FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"If You're Gone"
Part 7
by Sparrow
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Summary: Now that Alex is home from Sweden, his band, "The Wits" have begun rehearsing for Amateur Night at The Local Club (it was never given a name, and that's how they referred to it in the transcripts for Blind Date). Maria decides this would be a good opportunity to put some much-needed distance between her and her "stonewall" and throws herself into practices essentially ignoring Michael. However, Michael's reaction to their separation and the performance is not at all what she expected.
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Authors Note: Since this is my first attempt at fan fiction, I would be really appreciative of any comments as long as they are constructive. This story is already posted on two other fan fiction message boards. and Authors Note 2: Okay I'm a bit worried that things might get confusing because there are so many things going on. Since there are no bold type or italics available, flashbacks are between slashes ///Flash/// and indented, thoughts are in *Stars*, the song Maria will sing is in "quotes". Whew (wipe the brow), got it?
"Maria," Michael whispered in a tone filled with awe.

Maria tentatively touched his chest, her fingertips causing his skin to tingle as she slowly drew them across his pectorals. She watched in amazement as the golden trail also followed her fingers motions. Looking up at him with a mixture of uncertainty and wonder, she asked, "Michael? Do you understand any of this?"

Michael shook his head slowly and answered, "No, but it feels good. It feels right. Do you want to stop?" The look he gave her tore at her heart.

She shook her head, her blond hair dancing across her shoulders and a sensual smile parting her lips. "I think this is the most amazing thing to ever happen to me and I want it to be with you." Maria fingers teased his abdomen and her sensual smile became more impish.

Michael grinned broadly, his hands rubbing up and down over her upper arms causing her skin to take on the golden sheen. Kissing her lightly on the nose, he slid his hands under her arms and lifted her off of him to stand. Following her up, they stood before one another and any feelings of shyness or awkwardness were unusually nonexistent for they were completely accepting of the direction their lives were heading. Maria placed her hands on Michael broad shoulders and stood up on her tiptoes to meld her mouth with his. The kiss instantly turned hot as their tongues thrust into one another 's mouth, entwining and dancing in an age-old rhythm. Michael wrapped his arms around his pixie-girls' waist and pulled her tighter to him so his hands could freely roam over her silky smooth body.

With each pass of Michael's hands and lips, Maria could feel knees were weakening and giving way. As thought sensing she could no longer support herself, she felt her feet leave the ground as Michael swooped her up, cradling her against his chest. Her head fell back as Michael's strong lips worked their way down to the side of her neck, sucking and nipping at the sensitive skin as he gradually walked toward the bedroom.

"Ohhh..Michael," Maria moaned in a low sultry voice when he was removed his arm from under her knees and he settled her kneeling at the edge of the bed. Looming over her, Michael lips found hers again and now that his hands were free he moved them up over her waist to cup her lush breasts, eliciting another moan from his goddess. He loved the way she said his name and he loved saying hers.

"Maria." He crooned, each time their lips separated before passionately rejoining. *You are so beautiful.* Michael continued to stimulate her breasts. Holding the orbs in his hands, his thumb and forefinger teased the rosy peaks into hard nubs. Michael's erection was bobbing across Maria's belly, tickling her skin. When her tiny hand closed over the aching shaft, Michael's knees weakened and dipped with each of her strokes. Wanting more, he took her head in one hand, and gently laid her down on the bed, controlling their descent with his other hand that he braced on the bed.

Lying side by side, one of their hands found its way to the others cheek and the two lovers stared deeply into each other's eyes. Michael marveled at the vision before him and Maria thanked the stars for sending her this Spaceboy. When their lips met in a tender kiss, Maria drew her hand down his taught body until she found his engorged member and resumed the stroking she had begun earlier. In between kisses, she loved to watch the intense pleasure that shot across his face with each of her strokes. Suddenly Maria gasped, as Michael's fingers made their way over her now soaked core. Michael moaned at the feel of the slick wetness and the knowledge that it was because of him, made this act of love even more precious.

With his hand still between her legs, Michael eased Maria onto her back and began kissing his way down to her breasts, taking first one nipple and then the other into his mouth. He could feel the deep rose colored peaks harden with each swirl of his tongue. Michael replaced his tongue with his hand as his mouth continued its journey across her ribs, pausing in her belly button before joining the hand already stimulating her core.

