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"It's Going To Be Okay"
Part 5
by Katie
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Summary: Michael and Maria are captured by Topolski. Topolski has plans for Maria. And Michael doesn't know if he can stop it from happening.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
*3 days Later*

Maria laid on the bed, clutching to her stomach. The poison was spreading through her quicker now. She throwing up every couple of hours, barley eating anything they give her, and she looked like a ghost.

Michael sat down beside her and rubbed her back.

"Maria, we have to do what they say. I donít want to lose you. Not after just finding you."

"Michael we canít." Maria pleaded.

"But youíre dying Maria. Please donít leave me. I need you." Michael said, and tears began to stain his eyes.

"Michael." Was all Maria said. She placed her palm on his check and whipped away the tears. She didnít want to lose Michael either. Then she decided that she would do it. That they would give them a hybrid. To indicate her decision she nodded her head. Then moved her face closer to his and gently kissed him on the lips.

"Before we do I want them to give you the cure." Maria just nodded in agreement and cuddled into him.

They both slept until Topolsky showed up for her daily questioning on if they have given in to the terms.

When she did finally show up. Both Michael and Maria left the cubical and went into the main room. Where Michael spook for both of them.

"Weíve decided to give you a hybrid. But first," Michael started, but Topolsky cut him off.

"You are in no position to make demands, Mr.Guerin."

"But first you have to give Maria the cure." Michael said ignoring her.

"Of course we will give Miss DeLuca the cure."

"How long will it take for the cure to work?" Maria asked, knowing she only had two days left.

"It will only take five hours. So you will be okay. We will also give you both two days after you are better before you have to commit to this."


*2 Days Later*

"Are you sure Maria." Michael asked not sure about what they were about to do.

"Yes. Iíve always wanted you Michael. This is not the situation I thought it would happen under, but as long as itís you." Maria said then leaned forward and started to suckle on his neck.

With the feel of Mariaís lips and tongue on his neck, Michael couldnít help but call out her name it a moan. "Mariaaa.."

Maria moved her hands over his chest. Feeling evey muscle, curve, biceps, all of what was Michael.

Michael loved the feel of Mariaís small hands exploring his chest. So he couldnít help but explore her as well. His hands reached around to her back and slid one finger down her spine.

Maria felt the tingle all the way down her back. She stopped touching Michael and was consumed by his hands on her.

He reached the seam of her shirt. His hand slid under it. He moved his hands to the side of her waist and carefully pulled the shirt up and over her head.

Michael stretched back and marveled at Maria. She was perfect in every way. Her skin was soft, her curves were perfect, even her small breast were perfectly fit for her body.

Maria watched as Michael looked on at her in awe. She couldnít wait any longer. She wanted to see him, all of him. So she laid one hand under his shirt and slid it up so as to pull the shirt along with it. While the other reached around to the back to pull it over his head.

Michael allowed Maria to take his shirt off. When it was off he was happy to see it gone. Michael placed his arms around Mariaís waist and pulled her close.

Maria clasped her arms around his neck, when Michael drew her close. For the first time their lips met. It wasnít a little peck on the lips, it was deep and passionate. Maria parted her lips to allow Michael access to her mouth. His tongue slid in with ease and started to explore the velvet lining.

Michael felt around with his tongue, all the way to the back. He licked the top of her mouth and the sides. Then Maria started to respond and moved her tongue into his mouth and repeat what he had just done to her.

The kiss finally stopped, both Michael and Maria needed air. Michael moved his hand done Mariaís back and to the edge of her scrubs. Gently he eased them off. Maria arched her back to help ease the pants off.

Once they were off, he discarded them. Then stood up slightly and abandoned his own. Michael stretched out the whole length of Maria and laid down.

"Are you sure, Maria?" Michael asked, before wanting to go any further.

"Please Michael, please." Was all she said. Michael was lost at her words. He knew that there was no turning back after this moment.

Michael placed his legs between Maria. She generously opened up to him. All the while Michael kissing her, neck, lips, breast, shoulders...

Maria moved her hands down Michael back to find every curve and crevice. She wanted to know every inch of him, to memorize every detail.

Michael found Mariaís lips once more and with gentleness he eased himself into her. Maria let out a low moan, which made Michael crave more of her. But he resisted, for he knew this was Mariaís first time and this could be very uncomfortable for her. So he ceased for only a second, when he knew she was ready he proceeded deeper.

When Michael finally felt the thin barrier which restrained him from fulfilling Maria and himself, he stopped. He knew this would hurt her.

Maria sensed that Michael had stopped. She looked at him, knowing that he was worried about hurting her. To reassure him, she smiled. Then placed her hands on his back. Michael knew what she was doing, so at the same time he pushed in to her, Maria pushed into him.

They both felt the thin barrier break and Maria cringed. But only for a second, the pain subsided quickly and she smiled at Michael.

Before moving fully into Maria, Michael bent down and kissed her softly on the lips.

Then he started to move into her fully, slowly at first until Maria was use to the rhythm. Then faster and faster, until they were both moving as one person.

Michael could feel his climax building, but sensed that Maria was not fully there yet. So he speeded up, then when he felt her exploded with pleaseure. The sensation from her was enough to set him off.

A wave of passion and fullfillment washed over them both.

"Are you okay." Michael asked, after he gathered himself.

"Iím better then okay, Iím fantastic." Maria said, wrapping her arms around Michael. She never wanted to let him go.


"Well congratulations, you both have completed all the testing. Now all there is left to do is wait for the hybrid to be born." Topolsky said, waking both Michael and Maria up.

Michael tightened the blanket around both of them and turned his face away from Topolski. Maria buried her face into the pillow.

"You both cannot ignore me. You are the mice and we are the scientist. But we will leave you alone for a little while longer." Topolsky said, and with that she left.

"Michael do you think it took. That maybe Iím pregnant?" Maria asked, not sure about what could happen to them if it didnít.

"Maria, I donít know. Frankly Iím not sure what to hope for. If you are maybe they will leave us alone. But then how could we give up our child. If you arenít I donít want to think of what they might do to try to make us go through that again."

"Michael I think their plan was, that if it didnít take the first time, they wouldnít have to do anything to get us together again."

"What do you mean?" Michael questioned, not truly sure of Mariaís point.

"Well after being with you, I donít think I want to stop." Maria confessed to him.

"I know what you mean." Michael said then kissed her on the forehead.

All of a sudden a bright flash struck Michael and Mariaís eyes. But only they could see it.

They could hear a tiny thud, which was growing louder and louder every second. Then they saw a round bubble, which kept expanding and expanding. Which started to take form.

Maria broke away from the connection.

"Michael?" she asked, not sure of what just happened.

Michael didnít know how he knew but, he just did."I think, I think we just saw our baby."

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