FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"Insatiable Hunger"
Part 9
by Christina
Disclaimer: don't own them, but I have fun playing with them!
Summary: THIS IS A CHALLENGE BY SARA!!! 1. Must be M/L
2. Has to be NC-17 in every part that you write
3. Max and Liz have to have sex in the following: Max's bedroom, Liz's bedroom, Crashdown Cafe, Desert, and the Eraser room. ( Be VERY DESCRIPTIVE !!!!)
4. Max and Liz have a water fight and pillow fight
5. Max and Liz get detention and make out on a desk
6. Max picks out Liz's night wear and Liz does the same for Max, both of their outfits have to be sexy
7. Both of their parents catch them having sex ( Must use one of the places listed on # 3 )
8. Max and Liz have a talk about them being caught in bed with their parents

Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Max's throat was on fire and instantly his brain had clouded and his vision had gone fuzzy. He felt a dopey smile reach his lips and he looked up to see Michael looked exactly as he felt.

"That was good, but I want another one," Maria said and Liz nodded.

"Me too," she said.

They walked over to the mini-bar and saw that there were no more of the TGIFriday's shots in there. They frowned for a second and then Liz did a little hop and said, "Maybe there's some in my room."

Maria's eyes lit up and the girls practically ran to the adjourning room. They opened the door to the fridge and saw that there were two mint-chocolate shots, two pina colada, and two strawberries and cream.

"Which one do you want?" Liz asked Maria.

"Hmm, let's have the strawberries and creme. How does that sound?"

Liz nodded eagerly and removed the two glasses from the shelf. They pried the tops off and quietly made their own toasts.

"To Max and Michael," Liz said. "For bringing so much excitement into our lives, and..."

Maria cut her off. "...for showing us what true love is."

Liz smiled at her friend and then nodded. "Cheers," she said, clinking her glass with Maria's and tossing the shot back.

They put the glasses on the corner of Liz's dresser and then walked back into Michael's and Maria's room to see Max and Michael sitting on the end of the bed looking totally out of it.

Liz climbed onto Max's lap, straddling his hips and captured his lips with hers. He looked at her with dazed eyes and then smiled against her mouth.

Maria pushed Michael back against the bed and crawled on top of him. "So how do you feel?" she asked him, as she ran her lips over his throat. She was wondering what kind of affect that the alcohol would have on Michael after what she saw last time with Max.

She raised her head to look into his cloudy eyes and he grinned madly. "I feel heavy...," he said as his eyes slowly moved to meet hers. "And my head is...hazy."

She smiled and dropped her mouth to his ear, running her tongue around the edge of it. "Do you like the way you feel?"

He nodded and began to kiss her and rub his hands all over her robed body. She moaned and moved to pull apart the neck of his robe when she remembered they weren't alone. She glanced over at Max and Liz to see that they were a little busy on their own, but still decided to sit up.

She cleared her throat and her three intoxicated friends looked at her with dazed eyes. "So," she said, her own mouth feeling dislocated from her body and her lips feeling numb. "What do you guys want to do?"

Liz smiled and asked, "What do you mean?"

Maria rolled her eyes slowly, "Like, should I kick you out and ravage Michael or should we hang out and do something together for a while?"

"What would we do?" Michael slurred.

Maria giggled at Michael and then said, "Well, we could play a game."

"What kind of game?" Liz asked, as she shook her head, trying to clear it. "Oh, that made me dizzy," she said and began to laugh as she fought to regain her balance.

Maria looked up and considered for a second. "Well, we could play a card game, or a drinking game or...I got it!"

"What?" Liz asked excitedly, pulling her gaze away from Max's smiling face.

Maria moved to stand up but as soon as she stood, her legs turned to jello under her and she fell to a heap on the ground. Everyone looked at her in concern for a second and then when they saw she was okay, they burst up into laughter.

Michael sat up on the bed a little too fast and he grabbed his head. "Whoa, that was cool," he said laughing. Eventually he slid down onto the ground and crawled over to where a still laughing Maria was sitting on the ground. He placed a sloppy kiss on her cheekbone and then said, "So, what are we gonna do?"

Maria looked at him like he was insane, having temporarily forgot, and the realization hit and she nodded vigorously. "We're going to play a game. Liz, I youz need to call room service and order a bottle of orange juice, no pulp, and a bottle of Kahlua."

"Why?" Liz asked, very slowly getting off of Max's lap and trying to support herself on wobbly legs. "What are we going to play?"

"It's a surprise," Maria said, her eyes flashing.

"They said they'll be here in a half hour," Liz said as she struggled to put the phone down. Then she looked pointedly at an intoxicated Max and said, "I wonder what we could do in a half-hours time?"