Maria was writhing on the bed as the air in the room cooled the hot wet trail of Michaels' kisses. As he moved further down her body she was forced to give up her hold on his cock, the smooth member slowly slipping out of her hand. She looked down at her lover as he laved her skin with his sumptuous mouth and her breathing intensified when she felt his cheek against her downy curls. Maria gripped at his shoulder as he swung the lower half of his off the bed to kneel on the floor at its edge. She whimpered when she lost physical contact with his body so she slowly bent her legs at the knee until her feet were pressed against the mattress and beseeching held her arms out to him.

Michael's breathing was none too even either, especially when he caught sight of her womanhood, swollen and hot, waiting for him. He flashed her a wicked grin, and quirked an eyebrow at her longing gesture before he grabbed her calves and pulled her bottom closer toward him and edge of the bed.

He ran his hands along the outer side of her thighs to cup her buttocks and raise her hot core to his mouth. Breathing in her scent deeply, he slid his tongue into the velvet cleft, stroking the supple folds from bottom to top before circling her clit. Maria raised and lowered her hips, the movements subdued only by Michael's tight hold on her ass, as his mouth loved her.

Maria was thrashing, her hands desperately gripping the edges of the bed the warmth spread through her body. She was so turned on that when Michael plunged his fingers into its depths, she could feel the walls of her core tighten. Screaming his name, Maria came into his mouth.

After the spasms left her body leaving her deliciously weak, Maria could feel Michael crawling forward leaving tiny kisses behind as he made his way up her body. When he settled himself between her legs, and buried his face in her neck, Maria wrapped her arms around him stroking her fingers lightly up and down his smooth back. She could feel his arousal pressing against her and she squeezed her thighs together, which caused him to groan for it forced his cock tighter against her sex.

*I'm yours.* The words buzzed in his head and when Michael pulled back to look at Maria he saw such joy, love and trust in her eyes that he felt like crying. No one had every believed in him or loved him with out question until this golden-haired sprite forced her way past all of his barriers and into his heart. He would do anything to keep her safe.

Maria smiled sweetly when he reached over to paw around in the nightstand draw by his bed. Their connection was getting stronger the more he accepted her love and he practically broadcasted his intense need to keep her free from harm or pain. Maria was innocent in the ways of sex, but her mind had absorbed plenty of girl-talk. She overheard many a detailed conversation in the locker rooms and bathrooms at school regarding the pain associated with intercourse, but she was convinced that her years of dance would lessen or eliminate most of it. Besides, nothing as beautiful as was she was about to share with Michael could ever hurt...ever.

Rummaging around in his drawer, Michael desperately searched for the condom he knew he was evading his questing hand. His wallet was still in his pants in the other room and he didn't dare try the telekinetic trick that so conveniently worked in his dream because he just couldn't focus on anything but the feeling of the woman beneath him. Finally his fingers came into contact with the elusive packet and triumphantly yanked it out of the drawer.

Maria shrieked hysterically as M & M's rained down on their heads.

"What the..?" Michael hollered. Completely indignant, he sat back on his heals, his mouth hanging open and his eyes ogling the sight of Maria covered in multi-colored candies. He ran his hand through his hair setting forth a fresh rain of candy that a giggling Maria attempted to capture with her hands. The sight of the girl below him popping M & M's into her mouth and making yummy-kissy faces was too much for him and his normally stoic face split into a grin. He was handsome when he brooded, but when he smiled.. WOW.

Imitating his wide smile, Maria sat up and used his shoulders to help her to settle herself before him on her knees. "Chocolate fetish?" She asked teasingly, dropping a few M&M's into his mouth.

"Mmmm hummm," he responded around the candy.

"I have a fetish too."

Michael quirked his eyebrow, his curiosity peeked.

"Do you want to know what it is?" Maria was getting coy.

Michael nodded, a smile still on his face.

"Well, is has to do with you, or rather certain parts of you."

This was getting interesting. "Which parts?" He asked, playing along, his hand running up her sides to caress her breasts.

