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"Pure Shores"
Part 4
by Jennifer007
Disclaimer: I don't own the WB, a Tropical Island, or The Movie Blue Lagoon.
Summary: This is kind of a take off of Blue Lagoon, that starred Christopher Atkins and Brooke Sheilds. Max is not an alien in hear so there are no powers.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: To all the Dreamgirls that would probably love to see this happen, and to Linda who first heard this idea at about 3:30 in the morning. And to All Saints who's song Pure Shores is the Bomb.
Liz hadn't fallen asleep till around 4 that morning, that's why she was surprised when Max was standing over her the next morning around 6:00.

"Time to get up." Max says.

"Okay, umm can you leave please?" Liz tells him as she lays there.

Max looks confused for a second and then nods, "Sure."

"It's not you, it's just well I don't sleep with a lot on either."

Max looks at her really confused now. "What are you talking about?"

Liz blushes, "Well yesterday when I came to get you, said that you didn't sleep with anything, and well I..." She trails off really embarased.

Max looks at her and nods, "Okay well I'm going to be up top so I'll wait there for you."


Max leaves and closes her door and as he walks up the stairs he smiles, *I can't believe she remembered that.* He thinks.

Once up top Liz and Max climb off the yacht and stand in the sand looking at around.

"Okay well one thing were going to have to do is tie the ship to one of those palm trees over there. That should keep us in one place here." Max says.

Liz gets sad again, "That's in case there's another storm?"

Max looks at her, "Yeah but not just that, the waves move the ship and if it moved to much we could be swept out to sea, and I don't want that to happen, just the anchor isn't enough."

Liz nods her head, "Okay then let's get started.


Max is finishing tying up the boat to the tree. He picked one that was really sturdy. Once he's done tying the roap he looks at Liz who is standing by him. He then looks at the ground at the pile of wood, and bark from the trees, that Liz got toghether.

"Okay we've got wood for when it does get cold, I know it's hot right now. But the nights do get cold sometimes."

"What if another ship or a plane comes by? Shouldn't we have some kind of fire for that?"

"Well my dad bought a case of flares and we have a flare gun to shoot them off, so when a plane or ship does come by we can use that to signal them."

Liz kind of nods her head and looks at the ground then sits down, "I miss my mom."

Max squats on his knees next to her, "I know, and I miss my dad. But they would want us to survive. My dad would want us to be strong and do whatever it takes to survive. And my dad wouldn't want me mourning him all the time. We have time for that when we get off this island. But for know we just have to live, when we get rescued that's the time to think about all this, okay?"

Liz wipes away her tears, "Okay, but the day after we got off this island you and me grab a bite to eat and then we mourn, deal?"


They sit there in silence for a bit. "Okay there is a couple things to do first, but then I want to explore this island." Max says.

"All right what do you want to do?"

"Well I think we should gather rocks and stuff and write help in the sand, it may seem corny, but I saw it in a movie and you never know a plane might see it."

"It's not corny it's a good idea." Max stands up and helps her to her feet, as Liz gets up her foot catches in the sand and she falls forward. Max grabs her to stop her from falling down and she lands against his chest. She feels a connection to him, it's like she's a string on a guiatar and someone just plucked her. She feels a vibration from the top of her head to the tips of her toes.

She can feel his chest tighten at this contact and she looks up in his eyes, he gently pushes her away till she's standing on her own away from him. "Okay let's go find some rocks and stuff." Liz follows him thinking, *What was that about?*


A couple days go by. When they walked around the isalnd they had discovered all kinds of different fruit trees, from bannana, mangoe, coconut, papaya, and plaintains. As they walked farther into the island they had discovered a stream with fresh running water and a small water fall. So they had water to drink.

On thier third day there Liz got up early. She hadn't taken a shower since the night of the storm. She had been swimming but the ocean was to salty and didn't exactely get you clean.

She walked to the waterfall and set her stuff out. She figured that if she washed under the waterfall that the soapy water would run downstream and leave the stuff coming over the fall for them to drink.

She took her shirt and shorts off and then waded into the water. It was hot out so the water felt nice. She dunked her head in the water and then went through the water coming down.

Once on the other side she saw that there was smooth gray rocks on that side. She waded back over to her stuff and carried it back over. She was able to sit on one of the rocks. She soaped up her legs and shaved them. She did her ritual and then got in the water dunking her head again. The water only came up to her hips so she was able to stand there as she washed her hair.


Max had waken up shortly after Liz left, he didn't know that she had left though. He got up and went to her room but she wasn't there. He went up top and looked for her and called her name but she didn't answer. He scanned the ocean, thinking maybe she had gotten up and taken a swim, but he couldn't find her.

Panic started setting in and he felt a strange sense of deja veu. It was happening all over again, Liz was gone.

He got off the ship and started running looking for her. He ran all over the beach and then started into the jungle looking for her. As he came to the waterfall he saw her. At first he was mad that she had taken off without telling him. Then it hit him what she was doing.

He watched as she washed her body, her hands lingering on her curves. He watched as she stretched her hands over her head and washed her hair.

He felt a familar tightening in his loins, he tried to control it but he couldn't. She looked so beautiful. He saw that she went under the waterfall to get her stuff and knew that she was finished. He walked back to the ship deep in his thoughts. Not quite understanding this attraction he was feeling towards her.

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