A half hour later, after they had gotten dressed and room service had arrived, Maria walked over to the door that separated the two rooms and knocked. "Hey you guys, the drinks are here," she called. Then she walked over to the bed where Michael was laying looking at her and she laid down next to him, placing kisses over his six-pack abs and scratching his sides with her nails. He groaned and looked at her with unfocused eyes.

"You're driving me crazy," he whispered. He placed his hands on Maria's ribcage and pulled her up to him so that their faces were only inches apart. "Let's tell them we changed our mind. I want you all to myself."

She giggled, pecked his lips, and then shook her head. "That's very tempting," she said, "but no. I really want to play this game."

"Okay," he sighed and pouted. The door opened and a broadly smiling Max and Liz staggered in and half- sat, half-collapsed on the floor.

"So, what's this game?" Liz asked.

Maria pulled Michael down on the floor and they sat across from Max and Liz. "It's called tootsie roll," Maria said. "It's named after the drinks I'm gonna make. It's like truth or dare, but there is a twist to it. In truth or dare, the dare is usually a cop-out. Well, in this game, if you chose dare, you have to take a shot, do the dare and make a confession. Now, on a truth, if someone in this room knows that you are lying, you have to take two shots or make a confession."

Michael winced and then turned to look at Maria. "That's so confusing," he complained.

"No, it's easy. And it's fun," Maria giggled. "So lets start. I'll go first. Liz, truth or dare?"

Liz's watery eyes widened as she looked at her friend. "Truth," she said slowly, after a moments hesitation.

Maria smiled. "I'll make this easy. How many times have you and Max had sex in the last week?"

Liz looked lost. She slowly brought her hand up and began to count them off. "Crashdown, eraser room, desert, my room, his room, at the pool, the hotel room, and I think that's it. So that"

Maria nodded and said, "Good enough. Okay, it's your turn."

Liz looked around and her eyes stopped back at Maria. "Maria, truth or dare?"

Maria said, "I'm gonna show you how this is done. Dare."

Liz smiled and said, "I'll make this easy for you. I dare you to give Michael a lap dance for one song."

Maria nodded. "So what we have to do is take a shot glass, pour it half full with Kahlua and half full with orange juice. We take the shot and then we do our dare. When we are done, we have to make a confession. The reason it's done this way is because the drunker we get, the more interesting our confessions get." She got up and retrieved the juice and liquor from the dresser and then grabbed the shot glasses. She made the drink and then downed it. Then she walked over to the clock radio and turned it on, searching for a song.

She stopped it on a station playing an old eighties song, then she walked over to Michael and pulled him up, telling him to sit in the chair. He did so, and smiled up at her with a foolish grin on his lips. She could tell he was excited about the dare by the look in his eyes.

The song ended and a new one came on. Maria's eyes lit up. It was 'Talking in your sleep' by The Romantics, one of her favorite eighties songs. "This is very do-able," she said. Then she slowly walked over to Michael and looked into his eyes as the lyrics began.

She climbed on top of him and began to sway over his lap as the song began.

'when you close your eyes and you go to sleep
and it's down to the sound of a heart beat
i can hear the things that your dreaming about
when you open up your heart and the truth comes out

you tell me that you want me
you tell me that you need me
you tell me that you love me
and i know that i'm right cause i hear it in the night

i hear the secrets that you keep
when you're talking in your sleep'

She moved over him gentle at first and later on, she was grinding her center over him. By the time the song was over, Michael was openly aroused and breathing hard. She kissed him hard and said, "Promise, I'll finish this later."

Michael looked a little disappointed but he nodded and they both went and sat on the floor. "Okay, and now I have to give a confession and I thought of the perfect one."

"What's that?" Liz asked.

Maria once again stood slowly and walked to her overnight bag. She rifled through and pulled out a bottle of Tabasco sauce and walked back to the carpet. Everybody looked at her questioningly. She showed them the bottom of the bottle. It read, 'Mfg. in New Mexico, Dec. 1999.'

"I carry this everywhere as a reminder of the night at the Crashdown during the heatwave." She looked over at Michael and said, "Up until today, or rather yesterday since it's 2 a.m., that was one of the best nights of my life."

He smirked, looking surprised and then he kissed her. "Thank you," he whispered.

"Okay, now I get to go. Michael, truth or dare?"

"Truth," he said.

Not looking at him she asked, "Not including the night that you came over after Hank...well, you know, have you come into my room at night?" It was just a feeling she had.

His hazy eyes widened for a moment in surprise and then he shook his head. "No, I haven't," he answered.

"Liar," Max said, chuckling.

Michael attempted to give Max a dirty look but it came off a pretty goofy. "What are you talking about?" he asked.

Max continued to laugh and said, "I know you have. I saw you sneaking out of her room one morning before school."

Michael grumbled and said, "Fine, okay. So yes I have. A few times."

