FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"Pure Shores"
Part 3
by Jennifer007
Disclaimer: I don't own the WB, a Tropical Island, or The Movie Blue Lagoon.
Summary: This is kind of a take off of Blue Lagoon, that starred Christopher Atkins and Brooke Sheilds. Max is not an alien in hear so there are no powers.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: To all the Dreamgirls that would probably love to see this happen, and to Linda who first heard this idea at about 3:30 in the morning. And to All Saints who's song Pure Shores is the Bomb.
After a couple minutes Max wiped his tears away and went over to Liz, he sat down next to her and pulled her head into his lap. He gently shook her head from side to side, "Liz wake up!"

Liz continued to lay there.

Max started lightly slapping her face, not to hurt her but to wake her up.

Liz stirred and opened her eyes, she sees Max's face looking at her and concern is in his eyes.

"What happened?" She asks.

"You fainted."

Liz sits up and looks around and then at him.

"So were really stuck here?" Liz asks him.

"I'm afraid so."

Liz starts crying again, great big sobs rack her body. It's to much her mom is gone and she's stuck god knows where with someone that hates her. Which is why she's so surprised when he pulls her close to him and gathers her in his arms, holding her.

He strokes her hair as she cries and she feels comfort at what he's doing. She wraps her arms around his waist and continues to cry.

After a while when Liz has stopped crying they continue to sit there, Max still holding her.

"Liz look at me."

Liz looks up at him, her face is all red from crying but Max can't help but notice that she looks delicate and beautiful all the same.

"Look I know we haven't gotten along and were different. But we have to stick toghether and be strong. We don't know how long were going to be here for and we need to work toghether if were going to survive."

Liz nods, "Your right, so were starting over?"

Max smiles, "Yeah you could say that."

Liz manages a small smile back at him, "Okay well what's first?"

"Well first things first we get a good nights sleep. Because were getting up at sunrise to get started." Max tells her as he stands up and pulls her to her feet.

They go below to the cabins and he walks her to hers.

She pauses and looks at him, there are tears in her eyes. "Are we going to die?"

Max pulls her to him and wraps his arms around her again. "No were not going to die, I won't let that happen. We have enough food to last us a long time as long as we ration it. And were going to search the island toomorow. So let's just think positive okay?"

She nods against his chest and after a minute he releases her. "Good night Liz."

"Night Max." She says as she enters her room and shuts her door.

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