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"It's Going To Be Okay"
Part 3
by Katie
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Summary: Michael and Maria are captured by Topolski. Topolski has plans for Maria. And Michael doesn't know if he can stop it from happening.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Michael and Maria followed Topolsky. They headed down the long hallway. Guards every ten feet, with a singular door in between them. After about ten minutes of walking they came to the end of the stretch way, where two doors waited open. Topolsky held her id card up in front of a black box, which was over to the side of the double doors. A light flickered. Then in rows, these red lights lit up, then disappeared.

"This way." She said, continuing their journey.

When she finally stopped, they were in another circular room. There was a table and a couple chair. Then off to the side was a cubical.

Maria walked over to the cubical and peaked in. Inside was a double bed, some sheets and pillows.

"Whatís going on!" she yelled at Topolsky, thinking the worst of what could happen with them. Only sharing one bed.

"We are experimenting. But before the major experiment proceeds, we must go through a few merely routine test."

"Test! You didnít say anything about tests." Michael bellowed at Topolskt.

"Mr.Guerin. You are an alien. We are scientist. Test is a must. You must have figured that test would be done while you are here." said Topolsky, still acting like she was talking to a child.

"Now if you would please go into your cubical." at that a click was heard and the door to the cubical popped open. "You will have the rest of the day to confided in each other. Then in the morning the Doctor will be here to begin testing."

Michael and Maria walked slowly over to the cubical. Maria sat on the bed and curled herself up into a ball in the corner. Michael sat on the floor. As far away from Maria as possible. Afraid he may hurt her even more.

The door slammed shut and they heard the click again. Signifying that it was locked. Topolsky then disappeared through the doors. Leaving them in each others company.


Hours seemed to pass, neither of them saying a word. The silence was disturbing for Maria. She liked to talk, even if it was about nothing at all. But now, she had nothing to talk about. No one to talk to, expect Michael. She looked up at him and noticed he was watching her. She just then realized how alone she really was. No Liz, Alex, Max or Isabel. Just her and Michael. She just wanted to be home, in her bed with her oils. A tear rolled down her cheek, another one followed that one, and another after that.

Michael watched Maria for hours. Well thats what it seemed to be. She just sat in the corner in a ball. Then she looked at him. He wondered what she was thinking about. A tear rolled down her cheek, then another, another....

Not wanting to watch her in this condition. Michael stood up and headed towards her. Sitting down on the bed, he crept across it until he was sitting snugly beside her. Putting his arm around her he simply said, "Itís going to be okay."

Maria welcomed his arm, then leaned into his chest and wrapped her arms around him. Letting the tears flow freely.

They fell asleep like that. In each others arm. Knowing they could trust each other. If no one else.


A buzzer was heard and then a click. The door to the cubical popped open once again. Someone new stood there waiting for them. He was around 5í10" with fine, thinning reddish hair. He looked to be about in his late thirties. He was dressed as you would expect. White lab coat, glasses, trousers and loafers.

"May we help you." Michael asked looking up into the mans eyes.

"Yes you can. I am Dr. Carlin, Iíll performing the first of the test." He said looking at them.

"Please come out into the room." Carlin said then turned around and sat at one of the chairs in the the room.

Michael woke up Maria and then they both joined him.

"So what are you going do to us?" Maria asked.

"Well first we will be taking you Miss DeLuca, then you Mr. Guerin tomorrow."

"What do you mean, youíre taking me today?" Maria asked.

"Well to perform the test we have to go to a different area of the complex. After a couple hours you will be brought back here. Thatís all, the test are blood work, a few exercise checks and a medical check." Carlin said, crossing his arms in front of him. As if saying thereís nothing to worry about.

Standing up Carlin walked over to the doors he had come through. Maria gave Michael a slight look then followed the Dr.

"Thank you for your cooperation Miss DeLuca." turning to Michael he continued. "Now Mr. Guerin, if you cooperate like Miss DeLuca here, we will be easier on you both." Then Carlin and Maria were out the door. Locking behind them, leaving Michael with just his thoughts. Thoughts wondering what is going to happen to Maria.


Dr. Carlin and Maria walked across the facility until they were in an exercise room. There were weights, tread mills, stationary bikes and other equipment Maria had never seen before.

"Now we will start with the exercise program." Carlin said and walked over to the weights.

"Please take a seat on the bench." Maria did as she was asked.

"We are going to find out how much weight you can lift." Maria nodded.

"Pick up each of these weights, from lightest to heaviest."

Maria bent over. Picking up the smallest one, the doctor gave a nod and she moved on to the next one. She did this to every weight, until she reached ninety lbs. She couldnít lift higher then that. Her arms were tired and she was starting to sweat.

"Thatís enough. You can put the weight down." Maria did as he said in a hurry. Feeling like her arm was about to snap off.

"That was great. Youíre stronger then we thought. Now onto the tread mill. But you may have a thirty minute break before we continue. Over there is some food and water." He said pointing over to a table set up in the corner.

"Thanks." Maria said then headed for the food.

After the half an hour break Dr. Carlin showed up. "Shall we continue."

"If necessary." Maria said standing up.

"Yes it is. On to the tread mills. Here we would like to see your stamina."

Carlin set a couple functions on the tread mill. He motioned for her to stand on the contraption. Maria did so. Then it started to move. Maria jogged along with it.

For close to two hours Maria jogged on the machine. Then she finally gave up and collapsed onto the tread mill. It automatically stopped, for the clip came out of the engine when she fell.

Carlin quickly helped her up. "That was very good. Still surprising us. You can have another half an hour break, then we will move on to the second last task."

Maria laid down on the bench. Exhausted from all the running, she fell asleep.

Maria woke up with Carlin in her face saying, "Itís time to begin the next phase. You may get a drink before we begin."

Getting a drink Maria wished this was over. She was still drained of energy from the tread mill.

"What do I have to do now?" she asked.

"You just have to stay on the stationary bike for as long as possible."

Maria climbed onto the bike and began to peddle, while Carlin timed her.

Forty-five minutes later her lags gave way and she stopped. Carlin helped her off the bike and into a different room. Where there was a hospital bed. He laid her on to it, and helped her sit up.

"I hope this is the last thing." Maria choked out.

"Yes it is. We only have to take a little blood, then youíre done for today."

Maria closed her eyes and slightly fell into sleep. But still enough awake to feel the needle go in.

It took ten minutes, maybe longer. Maria wasnít sure. Finally the needle was taken out of her arm and she heard him say something. But was not sure what he said.

The next thing she knew, she was begin lifted out of the bed and placed into a wheel chair. Carlin pushed the chair out of the room and down to where Michael is waiting for her.

Michael heard a click and the door opened. There was Carlin, and Maria was in a wheel chair. He jumped out of his seat and rushed over to her.

"What did you do to her!!?" he yelled at Carlin, with the deadliest eyes digging into him.

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