Maria nodded and then said, "So, do you want two shots or a confession?"

Michael looked at Liz and said, "Confession." He then glanced at Max and said, "I'm the one who stole Liz's journal."

"What?" Max and Maria cried.

Michael looked down and said, "I wasn't sure we could trust her, so I took it and read it. After that, I was convinced." He started to laugh and said, "Max, you wouldn't believe the things she said about you. She said..."

Liz jumped up and began to loosely smack Michael on the arm. "Don't you dare!" she warned.

Michael was racked by laughter. "Okay, I give up!" he said and she moved back to her seat next to Max.

Maria stopped laughing and finally said, "Okay, baby, it's your turn."

Michael looked around with a evil gleam in his eye. "Okay Max, your turn. Truth or dare?"

Max's smiling face slowly turned to look at Michael. He considered for and then said "Turth."

"Turth?" Liz said and everyone started laughing.

"I mean turth. Shit, I can't talk. TRUTH!"

Michael grinned. "Before the shooting, did you ever have sexual fantasies about Liz and, if so, what was your favorite?"

Max nodded slowly, blushing a little. "My favorite fantasy was that I walked into Liz's room while she was sleeping one night when it was raining and she was completely naked. I watched her for a while and just as I turned to go, she was right behind me, grabbing me from behind. She told me that she was secretly in love with me and she'd die if she didn't have me. We walked out to her balcony and she...nevermind. We just made love."

"No fair. Continue. What did she do?" Michael asked laughing.

"She pinned me up against the brick wall and started to kiss me hard and we made love."

Liz looked at Max and smiled. "That's pretty cool. We'll have to try that sometime."

Max grinned at the thought and then looked back at Michael. "Is that good enough for you?"

Michael nodded and said, "Your turn."

He looked at Maria and said, "Truth or dare?"

"I like dares so dare."

Max looked around the room and his eyes settled on the tv. He crawled on all fours over to it and looked at the station planner.

He giggled to himself for several minutes, doubling over in laughter and only when his guffaws subsided did he speak. "Okay, I'm gonna turn on the pornography channel and you have to perform the first act you see."

Maria looked shocked at first that Max Evans would suggest something so racy but then she grinned and nodded. "Fine, go ahead."

Max turned on the set and pushed the buttons that set the porn channel. The set flashed blue for a minute and then the porn was going. There were two girls on the channel kissing and rubbing each other.

"Hello!" Michael said, his face reflecting amusement.

Maria looked questioningly at Max and said, "Do I have to do this to Michael or Liz?"

"She wouldn't do that to Liz," Michael stated.

Maria rolled her eyes and said, "A lot of girls kiss each other when growing up. That's how they practice for when they get kissed by a guy."

"I don't think you would do it with Liz, so Michael." Max said.

Maria nodded. She poured herself a shot and downed it and then took another shot. She took a deep breath and then took everyone by surprise as she pounced on Liz and shoved her tongue down the girl's throat while running her hands up her legs and then her sides. She pulled back and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

She looked around to see that Max looked shocked, Michael was smiling and Liz looked a little embarrassed. "Sorry, Liz," Maria said and then to Max she said, "Sorry to you to but I had to prove you wrong. You challenged me."

Michael started laughing and said, "Hate to say it, but that was one of the coolest things I've ever seen."

Max's shocked expression dissolved into a smirk and he said, "Wow, I can't believe you did that." He glanced at Liz quickly and then back at Maria and said, "So, did you ever practice on Liz when you were growing up?"

Maria tilted her head to one side and tried to muster up a secretive expression. "Does that count as my confession?"

"No," Max answered.

Maria sighed and shook her head, trying to look apologetic. "Well then, I guess you'll never know."

"Yes, it can be your confession," Max said quickly.

"Sorry," Maria answered. She giggled and then said, "Fine. No, we never practiced on each other when we were growing up. We had Alex for that." She looked at Liz and said, "Are you okay?"

Liz nodded slowly and then laughed. "I about peed my pants when you did that," she admitted.

"Hey," Michael said. "If I dare you to, will you do that again?"

Everyone looked at Michael and laughed. "You enjoyed that a little too much, baby," Maria said.

Max raised his brows and looked at Michael. "What's with you man?" he teased. "First you want us to have foursome and then you want to watch our girlfriends make out?"

The girls began to giggle and Michael rolled his eyes and said, "I MEANT THE FOUR OF US ON THE ROAD! But hell yeah, I wouldn't mind watching the girls make out! You can't tell me you didn't like that. I know you did." He looked over to the tv where one of the girls was going down on the other and said, "Hell, you can't say you don't think that is hot."

Max's face closed off as he turned off the tv and he tried to hide his grin. "I deny any such claim."

