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"Pure Shores"
Part 15
by Jennifer007
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It's been a week since the guys moved in, things have settled pretty quickly into a routine of some sorts. All of them were getting along reallty well and there had been no problems.

Liz was up in her room one night, laying on her bed reading her books. Toomorow she had a doctors appointment, they were going to do just a routine check up and she had decided that she was going to find out the sex of the baby. She wanted to ask Max if he wanted to know, but he had been really busy with all kinds of meetings involving his fathers company.

She hears a knock on the door and gets up to answer it. When she opens it Max is standing on the other side and he doesn't look happy.

"We need to talk." Max says while coming in her room.

Liz looks at him in surprise, "Okay, what's wrong?" She asks him while closing the door.

Max turns around and looks at her, "How come you didn't tell me you had a doctor's appointment toomorow?"

Liz stares at him, "How did you...Maria told you?"

"Yes she mentioned that she was going to take tomorrow off to go with you. That's what I'm here for Liz, I mean I should be the one going with you."

Liz nods her head, "Yes you should, but you've been really busy with trying to run your dad's company lately that I didn't think you would have the time. So I didn't want to bother you."

Max sits down on the edge of her bed looking at her, "Liz I want you to bother me, this is my baby to and I told you I want to be included in this. Okay?"

"Okay, from now on when I have an appointment I'll tell you."

Max stares at her, she's wearing a red satin nightshirt that ends just above her knees she looks so beautiful and al he wants to do is look at her. His gaze wanders up from the tips of her toes to her knees, he lets his gaze rest on her rounded belly, the belly that is carrying his child. He can't believe what a turn on that actually is. Get a hold of yourself Max, this is the mother of your child. Show some respect for her.

If he knew the thoughts that Liz was having of him right now all the thoughts of showing her some respect would have flown out the window, Liz herself had grown very hot under Max's intense gaze. She had felt herself moisten at the way Max was looking at her.

Max continued to move his eyes up her body, his eyes coming to rest on her breasts, but there was something different, they were fuller then they had been on the island, but there was something else, her shirt was wet in the front.

"Liz you have water on your shirt."

She looks down in confusion, she wasn't expecting him to say something, but not about her shirt. She was looking at her shirt and a deep blush all of a sudden came over her face.

Max noticed this and wondered what she was embarrased about.

"What's wrong Liz?"

Liz looks at the ground as she walks into the bathroom, "It's not water."

Max cocks his head, Not water? "Well what is it, soda? Milk?"

Liz starts cracking up in the bathroom, she can't help it. He sounds so innocent and he has no idea what it is. Liz comes back out of the bathroom and looks at him with a big smile on her face, "You could say that."

"Say what?"

"I'm starting to produce colostrum."

Max looks at her with a totally confused look on his face. "Colostrum, what's that?"

"It's the start of milk for the baby, it's full of vitamins and nutrients that the baby needs."

Max looks at her understanding, her body is starting to produce milk for the baby. He looks at her and she's getting another night shirt from the bed along with a bra, she walks into the bathroom but leaves it open a bit so she can talk to him.

"I won't have actual milk till the baby comes, this is just the start of it."

Max nods his head even though she can't see. "So are you going to breast feed?"

Liz comes out in her clean night shirt, "Yeah I thought I should try it, they say that's the best for the baby."

Max nods again, he doesn't really no what to say, this is all very new and weird to him. "I have a lot of questions, do you mind answering them?"

Liz gets in bed and pulls the covers up over her, "No I don't mind, ask away."

The next morning Max woke up to his alarm ringing in his ear, he turned it off and looked at what time it was. 8:00, Liz's appointment is at 10:30. Max gets out of bed and yawning goes into the bathroom and brushes his teeth and jumps in the shower.

While in the shower washing himself he thinks back to last night's conversation with Liz. He had so many questions to ask her, he wondered if it hurt carrying the baby, he wondered about cravings she got, he wanted to know what other changes she was going to go through, she had shared her books with him and around midnight he had looked over to share something he had read with her to see that she had fallen asleep. She barely stirred as he moved her down under the covers and turned the light off.

He had taken the book to his room and stayed up for 2 more hours reading, he was fascinated by all the stuff that woman went through to have a baby, and the fact that they were going to try to see the sex of the baby was neat.

He got out of the shower and dried himself off, he got dressed and finally headed out the door to get something to eat. Maria was still asleep since she wasn't going with Liz today, and Michael had the day off and was just coming out of his room at the same time as Max.

"Hey what happened to you last night? After Maria told you about Liz we didn't see either of you again."

Max smiled, "We ended up talking about the baby."

Michael nods, "That's cool."

They go downstairs and Liz is sitting on the couch in a pair of cotton shorts and a T-shirt with a towel wrapped around her head, she's flipping through the channels and finally stops on an old episode of Saved By The Bell.

Michael goes into the kitchen and grabs an orange and comes back and sits on the couch watching tv with Liz while Max was getting a bowl of cereal. When he came out of the kitchen he was surprised at what he saw, Michael was sitting on one end of the couch patting Liz on the back who was crying.

Max puts the bowl down and goes and kneels in front of Liz, "What's wrong?"

Michael looks at Max like he's his hero, and now he doesn't have to deal with her.

Liz looks up at Max, "Zack and Kelly broke up."

"Who are Zack and Kelly? Are they friends of yours?" Max asks her.

Michael shakes his head, "She's talking about Kelly and Zack from Saved by the Bell."

Max looks at Michael confused then it dawns on him, he read about how woman's bodies when their pregnant have hormones racing through them.

