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"If You're Gone"
Part 6
by Sparrow
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Summary: Now that Alex is home from Sweden, his band, "The Wits" have begun rehearsing for Amateur Night at The Local Club (it was never given a name, and that's how they referred to it in the transcripts for Blind Date). Maria decides this would be a good opportunity to put some much-needed distance between her and her "stonewall" and throws herself into practices essentially ignoring Michael. However, Michael's reaction to their separation and the performance is not at all what she expected.
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Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: Since this is my first attempt at fan fiction, I would be really appreciative of any comments as long as they are constructive. This story is already posted on two other fan fiction message boards. and Authors Note 2: Okay I'm a bit worried that things might get confusing because there are so many things going on. Since there are no bold type or italics available, flashbacks are between slashes ///Flash/// and indented, thoughts are in *Stars*, the song Maria will sing is in "quotes". Whew (wipe the brow), got it?
*I want a taste too,* she sent, as her hand slid sensually down the sides of his body.

His eyes wide, Michael allowed Maria to sit up. Removing her leg from behind him she stood before him, her naked body looming over him like a Greek goddess. She motioned for him to turn and face her, and he planted both feet on the floor. His erection so hard that it pointed at her as if inviting her to dine. Maria reached over and grabbed the throw pillow that her golden head had just rested on and dropped it to the floor between Michael's knees. Leaning over him, her breasts dangling, she took his mouth in a deep kiss. Her hands wandered all over his body, pausing to stimulate his flat male nipples. Michael moaned into her mouth and cupped both breasts in his large talented hands.

As Maria's hands made their way down his body as her mouth left his to tantalize his earlobe. Slowly, she sank down on to the pillow between his legs, her tongue leaving a wet path on his skin as she moved toward his chest. While her tongue found and teased one nipple, she encased his erection with her breasts by squeezing them together with her upper arms. To his amazement, she began to move her body up and down, the sides of her breasts stroking over his penis mimicking intercourse. Michael threw his head back in ecstasy at the feel of her soft skin sliding over his cock. He looked back at her and watched in awe as she pumped him, her tongue snaking out from between her kiss-swollen lips to lick the creases of his tight abs. Michael moaned her name, "M-Maria! Oh god, you're going to make me cum." He could feel his cock stiffen and he knew that if she kept this up he wouldn't last much longer.

*Not yet Spaceboy,* she told him as she sat up and placed her hands on his knees, pushing them apart further. *I still haven't had my taste.* Maria gave him a sly smile and her cupid-bow lips quirked in a suggestive smile. Michael's eyes widened and he took a deep breath to try and calm himself down. It didn't work.

Maria was enjoying herself. Watching Michael almost lose control, as she loved him with her breasts was completely erotic to her. The feel of his hardness rubbing against her sensitive breasts, caused her pussy to pulsate in need, but now it was his turn to be pleasured. Continuing her experimentation on his body's responses, Maria walked her fingers up over the top of Michael's legs, but when she reached his upper thighs, she dragged them back down again. She repeated this torturous process several times but each time her hand slipped further and further inside his thighs. Michael breathing became even more erratic as her pixie fingers threaded their way through the tight curls as the base of his erection. *You're Mine,*

Michael spread his arms out over the top of the couch and panted as he watched his goddess stare at his manhood. Maria thought he was beautiful and when a pearly drop appeared at the top of his penis, she tentatively reached a finger out to touch it. When Michael jumped, Maria pulled her hand back quickly and starred uncertainly into his hazel eyes. For a moment, she thought she had done something wrong, but what she saw reflected in his eyes made her love him all the more. He trusted her. *I'm yours, Maria.*

"That feels so good baby," he whispered aloud. "Don't stop."

Encouraged, Maria's finger returned to caress the tip of his shaft and made dainty circles around the tiny hole that had released the bead of his essence. She marveled how soft and hard he was all at the same time. The gland that crowned his rod was silky smooth and as more pre cum surfaced in response to her ministrations, she dipped her head and licked it off. Michael jolted a second time. His eyes grew larger and his lips parted as he watched her contemplate her first taste of him. It tasted salty, but completely Michael. "Mmmmmmmm," she moaned and ran her tongue over her lip.

Her hand then wrapped around his penis and slowly stroked from the root upwards, trying to bring more of the tasty treat to the surface. She was completely hooked and wanted nothing more than to make him explode. Looking up at him with her hot green eyes, her hand continued to move up and down over his cock. Maria smiled in feminine satisfaction as she watched Michael thrash his head back and forth on the back of the couch. His hands were now beside him gripping the cushions of the sofa in a vain attempt to control himself. Maria was quite determined.