" could be your mouth." She suggested and proceeded to give him a deep open-mouth chocolate kiss, leaving them both breathless.

"No.. ," she panted. " Maybe its your.. smooth.. hard.chest." Maria emphasized each word with a light kiss on either side of his neck as her hands stroked his pectorals, a finger circling each nipple, causing it to peak.

"Maria." He growled deep in his throat and he watched her shiver at the sound. She looked at him through her upper lashes with an old fashioned expression of feigned innocence. Michael gasped as her tight curls brushed against his erection.

"Michael, I don't think it's your chest." Maria apologized as her hands smoothed over his ribs and waist before sliding down to cup his ass. "Maybe it's this tight, hot ass of yours that looks so fine in jeans." She squeezed his cheeks and the motion pressed him tightly against her core.

Michael was breathless, but he couldn't take his eyes off her. Her hands and mouth were doing such incredible things to his body that he was afraid to say anything for fear of stuttering.

"It feels nice," she made circles over his ass but her hands were still questing. "But I don't think that's my fetish either." Maria dipped her head and laved each of his nipples with her tongue as her hands danced over his skin to finally caress that which she desired.

Michael jerked his body when her hands enclosed his achingly stiff member and supple sac. "I think I found it," she told him sweetly. "But I have to be sure."

" can you be sure?" Michael stuttered, knowing that his voice would betray him. But he didn't care because he was totally immobilized with the sensation of her hands pumping his cock and fondling his balls that he was too weak to resist her when she tugged him down to lay on the bed. He was on fire for this playful pixie-girl. Maria straddled Michael's legs, the deft fingers of one hand continued to caress his manhood while the other collected the last of the stray M&M's scattered on the pillow and bedspread.

"Well, it is a very complicated procedure," she explained in a sultry voice. "First, we experiment with touch." She gazed down at the hand that was currently encasing his stiff member. The sight of the purplish head, heavily aroused caused her to squirm as her own excitement grew. Maria popped an M&M into her mouth, running her tongue across her pouty lips. "And they say that taste is a very important part of any good..scientific..deduction." Still stroking him, she shifted her legs so that they nestled between his and slid further down the length of the bed on her knees. With the hand that held the M&M's, Maria laid out a trail from his knee to his belly, and began picking them up in her mouth one at a time, her tongue teasing his skin as she gathered the candy. Painstakingly slow, she made her way up his leg to the last candy, which was poised between his navel and his erection. Pausing before the last treat, Maria rested her chin on his hip and looked up at Michael face. His hazel eyes stared at her so clouded with passion and need that she was blasted through their connection with his desire. She was instantly soaked and suddenly this little game was taking way to long.

Ignoring the last piece of chocolate, Maria took him into her mouth, swirling her tongue over the head of his cock as her hand pumped the shaft. Michael was bucking off the bed, and buried his hands in her golden hair, gently holding her head to him. He was gasping for air, chanting her name and when his release came, Maria took it all in.

Michael pulled Maria's head up to his mouth and plunged his tongue into hers, grinding his still hard shaft against her pussy. The lovers moaned desperately, their hands caressing every accessible area of skin.

"Maria I want you, so badly." He panted against her lips between kisses. *I' m yours.*

"Michael.oh Michael...I need you." Maria was desperate, everything they had done to each other was an adventure that felt so right, so good, but she wanted to feel complete, as thought they were the only two people in the whole world. When his cock naturally inserted itself between her thighs, slipping back and forth across her wet folds, Maria begged him to take her. *I'm yours.*

Rolling them over so he was on top, Michael freed one hand and frantically fumbled through the nightstand drawer a second time. This time, the wrapper his pulled out would most definitely give him candy.. Maria candy. Grasping the edge of the foil packet between his teeth helped him to tear open the packet with one hand. He spit out the corner and sat back, his hands shaking so much as he removed the condom from its casing. Maria followed him up and took the rubber from him, rolling it deftly down his still hard shaft.

Now protected, Michael and Maria fell to the bed, their mouths locking and unlocking in frenzied kisses. Maria could feel the head of his penis at her sensitive opening, as Michael reached between them to gently rub it against her wet folds sliding it from top to bottom and back to prepare her for his invasion. Slowly he pressed into her, her tight walls expanding as their bodies joined. Panting with need, Michael braced himself above her; trying to control his desire to bury himself quickly inside her hot wet heat. Maria hips instinctively rose to meet his gentle thrust and soon they were completely joined.

