FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"It's Going To Be Okay"
Part 2
by Katie
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Summary: Michael and Maria are captured by Topolski. Topolski has plans for Maria. And Michael doesn't know if he can stop it from happening.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
The lights had come on in both their rooms. Michael walked over to the window to see if Maria was all right.

Maria saw Michael coming towards the window. She quickly got up from the bed and ran towards him. Tears had started to form in her eyes. She was scared of the thought of what was going to happen to her.

"Itís going to be okay" Michael said, trying to cease the tears coming from Maria.

Maria couldnít hear him, But understood what he was saying.

Michael placed his hands on the window frame. He focused on the bolts, trying to urge them to come out. But nothing. Michael shot his head up and looked at Maria. More fear in him then ever before.

Topolskyís voice filled the rooms again.

"I see you have realized you can no longer use your powers." Topolski said, a hint of joyance in her voice.

"What did you do to me!" screamed Michael, hitting the glass with all the force he had.

"The sedative we gave you had a little something extra. It seems to work well on keeping your powers out of order. Hopefully for quite some time. But to be sure you will be given the drug everyday. Only the drug, not the sedative. We need you awake and kicking." Topolsky said, injoying this.

"Now, would both of you please return to your beds."

"Not until you tell us whatís going on!" Michael screamed at Topolsky.

"You will be informed of our actions in due time. But for now we must transport you both to new quarters. So please will you sit on your beds."

Maria looked at Michael, not sure what to do. Michael shook his head. Thinking this way maybe they could escape.

Michael retreated from the window and sat on his bed. As Maria did the same thing. When they were both seated the doors to their confined rooms opened. Three burley men entered both Michael and Mariaís room.

Maria backed up on the bed, until her back was flat against the wall. The men advanced on her. One grab her right arm, as another one grabbed her left arm. The third man just waited by the door. They carried her out of the room and waited in the hall, until the other guards brought Michael out.

One guard had Michael by the arms, while one had him by the legs and the other was trying to hold on to his waist. Michael was twisting and turning, trying to free himself from their clutches. But it was no use, he was still to weak from losing all that blood. The left over guard ran up to help the others, he grabbed a hold of Michaelís chest to hold him down.

When they had him under control they headed down the hall. Dragging Maria behind Michael, who had his head hung back. He was watching her, making sure she was all right.


The guard carried them, for what what seemed like forever. When finally they were both pushed into a circular room.

Michael landed on the floor with a thud. Maria landed right next to him. When he saw her next to him, he scooped her up in his arms. Anger building at that treatment they were receiving. Especially Maria.

Maria felt Michael's arms around her, she clung to him. Not wanting to let go. Afraid that if she did, she would surly die by these people.

Topolsky walked through the door then. Michael, still holding onto Maria Stood up.

"Would you both please sit." Topolsky said motioning her hands towards the two chairs behind them. "And I must apologize for the way our guards treated you moments ago. They were not suppose to be rough. But Mr. Guerin you put up a fight, and that just plainly pissed them off."

"Well they can go fuck them selves." he spat out at her.

"They wont take to kindly to that either. Now will you please sit."

Michael moved backwards to sit in the chair. Maria finally removed her hands from Michael to sit in the chair. Thinking she canít show Topolsky that she was scared, that she could face them.

"Now letís talk." Topolski grabbed a chair and sat in front of them.

"I will answer your questions first. If I must I will tell you more information that will help you adjust to your new environment."

"All right, if youíre going answer our questions, tell me why did you kidnap me?" Michael asked giving Topolsky a deadly look with his piercing dark eyes.

"After my report was processed through headquarters. I was given a new assignment, since I was most experienced with handling your type I was sent back. My new assignment was to detain one of you, for experimenting."

"Experimenting." Maria said.

"Yes. Michael was the best candidate. He has no real family or friends, so there will be no one looking for him. But the friends he does have know his secret and are not willingly going to bring the authorities into this."

"And what about Maria. Why did you bring her into this." Michael asked, looking over at Maria.

"We didnít bring her into this. You did." Then the fact just hit him. It was true, he brought her into this. The only human he ever cared about and tried to keep safe. He brought danger into her life.

"But no matter. This works for us. We were going to bring someone in from the outside, but with her here it saves us the trouble. You are of use to us Miss DeLuca. While you slept we did a check on you and found that your mother is gone on a trip for a month, and that you rarely see her in the first place. So we have no worry of her missing you. But to make sure she doesnít go looking for you. In about a week, we plan to spread a rumor of you and Mr.Guerin running off and eloping."

"What!" said Maria. Not thinking that all of this was actually happening. That this couldnít be happening to her. Then it came to her, she said they had a use for her. "What do you mean you have use for me?"

"You will see in time. But first we must get you both into clean clothes. Then into your new living quarters." Topolsky said standing up. "So if youíll head into one of these rooms, youíll find a box that contains clothes that will suit your stay here."

Michael stood up and headed to one of the rooms. Figuring there was nothing else he could do. While Maria headed in the opposite direction to the other room.

In the room, she found a box that contained two sets of pants and shirts. One set white and one set black. She took off her now ruined outfit and pulled on the black scrub pants. Then pulled the white tube top over her head. Taking out the white scrubs and black tube top, she placed her discarded clothes in the box.

She came out of the room holding the extra clothes in her hands. Michael was waiting, standing as far away from Topolski as possible. He was wearing the black scrubs, and a black tank top. Maria walked over to stand next to Michael.

"Now if you will follow me." Topolsky said walking towards the door.

"What, no more guards?" Michael asked, being sarcastic.

"We have no need for them right now. But if you try to esacape. The guards will be back."

With that she walked out of the room. Michael and Maria followed her. There was no chance for escape. The halls were lined with guards. Thatís why she hadnít called for the guards who had been cruel to them earlier. But Michael knew he had to figure a way to get out. If only for Mariaís sake.

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