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"It's Going To Be Okay"
Part 4
by Katie
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Summary: Michael and Maria are captured by Topolski. Topolski has plans for Maria. And Michael doesn't know if he can stop it from happening.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
"Iíve done nothing to her. Sheís just exhausted from the tests." Carlin said , letting Michael wheel the chair into the room, and over to the table.

Maria looked at Michael and took a hold of his arm, "Itís okay Michael. He didnít hurt me. Iím just tired."

"Are you sure?" He asked, not sure if she was aware of what she was saying.

"Yes. I just want to sleep. Then Iíll be fine."

"That is exactly what Miss DeLuca needs, sleep." Carlin said walking over to them. "Now help her into the room and let her sleep in peace."

Then Carlin turned and left. Leaving Michael alone with Maria. Michael picked Maria out of the chair and carried her into the room. He pulled the covers off the bed and placed her into it. Covering her with the blankets he laid a soft kiss on her forehead. Maria smiled, then slipped off to sleep.


The next morning when Maria awoke. She found that Michael was sleeping in the corner of the bed cuddled into a ball. He had no covers and looked like he had only been asleep for a short while. Maria took her blankets and placed them around him.

"Thanks." Michael said opening his eyes to look at her.

"Youíre welcome." Maria said, then went back and cuddled into a ball herself because it was absolutely cold in the little room.

Michael watched as Maria went back to her side of the bed and cuddle to herself. He couldnít take it, so he grabbed the blankets and placed them over her. He then himself crawled in beside her.

"Now this is better." He said putting his arms around her.

"I have to agree with that." Maria said, then moved her arms so that they were holding onto Michaels. Which were draped in front of her.

They feel asleep for what seemed like only seconds. Then Carlin showed up and demanded that Michael follow him for testing.

Michael hugged Maria tightly. Then got out from under the covers and tightened them around her. He left the room and followed Carlin.

Maria watched as the two left. Out of the cubical, out of the room and out of her sight. For what seemed like hours.

Maria finally feel back asleep. But was suddenly awoke by the sound of wheels against the floor.

"Whatís that, whoís there." Maria called out. For she was in complete blackness. The lights came on and Maria saw a guard leaving.

Throwing the blankets off of her. She eased herself off the bed. Her muscles still swore from the test that went on yesterday.

Maria clung to the wall as she willed herself out of the cubical and into the main room. Where on the table was food. Not much, but food none the less. As quickly as she could, Maria walked to the table and sat down. In front of her was a plate which contents consisted of a hamburger, french fries and nuggets. Which Maria thought was strangly funny. Who gives fast food to their hostage, and she couldnít help but laugh.

Maria quickly finished her meal. She look around the room, realizing this was the first time sheís actually had a chance to examine her surroundings.

The room was completely round. Gray walls. In the center was the table she was sitting at. Behind her was a door that lead to her and Michaels cubical. Then in front of her was a door which lead out. She looked up to notice that in the center was a black bubble. She figured it was the camera, because it looked like the same things they have in the malls. Just out of boredom she waved. Then laughed at the thought that she just waved to herself or the people watching her might be laughing at her.


Time seemed to pass very slowly in the little room. But Maria never really noticed. Her mind was focusing on Michael and in the hopes that he would be all right. The door opened when she ended that thought and Michael came walking through with Carlin behind him.

He smiled at her and advanced towards her. Carlin left after Michael was fully in the room. The door slammed shut, at that point Michael collapsed onto the floor.

"Michael!" Maria screamed then ran to him. She turned him over so he was on his back. She then carefully slid his head over her knees.

"Michael are you okay?" She asked as she used the back of her hand to smooth his hair out of his face and wipe the sweat away.

"I just need some sleep, Maria. Just like you did." he said, then slightly passed out in her arms.

"Michael!" She screamed again when she noticed his eyes close.

"Bed." Was all Michael could manage out.

So Maria did as he asked. She couldnít lift him, so she grabbed a hold of his arms and dragged him into the room and onto the bed. Trying to be careful, knowing all to well what he just went through.


"Time to wake up. Breakfast is served." Topolsky said knocking on the side of the door to the cubical which she opened earlier.

"Huh....whatís going on..." Maria said waking up from her slumber. Michael held onto her so she wouldnít get up. In case they wanted to take her.

Topolsky sensed his worries and reassured him. "Donít worry Mr. Guerin all experiments are done except one. Which will be taking place soon. Maybe in the next week. But we must clarify one thing first."

"And what is that?" Michael demanded to know.

"In due time, in due time. First I think you both should have something to eat."

Michael helped Maria up and they both walked to the tables and had a seat. The food was gone in no time at all.

"Now will you tell us what the next experiment is?" Maria asked calmly.

"Of course I will. That last thing we want of you two is a hybrid."

"A what!!???" Maria and Michael yelled in unison.

"A hybrid. Itís a cross between two species. And we want one. You both must cooperate."

"What if we donít?" Michael asked bluntly

"Well if you donít, Miss DeLuca will die in five days time."

"I wont let you near her." Michael yelled, he then jumped out of his seat and it went flying clear across the room. Standing in front of Maria he spread his arms out in front of her, so as to block Topolsky.

"There is no need for dramatics Mr. Guerin. The poison has already been administrated to her blood system. There is no stopping it with out the cure." Topolsky said, then pulled a vile out of her pocket which contained a blue liquid. "This is the cure, and you have five days to decide. Or Miss DeLuca will just become sicker and sicker the longer you wait. So might I advise that you decide quickly." With that she left before Michael had the chance to pounce on her for the cure.

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