FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"Insatiable Hunger"
Part 8
by Christina
Disclaimer: don't own them, but I have fun playing with them!
Summary: THIS IS A CHALLENGE BY SARA!!! 1. Must be M/L
2. Has to be NC-17 in every part that you write
3. Max and Liz have to have sex in the following: Max's bedroom, Liz's bedroom, Crashdown Cafe, Desert, and the Eraser room. ( Be VERY DESCRIPTIVE !!!!)
4. Max and Liz have a water fight and pillow fight
5. Max and Liz get detention and make out on a desk
6. Max picks out Liz's night wear and Liz does the same for Max, both of their outfits have to be sexy
7. Both of their parents catch them having sex ( Must use one of the places listed on # 3 )
8. Max and Liz have a talk about them being caught in bed with their parents

Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
"Guys! Sorry to interrupt you," Max hissed. "But someone is coming!"

"Who cares?" Maria asked breathlessly, pulling her mouth away from Michael's for a second. "Mikey and I are busy!"

Michael, however, turned his head sharply to where Max was standing and he whispered, "Where?"

Max nodded to the left, sneaking a glance that way to see if the light was still coming. It was. Thinking fast, he said "Okay, Liz and I are going to distract him. Get dressed you two and go as fast as you can to the room."

Max and Liz disappeared out the gate of the pool.

"I don't want to get dressed," Maria whined. "I like what we're doing right now."

Michael looked her in the eye and said, "Maria, I promise we can do this all night if you want but if we get caught out here, that aint gonna happen. We'll be spending the night in jail. So Maria, baby, please get dressed."

"All night?" she asked, her face brightening instantly like a child who just found out she could have as much ice-cream as she wanted. Michael smirked and nodded. "Where are my clothes?" she asked.

Michael pointed to the side of the pool and they climbed out.


"Okay, Liz?" Max asked, struggling to get her attention. She was still bombed.

"What?" she asked, breaking into a fit of giggles for no apparent reason.

"I need you to play along with me, okay?" Max checked her face for understanding, but was not quite reassured. She looked as though she were in her own world.

"Anything for you Maxie-pooh!" She doubled over in giggles and her eyes started to tear up. "That rhymed!"

*Oh God,* Max thought. *She is totally wasted.*

"Hey! You two kids, get over here!" They heard a man's voice call.

Thinking fast, Max picked Liz up and swung her over his shoulder again. "Don't say anything," he told her.

She just giggled and put her hands in his back pockets, squeezing his behind.

As they approached the man, Max saw that he was wearing a shirt that read Residence Inn Security. "What are you two doing out here? I just received several calls, reporting a disturbance in the courtyard. Was that you?"

Max nodded. "Yes sir, we're sorry."

"What were you doing out here?" He asked, glancing at the upside-down Liz, suspiciously.

"We was dancing," Liz said, laughing. "The horizontal..."

Max cut her off, thinking desperately of a good lie. "Uh, look, we're sorry about the disturbance. Me and my wife here, we're newlyweds. We're just married yesterday."

"Congratulations," the man said absently.

"Thanks. Anyway, we went out to eat and she had quite a few glasses of Champagne. I've been struggling to get her up to the room but she's a little too wired right now."

"What about the yelling? And why is her hair wet? You do know that the pool is closed after 9:30, right?"

Max nodded, eagerly. "Yes sir. But she wouldn't listen and she ran to the pool and jumped in. I can't control her when she's like this so now I'm trying to get her up stairs so I can put her to bed."

The guard opened his mouth to speak when they heard Liz groan. "Oh, God. I don't feel too well, Max. I think I'm gonna puke."

It was obvious that the man wasn't too satisfied with the answers that Max gave him; but he was obviously not too excited about the prospect of watching a Liz lose her dinner. "Okay, go ahead and go to your room. But I have to ask that you follow hotel policy about the pool and please be respectful of our other guests this late at night, or we will have to ask you to leave."

"Max the ceiling is spinning," she said, covering her eyes.

"Yes sir, thank you," Max said, walking away. When they got to the main door, he put Liz back down on her feet. "You still feeling sick?" he asked.

She giggled, and grinned proudly. "I lied," she whispered, her eyes shining with happiness. "I'm fine. I was just playing along, like you said."

He smiled and swooped down on her mouth in a fast kiss. "Thanks, you just saved our asses."

She threw her arms in the air and posed for him. "Oh yeah, I'm the best!"

"Yes you are," he agreed. "Come on, lets go upstairs and make sure that Michael and Maria got back okay."