He puts his arms around Liz from the front, "It's okay, I'm sure the'll get back toghether."

Liz nods, "I know they will, they end up getting married down the road, it's just sad."

Max pats her back, "I know."

Liz wipes her eyes and pulls back looking at Max, "Thanks, I'm okay now. Sorry about the outburst." She looks at Michael saying the last part.

Michael shakes his head, "It's okay."

Max looks at the clock on the wall it's 9:00, "Liz you should get dressed, we have to leave soon."

Liz gets up, "Okay, I'll be down in a bit."

Max grabs his cereal and eats it while Michael flips through the channels. A little while later Liz comes down wearing a white cotton dress that zippers down the front a bit, and some white sandals. You can just see the little hill that is her stomach and Max feels that tightening in his groin once again, he doesn't understand why seeing Liz pregnant is such a turn on for him, but suddenly he wants nothing more then to take her up to her room and make love to her.


Max shakes his head, "Huh what?"

"I asked you if you were ready to go?"

"Oh yeah, let me just get my car keys." He grabs them from the place on the wall and holds out his hand to her, "Come on."

Liz smiles at him and puts her hand in his.

"See you later guys." Maria says while coming down the stairs.

Liz turns around, "Okay, bye."

Max closes the door behind them and Maria sits down next to Michael, looking at him out of the corner of her eye. Michael is eating his orange and can feel Maria's eyes on him, they've been talking the last few days, and have even spent more time kissing, but that's about it.

He looks over at her, "What?"

"What, what?"

"Well I was wondering why you were staring at me?"

Maria shrugs, "I was just thinking how their going to be gone for a couple hours."

Michael looks at her and raises his eyebrows at her, Maria smiles and crooks her finger at him in a come here gesture, and he needs no further prodding as he lowers her down on the couch.

At the hospital Liz and Max have just been called into the back room.

"So what exactely are they going to do to you?"

Liz looks up at the urgency in his voice shes changed into the hospital gown and she smiles at him. "Nothing bad I promise, it's just a routine check up, their going to hear the baby's heartbeat and do an ultrasound and that's it."

Max sighs and she can see him visibly relax, "Ok, good."

The nurse returns a minute later and she's carrying a big plastic cup of water with ice.

"Here Miss Parker, you need to drink this."

Liz takes the water, "Why?"

"When your trying to determine the sex of the baby on ultrasound we need you to drink as much water as possible so we can get a clear picture."

"Oh." Liz says as the nurse leaves, she starts sipping at the water. Max sits in the chair and they just talk as she drinks the water.

Just as she's almost finished with the glass the nurse comes in carrying another glass of water, Liz looks at it in surprise.

"That's for him right?"

The nurse laughs, "Sorry, you need to drink as much as you can."

She takes the empty glass from Liz and replaces it with the full one.

20 minutes go by and the doctor comes in with the nurse, "Hello Miss Parker, and how are we doing today."

"I have to pee." Liz says.

The doctor laughs, "I know and as soon as we do the ultra sound you can, I'm sorry about all the water but we can't really tell the sex of the baby without it, the picture isn't as clear." He looks at Max, "And is this the father?"

Max stands up, "Yes I am, I'm Max Evans."

The doctor smiles at him and then looks at Liz, "Well let's get started all right?"


"Okay scoot back on the table and lay back."

Liz does so now she's in a sitting position reclined. The nurse covers her with a blanket up to her pelvic region and the doctor raises her gown so her stomach is exposed. The nurse moves the ultra sound machine closer to them and squirts some gel on Liz's belly. She flips the machine on and hands the doctor one of the devices. He rubs it around on Liz's belly and watches the monitor.

Max is standing closer to Liz as the doctor is doing all of this.

"Would you turn it up please Sandra?"

"Yes doctor." The nurse turns up the volume and you can hear sounds fill the room a soft kind of whir almost.

"What's that?" Max asks.

"That's the baby's heartbeat." Liz answers him.

Max looks down at her and she's smiling up at him.

He puts his hand on her shoulder, "Wow, you mean that's our baby?"

"That's your son to be exact."

Max looks at the doctor, "Son, were having a boy?"

"Yes, see right here" The doctor points to the screen, "this is his penis."

"Oh wow." Max says.

The doctor looks at the nurse, and you can see he's concentrating on something. He moves the device to a lower point on the side of Liz's belly. The nurse turns the sound up louder and the doctor is peering at the monitor watching it.

Liz is watching them as they do this, "Is there something wrong?" Liz asks panicky.

"Wrong, what's wrong?" Max asks.

The doctor shakes his head and moves the device again and then nods at the nurse who pushes a button on the monitor making the picture still.

He looks at the two young people and knows their worried, "There's nothing wrong the babies are just fine."

Liz sighs in relief, "The babies are good, wait babies?!?"

The doctor smiles at her, "Yes I detected another heartbeat and if you look here on the monitor you can see the spine of your little girl."

Max looks at the doctor stunned, "Twins? Were having twins?"

The doctor nods, "Yes and from what I can tell a boy and girl."

Liz looks at Max who is staring at the doctor and then looks at her, she's worried about what he's going to say or do now. And Max can see it in her eyes.

He bends down and kisses her forehead, "Don't worry it's okay." Then he whispers in her ear for only her to hear. "I'm not going to leave just because were having two instead of one if that's what you were thinking."

Liz looks at him, "How did you know that's what I was thinking?"

Max shrugs, "It was written all over your face, but I'm not so don't think it."

Liz looks at him and can see he means it and she smiles at him.

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