FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"Pure Shores"
Part 5
by Jennifer007
Disclaimer: I don't own the WB, a Tropical Island, or The Movie Blue Lagoon.
Summary: This is kind of a take off of Blue Lagoon, that starred Christopher Atkins and Brooke Sheilds. Max is not an alien in hear so there are no powers.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: To all the Dreamgirls that would probably love to see this happen, and to Linda who first heard this idea at about 3:30 in the morning. And to All Saints who's song Pure Shores is the Bomb.
The next week was spent mostly in silence, everytime Max looked at Liz all he could do was think of how she looked with the water running down her body she had been really enjoying her showers, she took her time and massaged the soap into her body, sometimes sitting on the rocks naked and just staring out into the water, sometimes she would let one foot dangle off the edge and swing it, and on those occasions, he could see the dark curls that he wanted to touch and bury his face in. Sometimes she went twice. He tried to tell himself that he was just following her to make sure nothing happened. But he knew that wasn't true. He just wanted to watch her, and as time passed and the more he watched her. The more he felt those same feelings. He knew he wanted her physically, but even he knew that it was much more then that, he knew why they had fighted at first. It was because there was a spark between them.

Okay it was more then a spark. When he had first seen her back when her mom had invited his dad and him over for dinner he hadn't wanted to go, but his dad was actually happy for once so he had went. The minute he had shaken her hand that evening he had felt the spark. But now when he watched her, or "accidentaly" touched her he felt like a current of electricity was running through him. But he couldn't do anything about it, they were stuck on an island toghether with no idea when they would get off it. And he was not about to ruin it with sexually harrasing her. So he played it cool and had started pretending to ignore her.

Liz had noticed how he was acting, he seemed almost gruff with her. She had to admit that at first when she had met him she hadn't really liked him, okay that wasn't entirely true. The first time his dad and him had come over to thier house for dinner she had shaken his hand, more at their parents request then anything, but she had felt this connection with him, she tried to play it off like it was nothing, but she didn't know if he had felt it, or if he cared. Besides thier parents were getting serious and if things moved on they would be brother and sister, so she acted like a bitch towards him.

One day when she had been taking her morning waterfall shower she had heard something, she looked around and almost missed it, but there it was. Something that had no place to be there in the first place. She saw a pair of shorts, and connected to them was Max. Yeah he had been hiding behind a bush, but she knew it was him. At first she was mad that she had been spied on, but then she knew why. Max wasn't some peeping Tom, he wanted to watch her because no matter what he said she knew now that he felt that attraction between them.

Once she knew he was watching her she decided to mess with his mind a bit, she made sure that she massaged the soap all over her body, and she took to sitting on the rocks and letting him see her a bit. She got turned on by it, knowing that he was there watching what she was doing. But then he had started being rude to her.

She had thought at first that he was upset about everything that was happening to them. But by the start of their second week on the island when he was still acting like a baby she didn't care.

She woke up really early that morning and immediately knew what was going on. She went into the bathroom and was rummaging through the cabinets looking for them. She didn't find any, she looked thorugh her room and tore it apart looking for some. Finally she got up the courage to go into her mom's room, she looked through her mom's stuff tenderly.

She felt the tears coming but she blinked them back, this was not the time for it. She found some asprin and grabbed those. With one last look at the room she turned off the light and started walking to her room.

Max had heard her rummaging around the cabins, it had woken him up. He looked at the clock, *4:26*. He sighed, he had only been asleep for an hour. Tonight had been a tough night, she had taken two showers today. And after the one she had taken this evening before it had gotten dark, well it had been two much for him. Then the fact that she paraded around in her little bikini's and sarongs. Well sometimes it was too mcuh for a guy. And for what seemed like the 100th time since she had started this ritual of taking a shower he went to bed early. But once there all he could do was lie awake and imagine her body. The way it looked in the water and how beautiful she was. He had succumbed to touching himself tonight.

He didn't beat off a lot, especially at home, he had a lot of girlfriends, and they were all more then eager to drop thier panties at the littlest inkling from him. He hated girls that were easy like that, but he was a guy. And sticking it in a girl was so much better then using his hand. But tonight was different, he knew that he couldn't do what he wanted, which was to go out there and pull her to him and kiss the breath out of her, then slowly pull her panties down as he buried his head in between her legs. Slowly licking her while she screamed his name, and that's what was funny, he had done that to a girl before, but hadn't liked it. But with Liz that's one of the things he craved to do to her the most. He wanted to taste her sweet nectar, he wanted to lap it up and beg for her to give him more. All these thoughts weren't helping matters, and pissed at himself that he had no control over himself he grabbed himself.

And as he slowly stroked himself he pictured Liz, he pictured sliding into Liz's hot wet cavern. And then he came. He was disgusted with himself. He wasn't 13 years old anymore, and he knew that he should have more restraint then that, but he didn't he couldn't get her out of his head and it was slowly driving him crazy. He feel asleep around 3:15 and then woke up when he had heard her. He wondered what she was doing, and as she made more noise everything started getting to him, he threw open the door.

"Hey do you think you can keep it down, some of us don't like to be up at 4:30 in the morning.

Liz feels the anger bubbling up in her and stalks over to where Max is poking him in the chest.

"Look buddy, all week you've treated me like I wasn't around. I get one word answers from you and that's only when your around to answer them. If you want to pout about whatever that's your pregotaive. But let me tell you this, in less you want me to come down on you real bad, you'll just shut up and leave me alone for the next two days."