They walked up the stairs and entered their room. The door between them was still opened. "Michael? Maria?" Max called. There was no answer, but when he peeked his head in, he heard that the shower was running and he took that as a good sign.

Liz hugged him and raised her mouth to his neck, nipping lightly at his collarbone. He wrapped his arms around her and noticed that she was shivering. "Are you cold?" he asked.

She nodded and started rubbing her arms. "A little. It's cold in here."

"You should go take a shower then."

She considered for a second and then nodded. "Sounds good. On one condition though," she added.

"What's that?"

"You have to join me."

"Hmm. Okay, you talked me into it," he said, picking her up and kissing her hard. He picked her up, holding one arm under her curled knees and the other around her back, and carried her to the bathroom. He sat her down on the toilet seat and then turned to run the water.

When Max turned back around, she was completely naked and her alcohol laden eyes were voraciously devouring him. "Hi Max," she said in a husky voice.

His lips turned up at the corners and he walked towards his temptress. "Hi Liz," he answered thickly.

When he got to her, he picked her up and sat her down on the counter. Keeping his eyes locked on hers, he parted her legs. She grinned and leaned back on her palms as he looked down at her lower region and sighed. She was so ravishingly beautiful.

He ran one of his hands through her marvelous silky curls and dropped his mouth down to her one of her breasts. He covered it with his mouth and nipped lightly at her puckering nipple. Instantly, it went rock hard and Liz threw her head back and moaned in sweet pleasure. He once again covered it with his mouth and then swirled his tongue over her sweet flesh, relishing the taste.

After the first breast was completely ravaged, he moved to the other one and repeated the process while his hand began to massage her extremely wet lower folds. She began to cry and thrash under him. Using two fingers, he traced her lower lips and then slipped them inside of her slowly. Her body stiffened and she jerked as his fingers inched into her.

There was now steam in the bathroom from the shower and a light layer of moisture had dampened her skin. He removed his mouth from her breast and extricated his fingers from inside of her. He brought his hand up to his lips and tasted the fingers with her dampness on them. Just the scent was enough to make him dizzy. With one hand, he took on of her hands and brought it to his mouth. He slipped his mouth over her middle finger and then, slowly, he led her hand down to her lower lips and slipped one of each of their fingers inside of her.

She looked at little unsure at first but then when she saw the lust in his face, she relaxed and went with it. After a moment, he removed his finger but nudged her hand back in when she went to remove it. He wanted her to continue as he removed her clothes.

He watched her as he undressed and felt himself grow harder, if it was even possible. She continued to move her finger in and out of her puffy lips and her head fell back in delight. He watched her with a smile on his lips and walked in closer to cover her swan-like neck with his mouth. He trailed kissed up to her chin and looked at her face to see that her mouth had fallen open and her eyes were clenched tightly closed.

He dropped his hand and removed her hand from her lips and then brought it up to his mouth, swirling her finger, removing every bit of her salty-sweetness. He wanted more.

He grabbed her bottom and pulled her right to the edge of the sink as he dropped to his knees. He smiled up into her gorgeous brown eyes and then brought his mouth up to her. She cried out and wrapped her legs around his head.

Her hips began to move tight circles over him as he lashed at her puffed nub. Her cries became constant. He stoked her nub up until she was close to completion and then he dropped his mouth to her folds and shoved his tongue inside of her, massaging her inner walls.

She widened her legs as far as possible, putting her feet on the edge of the sink. Thrusting her pelvis up into the air, she dug into his mouth. She came with a scream on her lips, orgasm thrashing through her body, and he groaned as her sweetness ran into his mouth.

He stayed with her until her thrashing calmed down to light quivers. He slowly stood up, his mouth running up her moist skin until he reached her lips. He touched her lips with his and pushed his mouth past her teeth, searching out her hot tongue. Their tongues dueled fiercely, hungrily.

He once again dropped his mouth to her neck but this time he moved it to the side, kissing the tight skin over her slender shoulder. He pulled her off the sink so that she was standing, then he turned her around so that he was standing behind her.

He wrapped his arms around her slim hips and caressed her soft skin with one of his hands. Pushing her chlorine scented hair to the side, he ran his mouth over the curve of her neck.

She stood on her toes and began to massage her bottom over his erection. He groaned. On her tip-toes, she leaned over and slipped her hand between her legs in search of him. She clutched him in her hand and brought him towards her moist heat. When his tip came in contact with her, she rubbed herself over him. He bent slightly and then groaned out as she positioned him at her moist entrance and then slid her wet core over him with ease.