"Okay, let's get back to the game," Liz said. "Go Maria."

Maria narrowed her eyes and looked at Max. "Maxie, truth or dare?"

"You can't pick me again!" he protested.

"Yes she can, we never said no reversals," Liz argued.

"Fine," Max grumbled. He realized that Maria was probably going to ask him if he liked the kiss between the girls so he took the easy way out. "Dare."

Maria fixed him a shot and handed it to him. "Drink this."

He tossed the shot back and was hit with another wave of fuzziness, instantly becoming more intoxicated. He began to snort with laughter and slurred, "What'smydare?"

Maria grinned and crawled to the fridge. She pulled out a small bottle of tequila, a lime, and a salt packet. She handed it to Max and said, "You have to do a shot of this."


"See that's the catch," she laughed. "We're gonna make it interesting. You have to do a body shot."

"Idunnohow," he answered.

"I'll show you," she answered, taking the bottle from him. She poured half of the alcohol into a shot glass and then told Michael to lay down which he did willingly.

"The ceilings spinning," Michael said, chuckling and slapping his hands over his eyes.

"You only have to stay down like this for a second," Maria answered. She cut open the lime with a small knife she pulled out of her bag. "Watch and learn," she told Max.

She bent down and licked Michael's abs, then she sprinkled some of the salt over the wet trail she left. She licked that and then downed the shot, making a face, and then sucked on the lime. She crawled on top of Michael and began to kiss him, passing the lime to his mouth.

She moved to get up but Michael refused to let her go. He flipped her over so that he was on top and began to make out heavily with her right on the floor.

Max wiggled his eyebrows at Liz and said, "Well, it was a dare afterall so I should probably do it even though she would never know."

Liz grinned and laid down, pulling her tank-top up to expose her midriff. He lashed at her soft skin, just above the navel, poured the salt, drank the rest of the tequila out of the bottle, feeling another heavy blow from the alcohol, and then he sucked on the lime and crawled on top of Liz, passing it to her.

Immediately, Max picked her up and took her to their room, kicking the door behind him with his foot. He placed Liz on top of the bed and plastered himself to every inch of her front. As things heated up, he grinded his hips into her and she moaned.

His head was so hazy that he couldn't think straight. He raised his hands to the neck of her blue tank top and ripped it down the middle, exposing her beautiful chest. He groaned and at the sight and then dropped his mouth to her left breast and began to ravage the tender flesh. His teeth scraped against her nipple and she cried out. He sighed, his rapture practically driving him over the edge, and then he brought his hand up to knead her mound as he continued to nibble on the tip.

With his other hand, he cupped her through her jeans and ran round circles over her. She moaned loudly and threw her head back, thrusting demandingly at his hand.

She whimpered when he released her and sat back. He growled as is hands voraciously tore at her button and he pulled them down her hips and legs with a sense of urgency. He swore that he would die if he didn't have her at that moment.

His clumsy hands were having difficulty tying to pull her panties down so in the end he ripped them on one side. "I'll buy you a new shirt and panties," he promised. She shrugged as if it was the last thing she was thinking of. He moved to lay on top of her but she held him back. Instead, she sat up and maneuvered to the side, pushing him down.

Her extremely hot, extremely wet core landed on his stomach and she grabbed his wrists. "So," she growled, her voice thick with yearning, "your biggest fantasy is about me pinning you down?"

He nodded, and she pushed his wrists against the bed aggressively. She slid her center down over his jeans and she began to rub herself over the straining bulge in his pants. Her mouth dropped to his chest and she bit and each of his nipples, chewing lightly on the soft flesh.

He sucked in a deep breath and she said, "If you know what's good for you, you won't move your wrists." He nodded fiercely and she leg go of her grip on him. She moved to the side of him and quickly removed his jeans and silk boxers.

Her hand clasped over his rigid erection and stroked him. She saw a bead of liquid appear at the top and she grinned. With one quick, fluid motion, she lowered her mouth on him, taking in as much of his length as she could.

He gasped and jerked off the bed. Her tongue began to swirl over his hardness, her teeth scraping him a few times. She ruthlessly devoured him and in no time he was brought to the brink. His stomach clenched and he leaned forward. His body began to jerk uncontrollably as he came into her hot, wet mouth. She took him all in greedily, not removing her mouth until he had gone limp.

Not seeing it, he gazed at the ceiling as his body recuperated. Liz stayed down at his groin area, placing open mouthed kisses over his thighs and then taking his sac into her mouth, massaging it with his tongue. "Liz," he said. "I hate to say this but I don't think I can do it anymore tonight. I think I'm spent."

She released him from her mouth and blew on the wetness she had left. Almost immediately, he hardened again and she sat up grinning wickedly.

"Well, well, well. Would you look at that. Looks like you were wrong."

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