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"Pure Shores"
Part 14
by Jennifer007
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When Liz came downstairs she was wearing a pair of short overalls, and a tank top, her hair was pulled up on top of her head and she was wearing a pair of white Nikes. Max thought she looked incredibly cute.

As she put on her zipper sweatshirt she was complaining to Maria who was sitting on the couch, "I'm getting so fat, these fit me last week, and now their tight."

"I told you that you should have gotten more clothes, by the time you wear the stuff you got it's time to do the wash, and your back to wearing clothes that don't fit."

Liz sighs, "I know, and I promise I'll go shopping some time this week."

Max looks at his watch, "It's early enough that we can go to the mall and get you some stuff now."

Liz shakes her head, "No we don't have to, besides Michael doesn't want to go shopping for maternity clothes."

Michael laughs, "Not neccesarily, but I can wander around the mall while you guys do that."

Max smiles at Liz, "See it's settled, you need some clothes, and besides you and I should know the best that you should never put off doing what you can do today."

Liz looks at him, "Yeah that's true."

A meaningful look passes between them and they both now the other one is thinking of their parents.

They take Max's SUV to the mall and once there they decide to meet at the Sam Goody in an hour and a half.

Max goes along with the girls to Motherhood, and he sees one other guy in there and a bunch of pregnant women. Liz and Maria are looking at all the clothes and Max just kind of follows them around.

Liz finally picks out a bunch of stuff, she get's shorts, underwear, a couple bra's some more legging's. She finds some nice shirts, and she gets a couple of long satin night shirts, that Maria convinced her to get because they look roomy.

After Liz has tried some of the stuff on she goes up to the counter to pay for it.

Max takes out his credit card handing it to the woman behind the counter, "Here you go."

Liz pushes his hand away, "These are my clothes, you can't pay for them."

"Why not?" Max asks looking confused.

"Because thier not for the baby, thier for me."

Max shakes his head, "Yes but your pregnant with my child, and it's because of that, that you have to buy new clothes." He hands the woman his card again, "Think of it as my way of saying sorry for being a jerk."

Liz looks at him as he pays for the clothes, the way his hair falls in his eyes a bit. His eyes, she remembers the way they looked when they were full of passion for her. Will he ever look at me like that again?

Once Max pays for the items he grabs the bags and they walk out of the store. They walk to where the elevator is and take it up, they walk along the mall and Max stops all of a sudden. Liz stops and looks at him.

"What is it?"

Max is looking in the Disney Store smiling. "Come on, we still have a few minutes before we have to meet Michael, I want to pick out a stuffed animal for the baby."

Liz smiles, "Really?"

Max nods and grabs her hand pulling her into the store, "Come on."

Maria shouts out to them that she's going to the bookstore and she'll meet them back here in a few.

As Max pulls Liz around the store looking at things, he's just like a little kid. They get to the wall of stuffed animals and Max is just looking at them all. There are bambi dolls, 101 Dalmation dogs, Apes from Tarzan, and every other stuffed animal you could think of. Max picks up a 101 Dalmation dog, "What about this?"

Liz smiles at him, "I think it's cute."

Max nods and holds it under his arm picking up Thumper from Bambi, "What about this?"

Liz laughs, "That's cute to."

Max nods, "I'm getting both."

"Your going to spoil her."

"Hey don't ruin it for me...wait girl, do you know what were having?"

Liz nods her head quickly, "No on my next appointment I can find out if I want, but it's just a feeling I get."

Max nods his head at her, "I wouldn't mind a girl, I wouldn't mind a boy either, just as long as it's healthy."

"Me to."

They head up to the counter and Max pays for the animals.

They walk out of the store and meet up with Michael who is walking towards them. He asks where Maria is and they tell him the bookstore and they all head off there. When they get there Maria is coming out and she is smiling at Liz.

"Hey babe, I got you something."

Liz smiles at her, "What did you get me?"

"I'll show you in the car."

Liz just laughs, and when they get to the car Maria insists that Liz sit in the back with her. "Okay do you want to know what I got you?" Maria asks once thier under way to Safeway.

"Of course I do."

Maria reaches into the bag and with a flourish produces three books. Liz reads the titles "The Pregnancy Journal A Day To Day Guide to a Healthy and Happy Pregnancy, 125 Things You Must Know About Being Pregnant, and 35,000+ Baby Names. Wow thanks Maria."

"Your welcome, I figured your going to need them and you hadn't gotten any yet."

Liz hugs Maria, "Your a great friend." She says this while tears are running down her cheeks.

Maria is hugging her back laughing, "I know."

Michael looks back and sees both girls hugging and Liz is crying. He rolls his eyes at Max, "Are you sure we did the right thing moving in?"

Max looks at him while driving, "Well I'm sure I did, but you don't have to stay if you don't want to Michael."

Michael looks back at the girls again, his eyes fixated on Maria, but she's to busy to notice. He looks back at Max. "I can handle it."

Max shakes his head, "That's good to know Michael."

They pull into the parking lot of the supermarket.

"Were here girls." Max says while turning off the engine.

They all climb out of the truck and go into the store, Liz is pushing the cart, and they just start walking up and down the aisles. And things are just practically being thrown in the cart left and right.

Michael and Maria are lightly arguing about what chips are better, corn or potato as they walk ahead of Liz and Max. Liz and Max are shaking thier heads at them, "I think they like each other." Max says.

Liz laughs, "That's an understatement, whenever Maria get's that huffy attitude of hers with a guy you know he's a goner."

They walk over to the produce aisle, and the girls are picking out some vegetables and fruits.

Maria reaches for a chermoyia, and as she reaches for it her arm brushes against something and a whole bunch of fruit falls to the ground. Michael is looking at her laughing and she just glares. Max bends down to pick it up and when he sees what dropped his eyes find Liz's, she is looking him in the eyes as he straightens up. No words are needed they both now what the other is thinking, neither of them will forget the morning of the coconut. It was the day they made the baby.

Max is looking at her with such passion that Liz feels her legs go weak, her mouth is dry. She wants to say something to him, she licks her lips to speak and Max's eyes wander to her lips watching her little pink tongue dart out and wet them. All he wants to do is pull her to him and kiss the breath out of her.

"Liz do you want some more apples?"

Liz shakes her head at the sound of Maria's voice, "What?"

Maria looks at her weirdly, "I asked if you wanted some apples?"

Liz looks at the apples Maria is holding and then at Max, she shakes her head and walks over to the coconuts.

She picks out a couple, "No apples, I suddenly have a craving for coconuts."

Max just watches her through hooded eyes as she puts them in the cart. She has to know the effect that getting those is having on him.

They eventually finish the shopping and head back to the truck, Michael is sitting in the back with Maria, and Liz is in front with Max.

He looks over at her and she's staring straight ahead.

"Are you remembering that morning?"

Liz looks at him sharply, "How did you know?"

"Because ever since Maria dropped it that's all I can think about."

"Me too." Liz admits.

"What's all you can think about?" Maria asks from the back.

Both Max and Liz look at each other, "Nothing." They both say quickly.

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