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"Pure Shores"
Part 16
by Jennifer007
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Maria and Michael had worked their way from the couch to her bedroom, clothes had been removed and Maria was now laying underneath Michael wearing just her panties, Michael was wearing just his boxers. Thier kisses had grown so heated and long that neither cared about anything more then being with each other.

Michael continued to knead Maria's breast in one hand while his other hand traveled down the length of her body to her thighs, he pushed her panties to the side and let one finger slide into her wetness. Maria moaned and arched her back off the bed.

"Mmm God Michael."

Michael looked in her eyes and kissed her, "Are you sure that you want this?"

Maria was quite for a second and then she reached down stroking the length of Michael and then cupping him, making him draw out his breath in a ragged gasp. "Yes Michael I'm sure."

He bent his head and started kissing and nipping on her neck, he moved lower placing soft open mouth kisses from her neck down to each white mound of flesh. He kissed her ribs and stomach, working his way down to her belly button where he dipped his tounge in. He hooked his fingers in her panties and pulled them off her and tossed them on the floor.

She looked at him, and all he could think about was how beautiful she looked, her lips were swollen from all the kisses, and her skin had a blush to it and she was layed out naked before him, just for me he thought.

With a primitive growl he lowered himself between her thighs and parted her legs so that she was open to him, he used his thumbs to open her folds up to him and he could smell her scent, it was a mixture of musk and vanilla, and all Michael wanted to do was bury his face in her...

Which is exactely what he did, he moved closer to her and opened his mouth over her clit, licking it once to see the reaction he got.

At the first touch of Michael's tounge Maria let out a groan, and then a whimper when she felt it dissapear.

Michael smiled against her and then let his tongue snake out to taste her again. He made slow lazy circles around her clit, he didn't want to rush this, he wanted her to enjoy her first time.

Maria couldn't believe the sensations that were overwhelming her body, she felt like a rubberband that had been pulled extremely tight and before she could think of anymore she felt the rubberband break. She felt her body tighten up and then relax in one instant. As she lay there afterwards she couldn't believe the immense pleasure that Michael had brought her, but all she knew was that she wanted more.

He was looking down at her now, watching the expressions that crossed her face, then she looked up at him and pulled his face down to kiss her, one soft kiss followed by 5 little words. "Make love to me Michael."

He pulled her into his arms and continued to kiss her, then he moved away from her to position himself at her entrance. He guided himself in and slowly eased himself in, he felt her barrier and looked at her but she just looked at him and smiled and he pushed himself the rest of the way into her.

Maria gasped at the pain, she knew it was going to hurt and it did. But as quickly as the pain had came it had changed to a dull ache that was quickly being led to something more.

Michael had put his arms under hers and was kissing her, not moving just waiting for her to get used to him.

"I'm sorry I hurt you Maria."

She looked up at him, "You didn't hurt me, it's supposed to happen, I'm just glad that it was with you."

He kissed her again and as they were kissing Maria could feel a need building up inside her. She clenched her muscles around him and Michael knew she was ready for him to move.

He put one hand on each side of her head and moved his hips pulling himself out of her, then he slowly moved back into her.

He continued these slow thrusts deep into Maria until she was moaning softly beneath him.

Michael quickened his movements picking up the pace.

He could feel that he was close, so he reached down and rubbed her clit with the pad of his thumb.

"Oh God Michael, yes....." As Maria came his name was a scream on her lips, and hearing her scream his name pushed Michael over the edge himself. He groaned out her name as he came and then collapsed against her.

Later they layed there just talking, finally Maria sat up.

"I'm going to take a shower."


Maria stood up and walked to her bathroom she left the door open and turned the water on when it was hot enough she stepped in and stood under the shower. As she was standing there she heard the door open and was startled to see Michael standing there. He climbed in and grabbed the soap.

"I thought I would help you get those hard to reach spaces."

Maria just smiled and kissed him.

A while later they went downstairs and were surprised to see Liz and Max there, they didn't realize they had been upstairs for that long.

Suddenly Maria blushed hoping that they had just gotten home.

"Hi, when did you guys get back?"

Max smiles and looks at Michael and then Maria, "Oh we got home about an hour ago, Maria was Michael bothering you?"

Maria looked at him, "Hmm...what?"

"Well we heard you scream his name, and I thought maybe he was being his usual annoying self."

Maria blushed to the roots of her hair, and Liz slapped him on the arm.

"Max shut up!" Liz told him.

"What?" Max asked.

Liz rolled her eyes, "You'll have to forgive him, I think he's still in shock."

