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"Have A Little Faith In Me"
Part 3
by Linda
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Authors Note: To my Dreamer friends who need some faith in our couple! Summary: MY version of episode 5.
Liz almost died from the first taste of Max. God how she had missed it! She sobbed into his mouth and clung to it, afraid to ever let go of him again.

Max too was in paradise with the taste of Liz and the scent of his girl all around him once more. He held her tighter to him and just devoured her mouth as her's did the same to him. It was as if they couldn't get enough of each other.

"Never again," Max paused in between the deep kisses so they could take a breath, "will I let you run away from me." He promised. Liz could only nodded, her eyes on his wet lips. She licked hers and smiled, as she tasted him still. Max groaned and recaptured her soft inviting mouth once more.

Liz's soft groans were driving Max wild. He slid his tongue even further into the darkest recesses of her mouth wanting to taste and touch every inch of her. Her mouth being just the first of many places he wanted to explore completely.

Liz too couldn't seem to get enough of Max. She knew she wanted Max. All of him. They had come so close all those months ago out in the desert while looking for that orb, and again in the van when they had finally proclaimed their love to one another.

Liz finally sat back to take another breather, and just to enjoy looking at Max spread out below her on her bed. It made her dizzy to see him like this. His eyes so hot and dark with passion for her, just holding her waist as he too tried to take deep breathes.

Max was watching Liz as well, and seeing her straddled on him, looking down at him with her sexy hair all in disarray from his hands, he couldn't help but grin in satisfaction.

His fingers traced the line of her brow and jaw, his thumb brushing across her cheekbone, and when her body shivered in reaction, Liz understood that one of them was playing with fire. Max's hand now cupped her cheek, his thumb rubbing slowly back and forth across her swollen lips and his eyes intently following the movements.

Liz smiled as she watched Max's eyes follow her mouth, and then saw him smile and look up to meet her eyes. "Max?" Liz asked in an aching whisper. The need was thick in her voice.

Max swallowed and searched her eyes. They were pools of desire drawing him in. He knew he had planned for this, having the items in his jacket pocket, but that had been when he'd been desperate enough to try anything to win Liz over. Now he had her again, and his more rational thoughts were back. What if he hurt Liz with his alienness? He had actually been excited when he'd heard that Nasedo had slept with the congresswoman, thinking that aliens and humans could mate. But then Whittaker had proven to be an alien as well. He wished he'd asked Nasedo more questions before he had died.

Liz could see Max was thinking too logically right now. She didn't care what the risks were. And he had been willing in the desert that night, and again in the van, if he hadn't been so beaten up. She knew she needed to get him to need her beyond rational thought again.

Liz squirmed and readjusted herself so that she was now straddling his hips and leaning her own heat right over his hard ridge under his jeans.

Max groaned and narrowed his eyes, knowing what Liz was doing. "Liz...we shouldn't." he tried.

Instead of answering, for she didn't want a discussion right now, Liz slid her little hands under his shirt and let them slid up his ribbed stomach and right to his sensitive nipples.

Max gasped again and his eyes closed at the exquisite feel of Liz's hot little hands working his nipples the way she knew he liked.

Liz smiled through half lidded eyes, enjoying watching Max give in to her loving ministrations. Liz loved touching Max, and she loved looking at him. She slid the shirt up to his neck and lowered her head to do what she was dying to do. She touched one of his coco colored nipples with her tongue and swirled it around making Max groan again, his eyes still closed. His already aroused nipples were so sensitive that the feel of Liz' mouth brushing against them sent jolts of electricity running to his already straining arousal.

Liz felt Max's hands clench at her hips and she sighed, knowing she wouldn't be in control much longer. She let her mouth take his nipple in and suck strongly on it the way he loved. Max actually hissed at that, and arched a little, his eyes still closed in what looked like pleasurable agony.

"Liz..." Max moaned softly then sucked in when he felt her tongue start a path down his stomach and dip into his belly button.