Michael lowered his upper body to hers and they clasped each other tightly. Michael kissed Maria's neck and breathed in her wild scent of vanilla and Cyprus and the feeling of her tight walls clinging to him filled him with such wonder and awe that he couldn't move. He was surprised that she felt no pain, being so tiny and this being her first time, but he knew that he was her first and this gift was beyond analysis.

*First and only,* she sent and tipped her hips down and then upward to execute their first stroke, causing him to gasp and reply, *Ditto.*

They remained still again for some time, both of them overwhelmed by the sensation of being united. Michael bit her shoulder lightly to keep from crying out in triumph while Maria press her full lips to his temple, thrilled that he was finally hers. *I've always been yours.* Bracing himself on his forearms, Michael began moving in and out with long slow strokes to allow her to get used to him. The slick tightness of her core encasing his cock sent such pulses of pleasure through him that he had to close his eyes.

Maria keened and clutched at his hair, running her fingers through its silky strands. The feeling of him inside her was so intense that she could feel the pressure building with each stroke. Michael softly kissed her lips before he shifted his position. Still deeply inside her, he sat back on his heals, forcing his knees under her thighs so his manhood could stimulate that sensitive spot on her inner walls. With the first new thrust Michael increased the pace, loving the way she was writhing before him. Staring into each other's eyes, he teased her breasts with his hands, leaving behind a gold trail as he made his way toward the place where they were joined. When his fingers found that bundle of nerves at the juncture of her womanhood, Maria screamed his name as she came and the sensation of her walls tightening around him, fluttering and milking so him beautifully that all semblance of control was gone and both of the lovers reached a final crescendo.

Michael collapsed on top of Maria; his chest crushing her breasts as he chanted, "Maria. Maria. I love you. You complete me. Don't ever leave me baby. I love you." His mouth left hot, wet kisses along her neck and shoulder. A deep golden glow surrounded them and Maria watched with wide-eyed wonder as its color brightened and an idea of what was occurring suddenly came to her. She wrapped her arms and legs more tightly around his body, holding him inside her, maintaining the connection. *Michael. My love. I'm am yours, you are mine and now, we are each other's. I can't leave you and you can't leave me. We will never be alone or lost or frightened because we are now one. Your soul and mine.. One.*

Michael picked up his head from where he had buried it against her neck and gazed down at his.soulmate? Her green eyes bored into him and he felt the connection grow stronger. All of the feelings, and experiences in his years since emerging from the pod cried in joy as they raced through the golden thread that bonded their souls. Maria gasped as the flood of images and emotions invaded her and became apart of her life. She wept as his torments and rejoiced at his triumphs. The feeling of fear as his watched the two children like him being taken away in a car, his time at the orphanage, his feeling of hunger and his loathing of Hank, the first time he pulled her hair in elementary school and how soft the strand felt in his hand, the pride he felt when his art teacher praised his work, how when she called him 'Spaceboy' his insides quivered, the moment he realized that she put chinks in his armor, and the minute he stopped caring that she could, and finally the feeling that he had truly come home.

On the other end of the thread, Michael was receiving Maria's life. The day her father left, how she felt about him in fifth grade and why she enjoyed his teasings, the fear of realizing that he was an alien, how their trip to Atherton's changed her feelings for him from fear to want, the powerful sensation of their first kiss, her respect for his ability to verbally spar with her, the moment she realized she loved him and how far she would go to protect him, especially from himself, and the sense of completion as they made love.

Tears streamed freely down both of their cheeks as the realization of what had happened to them finally hit. Michael reluctantly but tenderly removed himself from her core, reassuring her through their link that they were still joined, and disposed of the condom. Gathering her into his arms, he pressed her head against his chest and sighed in pleasure as her body molded to his side. Lightly caressing her upper arm, the bonded pair drifted into a contented and easy sleep. The beauty of their union of mind, body, and soul, would forever be imprinted in the pages of time. *You're mine...always.*

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