With her free hand, Maria cupped his sac and gently squeezed, sending such arcs of pleasure through him that his ass lifted off the couch. More pre cum rose to the surface of his ever hardening shaft and this time, Maria greedily lapped it up, her tongue swirled around the tip of his penis as her pouty lips gently curled over the sensitive ridge of the mushroom shaped gland. Maria's hand continued to pump up and down, and the more Michael moaned, the deeper she took him into her mouth. She felt Michael's hands thread through her golden hair, pulling in away from his view of her bobbing rhythm.

As Maria went down on him, her hand rose up to meet her lips. Every so often, she would break the rhythm and nip lightly as the tip of his penis, dragging her teeth across the sensitive head, before descending once more over his shaft. Maria fondled his balls and then sucked his cock hard, swirling her tongue over the tip and down the shaft to lick and suck at his sac. Michael bucked wildly when she once again took him fully into her mouth, his hips bouncing, timing his thrusts into her mouth as she sucked him. He could feel his balls tighten more in response to her ministrations. He closed his eyes but flung them open when her thoughts penetrated his mind. *Michael. I want you to watch me make you cum.*

*Oh God, Maria.* he flung back at her, their eyes locked, *I am so close, I don't want to..* The image she sent of her swallowing his cum, caused him to groan. Her lips caressed his shaft and she encouraged him with her mind to let go. Actually watching her mouth move up and down over his cock proved to be too much and he screamed as exploded into her mouth.

Maria moaned and greedily swallowed every drop as each of his spasms squirted more of his essence into to her mouth. Closing her eyes as the last of Michael's juices subsided, his cock was still hard and she continued to tease the hypersensitive tip with her tongue, causing him to whimper. He was so sweet and she loved the way his shaft felt in her mouth, all hard and silky. Squeezing his balls one last time, Maria slowly withdrew her mouth from his manhood and crawled on top of him, straddling his thighs.

Michael wrapped his arms around her, pulling him tightly to him as she snuggled her face into the crook of his neck. Her damp nether-lips settled against his spent cock, her hot moisture causing it to stir back to life. Maria wiggled her hips against him and her slippery folds eased back and forth over his shaft.

Taking her mouth in a deep kiss, Michael slid his tongue around hers. He wove his hands through her spun gold hair, and clutched her to him. *I love you, pixie-girl.*

His heartfelt declaration tore at her heart, causing it to beat faster. *I love you too.* Maria sent back. She kissed his neck and savored the perfect fit of their bodies. *Michael?* she sent, her mental voice childlike.

*Yes baby.* his response was coupled with his hands skimming down from her hair to her back to end up cupping her smooth buttocks and pulling her tighter against his heat. He loved that she gasped and burrowed her face into his neck as her clit scrapped against his cock.

*Oh.. Ohhhhh.* was the only thing she could say as he continued to slid her back and forth over his now hard member. *Michael..I love you.*

*Ditto,* his own sendings were becoming breathless. Moving his hands to her hips, he rested his thumb in the crease that joined them to her creamy thighs.

*Michael. I want to be yours.* She pulled her face away from where she had it buried and took over the back and forth motion he had established with their lower bodies.

*You are mine.*

Maria placed her hands on the sides of his face, and gently coersed him to look her in the eyes. *No babe. You don't understand.* she told him mentally her green eyes starring deep into his soul, "I want to be your lover." Maria kissed him, capturing his lower lip in between hers.

Michael looked at her carefully while accepting her soft kisses. "Maria? You mean... with me?" He sucked in a breath as his pixie-girl moved against him.

"There is no one else, you are mine. I am yours." She kissed him lightly on the next. "Don't you want me?"

"Want you?!! My god Maria the only thing I ever wanted more than you was finding out who or what I am!" His response was so intense that his hands shook as he palmed her face. "I finally figured out something.." He switched to their mental connection and blasted her soul with his words, *You are my world, my other half, you. are.. mine.* Michael punctuated the last three words, with a kiss by each ear and a searing open mouthed kiss on her sensual lips.

Michael and Maria continued to 'suck face' as Maria liked to call it but something had changed. A soft yellow glow began trailing after their hands as they caressed each other. Pulling back, Michael drew his hand down her arm, feeling Maria's legs tighten around his thighs as they watched the glowing trail. Staring into each other's eyes, their souls met, and their minds united in one thought *I'm yours*.

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