He moved in and out of her; slow at first and then faster as she whimpered. The mix of steam from the still running bath and the feel of her insides sheathing him was enough to drive him crazy. He came to the brink of his release and was ready to tell her to slow down if she wanted to finish when she began to pound her back-side into him. Her insides constricted over his muscle and she screamed out at an ear-splitting level. His eyes rolled as he came inside of her, his head growing fuzzy. He shook it from side to side in an attempt to clear out the fuzziness but it didn't work because she kept contracting over him, drawing out his own orgasms.

When they were done, he dislodged himself from her and turned her so that she faced him. They stared at each other in wonder, both their chests heaving from their mad love making.

"Max, that was just so...," she didn't know how to describe it.

"Yeah, I know."

Their mouths met in a tender open-mouth kiss.

She sighed blissfully, and rolled her shoulders back. "I'm so relaxed, Max. We should probably take a shower now before I fall asleep."

He smiled and nodded. They pulled back the fiberglass door and stepped inside of the bath. Max pulled the lever to re-route the water and then made way so Liz could rinse first. She wet her hair and then moved to grab the shampoo but saw that Max was holding it. He poured a small amount of the tangerine scented shampoo into his hands and then told her to turn around. She did so and her began to massage the shampoo into her hair, enjoying the moaning that was escaping her lips.

When there was a sufficient lather, he told her to face him and he helped her rinse the bubbles out of her drenched locks. He watched admiringly as the soapy bubbles ran down first her breasts, then her slim stomach, next her hips and thighs, and finally over her lower legs.

When the soap was gone from her hair, he picked up the bottle of conditioner and rubbed that in. He put the bottle down and grabbed the bottle of body soap then rubbed that over her curves, leaving not an inch of her body untouched. She sighed under his touch and rolled her head around in ecstasy.

Finally, all that was rinsed off and she repeated the process with him. When they were both done, they stepped out and grabbed the white terry-cloth robes off the back of the door. They dried their heads with towels from the racks.

Liz riffled through her bathroom bag and pulled out a comb. She brought it to her hairline and began to run it through when she stopped and handed it to Max. "I want you to do it," she said softly.

He nodded and smiled. He had always wanted to do that. He started at the top and ran it through her hair for several minutes until it was perfectly straight without tangles. When he was done, she turned to face him and smiled.

She stood on her tip toes and kissed him softly. "Thanks," she whispered. Then a little bit louder she said, "Have I told you I love you today?"

He pretended to consider and shrugged. "I don't know. Maybe. But, just to be thorough you could tell me again."

She smiled and then said, "Okay. I will."

He couldn't believe it when she turned back to the sink and began to brush her teeth. He finally shrugged and did the same. When they were done, she raised her minty-fresh mouth to his and kissed him passionately. When she pulled back, she moved her mouth to his ear and murmured, "I love you, Max Evans."

He grinned and returned the declaration. "I love you, Elizabeth Anne Parker."

They embraced for several moments, enjoying the mere sounds of each other's breathing. Finally, Liz pulled away and led him out of the bathroom. They heard talking in Michael and Maria's room and poked their heads in.

"Hey guys," Max said.

"What happened?" Michael asked. "Did you get into trouble?"

Max and Liz looked at each other and Max said, "My little lushy here pretended to get sick and he eventually let us go."

"Hey!" Liz cried. "Lushy? I hardly qualify for that title."

He smiled, dropping a kiss on the crown of her head, and said, "I was just kidding."

Maria smiled at Liz and said, "Guess what I found?"


Maria walked over to the tiny mini-bar in the corner and rifled inside. She pulled out a small shot glass with a green liquid inside of it. She came close and saw that it was a double shot of TGIFriday's Mint-Chocolate. "What do you think?" Maria asked. "You up for some more."

She hesitated, thinking about Max's lush comment and then shrugged. "What the hell?" she said. "But, on one condition."

Maria's forehead wrinkled. "What is that?"

Liz looked first at Max and then at Michael. "The guys need to drink some as well."

Max considered, remembering last time, and then finally shrugged. "Why not?"

"I'm game," Michael added.

Maria clapped her hands and said, "Yay!" She walked over to the mini-bar and pulled out three more of the shots. She handed everyone a small shot glass and they each pulled off the aluminum caps.

"I would like to make a toast," Maria said. They all raised their glasses, and she continued. "To friendship," she said.

"And love," Liz added glancing at Max. "Oh, and avoiding the parents."

"I drink to that," Max and Maria said together and they clinked their glasses together. Then all four raised their glasses to their mouths and tossed back the shots.

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