Michael and Maria look between Max and Liz, "Shock why? What did the doctor say, is there something wrong?" Maria asked in a rush.

Liz shaked her head, "No nothing's wrong, the doctor did a sonagram and were having a boy an..."

"Oh a little boy, that's so great." Maria said cutting Liz off.

Liz nods, "Yeah a little boy and a little girl."

Maria looks at her, "Twins? Your having twins?"

Liz smiles, "Yes twins, a boy and a girl the Doctor says."

Maria squeals and hugs Liz, "Oh my god I'm so happy for you. Oh and you to Max."

"Thanks Maria." Max says and then notices that Michael is staring at him.

"What?" Max asks.

"Well I was just wondering, what the hell did you guys do on that island. I mean twins? Damn Max, talk about super sperm."

Max laughed and Liz blushed, then looked at Maria ignoring the guys.

Maria and her started talking about shopping and all the things they were going to have to buy, now it was two of everything. As they made plans and talked Michael was sitting next to Maria on the couch and Liz was sitting next to Max on the loveseat.

Max didn't even realize that he had grabbed Liz's hand and was making slow circles on her palm with his thumb.

But Liz was very much aware, she felt like every nerve in her body was electrified. Just the slightest touch from Max made her feel alive.

"So Max are you more nervous now that you know your having two instead of one?" Maria asked.

Max smiled, "Well I can't say that I wasn't surprised, but there's nothing we can do about it. So I'm just going to go with what ever happens."

Liz looks at him and her smile to him could light the room, he can't help what he does. He leans over and captures her lips with his, surprising both her and him. It's like thier back on the island and there's only the two of them. Max deepens the kiss and Liz lets him, she wraps her arms around his neck pulling him closer. They continue to kiss as Max starts to push her back on the couch it's only when they hear someone clearing their throat that they pull away from each other.

"Hello were right here." Michael says.

If looks could kill Michael would have been 6 feet under, both Max and Liz glare at him for interupting them.

Liz goes into the kitchen and shakes her head, How could one kiss have both of us wanting to be out of control so quickly? Just let it happen. Another voice in her head tells her. Liz touches her lips thinking of the kiss and smiles.

Later that night Max laid in his bed just thinking, he could hear Maria and Michael in the next room, and the last thing they were doing was sleeping. He groaned as they got louder and sat up and put his feet on the floor, all he could think about was that kiss earlier, and that certainly wasn't helping him to sleep, but he wasn't even tired. He could hear the bed hitting the wall and knew that he wasn't going to get to bed anytime soon. He left his room and started towards the stairs, he noticed that Liz's light was on under her door She must have fell asleep with the light on. He knocks lightly and there is no answer. He opens the door and walks in closing it behind him. Liz is laying on the bed wearing a long t-shirt. The shirt has ridden up revealing her legs, and he can see pink panties peeking out. He moves towards her and as he does she turns around.

"Max what are you doing here?" Liz says startled, she looks at him and notices that he's just wearing a pair of boxers. Maybe he came to finish that kiss.

He blinks and looks at her, "I saw your light on and thought maybe you had fallen asleep, and then I knocked but there was no answer."

Liz nods and then pulls back her hair to reveal headphones on her. She pulls them off. "Michael and Maria well... and I couldn't concentrate... and so I put these..." She trails off embarrased to say that she could hear Michael and Maria making love.

Max just nods, "Yeah I could hear them to, that's why I was going downstairs to watch some tv. What are you doing?"

"I was just reading the baby names book."

Max looks at the book and then at her, "If you don't mind some company would it be okay if I stayed here with you?"

Liz nods, "Yeah you can stay here." So much for him wanting to finish the kiss.

Max sits down on the bed, "Cool, so what names are we looking towards?"

She smiles liking how he's including himself in this, "Well I'm only on A right now, but for a boy I like the name Anthony."

Max thinks about it, "Hmm Anthony Evans."

Liz sits up, "Wait who said that it was going to be Anthony Evans, it's going to be Anthony Parker."

Max looks at her confused, "How can that be? It's my son, so he gets my name."

Liz shakes her head, "Sorry to burst your bubble there bucko, but he is both our son, and you and I aren't married. So I get to choose who's last name goes on the birth certifacates, so both of them are having my last name."

Max scowls, "Yeah but don't I get anything?"

Liz lays back on the bed, "Yeah, I mean your going to be listed as the father" She starts thumbing threw the book "but Max think about it if you and I get into a fight and you decide to move out, then the kids have your last name and what about me?"

