Fanfic - Crashdown After Hours
"Screaming Inside"
Part 6
by Carrie
Disclaimer: I don't own anything, all of the Roswell characters belong to Jason Katims.
Summary: Liz's little brother, Sam, dies one night after being sick for years. After that Liz's parents no longer want her, so they ship her off to a mental hospital. Where Liz meets another patient there, Max.
Category: Crashdown After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Author's Note: This story really doesn't follow any of the plot line of the show and there are no alien related things. This involves rape, so if this subject offends you I would recommend you do not read this. But the story's main idea is not about rape and I do not go into great detail about it.
"Oh God Max," Liz moaned when they finally broke the kiss.

Liz climbed on top of Max and straddled him. She placed her hands at the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head. Max could feel himself growing as he looked at her. Liz had on a white lacy bra, but not for long.

As Liz saw Max starring at her with his mouth open she also felt him harden. Liz was starting to feel her self becoming wet and deiced to step it up a notch. She pulled her hands around her back and unclasped the bra.

Max did not want to take it that fast so moving slowly, he put his lips to the skin of Liz's breasts. Ever so gently Max moved my lips over them. Slowly letting Liz become used to the feel of his mouth on her breast. Liz's nipples were becoming hard, and she shuddered softly as Max's hand traced a path down her side and onto the satin skin of her thigh.

"Max we have to many closes on, we need to do something about that." Liz told Max in a husky voice.

Max sat up a little bit and Liz tugged at his shirt, pulling it over his head. She pushed her nipples against his and felt his nipples harden against hers. Max moaned loudly, then with a quick moment pulled off Liz's jeans and her matching white lacy panties. Max watched Liz blush as he watched her naked form. Liz did not want to be the only one naked and so she helped Max take off his jeans leaving him only in boxers.

Max flipped Liz under him and slipped his hand down and over the dark curls at the junction of her thighs.Then he put his lips to her face. Max carefully placed soft kisses over her closed eyelids.

"Liz, do you want me to stop? I don't want to hurt you."

Liz's arms wrapped around him and pulled his body down onto hers again.

"No, don't stop. Please," she whispered. "This is wonderful, your not hurting me. Please...."

Max smiled as her voice trailed off.

"Okay. Just tell me if I am hurting you. I'd never want hurt you."

Max slowly slid his hand down between Liz's legs and gently slid a finger between her delicate folds. She shuddered and pushed against him. "Shush," he murmured as he kissed her. "All in good time." Max whispered in Liz's ear and then began to suck on her delicate lope.

Long moments passed as he gently stroked her sensitive core. Max was concentrating so much on the feel of her body moving against his that he was momentarily surprised when he felt Liz's hands push at my boxers. Lifting his weight Max helped Liz push them off. Settling back down on the bed Max gasped as Liz took him in her hands. She rolled the top of his dick with her finger and studied it for a few moments

"Oh god my love," Max breathed.

"Max, please...I want..." Liz panted breathlessly.

"Liz tell me, tell me what you want." Max panted back to her.

"I want my first time to be with you Max. I wanted you to make love to me and to never stop. I want to feel like this forever." Liz finally responded

That was all Max need he moved his body over hers again. Then slowly lowered himself until they touched skin to skin, heat to heat, core to core. With one slow push Max felt himself slide he stopped when he reached Liz's barrier. Max held still, allowing Liz to get used to the feel of him.

"I love you," Max said.

He placed small kisses down on her face, slowly moving to the base of her neck. He sucked hard and Liz let out a loud moan of her own. He kept sucking until Liz finally made little bucking movements showing that she was ready.

Liz finally opened her eyes and smiled up at Max. "Show me Max. Show me how much you love me." Liz said as she slid her arms up his back and pulled him against her. Smiling, Max began to move slowly, enjoying the feel of Liz wrapped around me so tightly.

After what seemed like an eternity, Max could hear Liz's breathing quicken and feel her muscles tightening around him. He gasped and quickened the rhythm of his movements, slapping sound filled the room. Liz leaned up and sucked on Max's lip stud, she laid back down pulling Max fiercely down with her. Liz soon shuddered in climax against Max and he soon followed.

In the next few moments that followed Max just laid against Liz, loving the feeling that ran through his blood. In fact they were silent for several minutes, enjoying the new intimacy between them. Rolling onto his back, he pulled out of Liz. Liz did not like that at all and gave out a small cry. Max pulled Liz on top of him and let her lay on his chest. He wrapped his arms around her.

"I love you," Max repeated.

Liz smiled and ran her hand down the side Max's chest.

"Never let Ian touch me again."

"I promise I won't ever let him lay one finger on you. I will protect you with my life." Max could feel Liz relaxing against him and he kissed her forehead.

"Go to sleep now." He told her.

"Hold me?" Liz asked him.

"I'll never let go," Max promised.

"Never leave me?" Liz asked.

"Never not in a thousand years" Max replied back in a truthful voice.

Max started to hum a lullaby his mother had once sang to him. He could finally tell when Liz fell asleep. Max watch Liz sleep until he finally fell a sleep as well.

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