sun. She had not idea what to do or what to feel.

"If only I had friends" Liz thought to her self. But Liz knew that she never would. Liz felt a knew wave of sadness sweeping through her. She quickly pushed all of those thoughts away putting them in the deep dark place of her mind where she kept everything else.

Liz could fell the sun hitting the necklace Max had given and it suddenly felt like it was burning her. She took the necklace off and gave it back to Max.

"Here I want you to have this, and give it to someone who can love you back." Liz told Max.

"Liz I won't take it back you can just keep it yourself." Max said. Then just as quickly as Liz had given Max the necklace back he placed it in her hands again.

"How can you believe in God." Liz asked Max

"I just do, I need to believe in a place to go after I died." Max told her.

"I wish I could believe like you." Liz told him back.

"Liz can I hold you." Max asked her. Liz could hear the fear in his voice and just could not tell him no.

"Sure, Max why not." Liz responded.

Liz leaned back into Max. Max could not help himself, he pulled out the ponytail holder that she was wearing. Liz's hair cascaded down and he stroked her hair. It felt so good to Liz

"Max let's go inside I don't want to be out here anymore, the sun is hurting my eyes. Plus you have to get packed up to leave. I would not want you to forget anything." Liz said.

"Even though you are going to help me pack I will still be forgetting something." Max said to a loud not meaning for Liz to hear but she did.

"What Max, What are you going to be forgetting?" Liz asked.

"You" Max told her.

"Oh Max," Liz sobbed. She cried in her hands. Max could not stand to see her in pain so he put his hands around her. Everything Liz had been holding back hit she. She tried to tell Max but he could only get jumbled words.

"Liz even when I leave it will be OK. I will come to see you again, and as soon as you get out I will take you away. We will live in a house and everything will be great you will never have any pain again." Max told her.

"No, Max, it will never be OK again. In two years you wont love me my parents will take you away for me. Everything I am around I ruin. I will ruin your life to. I am just ... just ... self destructive." Liz told him.

"No, Liz you are not that, who ever told you that." Max asked.

"My mom. Listen Max I don't want to share anymore today. I just don't feel well enough to talk anymore to you." Liz told him. With that they both got up and walked inside. Max pulled out a suitcase and started to park everything. Liz sat on the floor and watch him.

Liz grabbed the sheet off of her bed. Next she jumped up on her bed and tied it to the ceiling fan. She then made a simple knot and tied the rest of the sheet around her neck. Max watched in horror. He was to shocked to do anything. He watched Liz take the step off of the bed and he could hear her neck snap. No, Max kept screaming.

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