"But I want someone to carry on my name, I mean isn't that what's supposed to happen?"

Liz shrugs and feels her throat tighten at what she's about to say, "Well maybe some day you'll find someone you want to marry and you can have more kids and the'll have your name, I mean I know that you don't want me, that's why I think the babies should have my name since your not going to be around in the future, and I've come to realize that, that's what's going to happen, so the babies and I will just take what you give us for know. And when you do decide to move on, no hard feelings okay? I won't hold it against you that you fell in love with someone okay?"

Max feels like she just punched him in the stomach, How can she not think that I want her? After the kiss today on top of it, I mean yeah I don't want to get married, and there is a part of me that loves her because she's carrying my child, but there's no way I'm thinking about marrying someone else.

Liz continues to turn the pages of the book, Max hasn't said a word. He really doesn't want me. She looks at the names on the book, but they have all became a blur from her unshed tears, she hurriedly wipes them away and looks at the first name she sees. "What about Tess for a girl?"

Max looks at her and both of them shake their heads.

Liz goes back to the book and is startled at Max's question.

"What about that kiss this afternoon Liz?"

Oh God that kiss! She still got all tingly just thinking about it but she couldn't let him know that. "It was just a kiss Max, I mean we hadn't kissed in a long time, so it was just second nature to us. I'm not reading to much into it, so you don't have to worry."

Worry? He could have throttled her, why was she acting like it was no big deal, he knew that she had enjoyed it just as much as he had, and if Michael and Maria hadn't been there he knew that things would have gone a lot further. But if she wants to play this game I can play, and I'll win.

Max looked at the expanse of her legs that were exposed to him and he moved so that he was facing her but could touch her legs.

He trailed one hand softly up her leg.

Oh God what is he doing?

"So that kiss didn't affect you Liz? It didn't make you feel anything?" His hands are caressing the muscles in her calves, slowly stroking thier softness.

Of course it did something to me, all I could think of was ripping your clothes off and impaling myself on you, riding you till we were both sweating... you can't tell him that! "Well I mean yeah it was nice, but it was just a kiss. No big deal." No big deal? Yeah right! Oh God his hands feel so good, what is he doing?

Max has one hand on each of her legs, kneading the flesh at the top of her thighs, right below her ass.

"That's a shame that you think it was no big deal, I mean I thought it was pretty damned good. But maybe I'm losing my touch."

Liz almost groans as his hands skim the hem of her panties, teasing because thier not inching their way into them, and that's what she wants the most. How he could ever think he's lost his touch is a mystery to me, all I want him to do is touch me.

"It was a good kiss Max, but what do you want me to say? Do you want me to tell you that it made me want to tear your clothes off and beg you to make love to me? Do you want me to say that I didn't care that Michael and Maria were there all I wanted was you?"

Max bends down and places a kiss on the back of her right thigh, his tongue snaking out to lick at the exposed flesh. "Is that the truth? Is that what you wanted?"

Liz can't contain the groan that escapes this time, "Yes that's what I wanted, all I wanted to do was make love to you, that's all I want now." She says finally admitting the truth.

Max turns her over gently and takes her panties off, "That's all I wanted to." He slowly inches one finger into her and she gasps thrusting herself against his hand in a rhthym that they had once before.

Liz whimpers and reaches down stilling his hand, "Max it's been to long, make love to me please?"

He pulls his boxers off and lays down beside her kissing her finally. They continue to kiss until Liz strokes him once from base to tip. Then he's lost, he positions himself above her, and finds his way to her center, he puts the tip in and looks at Liz, she wraps her legs around him making him go deeper into her.

"I'm ready Max, don't worry."

He thrusts into her pushing himself all the way into her depths.

Both of them groan loudly at the feeling, Liz immediately clenches her muscles and both of them start moving toghether.

Thier love making quickly becomes feverish, both of them are panting and sweating.

Liz can feel that she's close and she starts bucking her hips against him harder, Max takes the hint and drives into her harder, both of them caught up in sheer bliss.

Liz screams his name as she comes and Max is quick to follow.

Both of them lay there looking in each others eyes, Liz can see all the emotions crossing his face and she caresses his cheek.

"I don't regret that for one second, and I hope you don't either."

Max smiles and kisses her, "I don't regret it, I'm glad you don't to, I'm just sorry that I got so carried away, do you think it hurts the babies?"

Liz smiles and shakes her head, "Men and women have been having sex while pregnant since the beggining of time."

Later as they lay curled up in each others arms Liz has fallen asleep. Max rubs her belly and sighs, "I love you Liz."

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