Max looks at her puzzled, "Two days? Why two days?"

"It's none of your business, now if you'll excuse me I'm going to continue to look for what I need. Okay?"

Max nods his head at her and she starts walking away.

"What are you looking for? Maybe I know where it is."

Liz turns back at him laughing, "Oh why didn't I think of that? Okay Max, do you happen to know where my mom or I put the pads or tampons? Have you seen those around lately?"

Max practically jumps back at the mention of feminine items *Oh shit she's on her period*

Liz watches as she sees the emotions across his face. "Yes that's right, I'm on my period. And as if that wasn't bad enough, there is nothing here for me to use but toilet paper, and we need that to wipe our ass. And it's not like I can just run to a 7-11 for that stuff." And with that she walks into her room and slams the door hard, leaving Max staring after her.


A couple hours go bye and Liz is up top staring out at sea. It's got to be 100* out but Liz is wearing a pair of jeans and t shirt. She almost doesn't hear Max at first, and when she does he drops something into her lap and hurries away and climbs off the ship, running along the beach, running away before she can call out to him.

She looks at the bag that is in her lap, on it is black pen that says 7-11. She opens the bag and pulls one of the white objects out. She looks at it astonished at first, but she knows what it is. It's crudely made, but it is what it is. Max made her pads, she can feel that thier stuffed with pillow stuff, and the outside is cut up sheets.

She's touched that Max would do something like this for her, and gets tears in her eyes. After she goes and puts them in place of the toilet paper, she sits back up top. He didn't have to do something like that but he did, just to make things easier for her. No their not as good as what she would have bought, but he did the only thing he could think of. He didn't want her to be uncomfortable, even though she knew that he had to have been embarrased making them.

The next couple days Liz only sees Max when he's coming to bed. He's been spending all his time exploring. By the 4th day of his exploring Liz is tired of it, she knows that he's avoiding her, but enough is enough, she's been off for 2 days know and there is no reason for him to avoid her, there never was. And now he's not even coming to watch her anymore.

Everday it's the same thing, he's gone long before she get's up, and he never returns till the sun is completely set, then he grabs something to eat and takes it to his room. But tonight is going to be different. Liz hears him leave this morning and she gets up. Once he's gone she busies herself. She looks around the cabin and the kitchen area, her eyes fall upon the stereo, neither of them have used it since thier parents, well you know. But today Liz turns it on with a smile she goes to her room and gets some of her c.d.'s. She puts on her new 5ive c.d. and puts her favorite song, Don't Wanna Let You Go, on.

As she listens to the music she cleans. She does the dishes, she dusts, she puts the garbage in a bag and carries it to the beach putting it away from the ship. Once everything is clean she gets into her bathing suit and gets her mom's snorkeling gear.

In the water she searches and finally finds what she's looking for. She gets 3 lobsters, a crab, and she finds a whole bunch of oysters. She puts them in the laundry bag that she's using as a net to keep them in. She swims back to shore and climbs back on the boat. She gets water and puts the creatures in it, she doesn't want to kill them till she has to.

She gets a pair of shorts on and goes out into the jungle, she's carrying a basket and in it she places all the fruits she wants. She smiles to herself, it's almost like shopping, but this stuff is fresh picked. After she gets what she wants she goes back to the ship. She looks at the clock and it's already 1:00, god where did the time go she thinks.

She eats a bananna, those were the hardest to get and she feels she earned it. She decides to clean the fish and all that and goes about it. Finally when all the fish are cleaned, she decides to go take her shower, she does so and comes back to the ship. Once there she puts the water on to boil and looks at the clock. It's 4:00 god those fish took a long time to clean. She brings the card table that Max's dad has on board up top, she puts a sheet on it as a table cloth, then she hurries about setting the table. She puts a couple candles she found on it. Then she hurries down below and and starts getting dressed, she puts on a purple and blue sarong that is made out of sheer material over her matching bikini. She just hopes she looks okay.

She boils the lobsters and prepares the rest of the food. She cuts up the bannana's and coconut and gets out the bottle of rum that was underneath the cabinet, she looks at it and then puts some in the blender with the fruit, she blends it up and then takes a glass down, she pours a little bit of extra rum in her glass and then adds some of the fruity mixture, she gulps it down as she starts to feel aprehensive, she doesn't know what's going to happen, she knows that he could either turn her away, or accept. But she knows that she has to make the first move. Her insides feel all warm inside, and considering all she ate was a bannana it hits her quick.

She looks at the clock and startled continues to hurry about getting everything ready. It's 5:30 and Max will be here soon. She carries the radio upstairs with the batteries she found today inside of it.

Now all the food is laid out, the drinks are poured. The candles are lit and Liz is dressed, she sits down facing towards the ladder and waits.

As Max is walking back to the ship this evening he feels something in the pit of his stomach that's not hunger, he's walking with his head down and as he reaches the ladder and starts climbing it he doesn't realize that Liz has sat up straight waiting for him to come up it.

At first he thinks he's on the wrong ship but he know that can't be true and almost laughs, almost. He looks at Liz as he climbs the rest of the way over. There's soft music playing, and the candles are playing and the light is caressing Liz's face making her look so soft and beautiful. She stands up and walks toward him carrying a drink. She smiles at him.

"Hello Max, I cooked dinner."

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