Liz's hands were already working on getting the shirt over his head, and Max helped her by lifting his head and pushing it off, all the while watching Liz tease his belly button.

The feel of Liz's cool silky hair on his chest and stomach almost made Max loose it right then. This was one of his biggest fantasies come true. Or almost.

Max got the shirt off and lay back down, now watching Liz's loving ministrations with fervor -glazed eyes.

Liz finally sat back and sighed. She loved just looking at Max, all naked slick muscles, chest heaving from her explorations, and eyes glazed with passion.

While she went back to nibbling on his chest and nipping at the hard nipples she always seemed fascinated with, Max worked on getting Liz out of her long t-shirt. It wasn't easy; the way she was squirming around trying to nibble every inch of him, his concentration was poor. By the time Max had gotten the t-shirt off of Liz and bared her own beauty, she had slid way down his body, and had started undoing his jeans.

Max leaned up on one elbow, fascinated with Liz's subtle near total nakedness and cupped one of her delicate perky breasts in his other hand. He loved the feel of her and they both groaned at the contact.

Liz arched into his hand, begging for more of his touch. Max let his eyes slide away from her beautiful nipple and soft breast, to her eyes again. And he grinned at how glazed her own eyes were with want. Max took a nipple between his fingers and worked it the way Liz had done his, watching her throw her head back and thrust out her body to him on a sigh of his name.

He gritted his teeth as Liz's movements ground her down even more on the already straining hardness beneath his jeans. Then, not able to wait another second, he opened his mouth over her waiting begging nipple and sucked it into his mouth, until it was up against the roof of his mouth, and then he teased it with this tongue. He knew this drove Liz wild and he continued his loving going from breast to breast until Liz was sobbing.

Max had never been quite this aggressive before, and now Liz's head was spinning from the vigorous, ardent way Max was loving her. Every suck or pull on her nipple from his hot mouth shot spasms of pleasure to her core. She was sobbing his name before he finished.

Liz looked down at Max, her hands had as some point reached out and clutched his head and held it to her breasts as he continued to devour them. Sliding her hands to his cheeks, she got his attention and he looked up and met her eyes.

"Kiss me, Max." Liz whispered.

Max had no problem with this request and easing back down till he was on his back again, he brought Liz with him, allowing their upper bodies to brush against each other, skin to skin. They both sighed at the inescapable delight it brought them. Max captured her mouth once again, devouring it with his own. Their tongues dueled, and the heat rose. They both loved to kiss for hours. Max let his tongue tell her what he planned to do to her. He stroked the inside of her mouth, and then dove in deep to the back of her throat. He slid his tongue in and out seductively, the way his body wanted to make love to hers, and then traced her lips. Liz sighed, but wasn't passive. Her hands were racing over his upper body, molding his chest and arms. Her own tongue teased the back of his throat, and she heard him groan. God, she loved the taste of him.

When they both came up for air again, Max was breathing heavily with passion, his beautiful eyes clouded over, his sexy lips were slightly swollen, red, and moist from their intense kisses, and Liz just wanted to be skin to skin with him completely.

As if reading her mind, Max's hands began to work at the snap on his jeans where Liz had started to remove them before but had gotten distracted.

Now Liz helped and they both pushed his jeans down his legs while Liz leaned up on her knees so they could slide the material down Max's legs.

When Liz came back down, the only thing between them was their underwear. Liz smiled at his Calvin Klein boxer briefs and seductively rubbed herself against his very large straining flesh under the material.

Max growled and leaning Liz up again he removed her panties in one swoop and then his own briefs, and then flipped her over so she was finally under him.

Max's gaze devoured her naked beauty, as Liz enjoyed her view, too. They had never gotten this far before. They had felt each other through their clothes, but had not actually been fully naked with each other till now.

Liz couldn't breath. Max was perfection. His rippling sleek muscles were carved like and as solid as Michelangelo's David. And the straining flesh she had only felt before was even more fascinating to the eye. It pulsed and jerked under her hot inspection and she hadn't even touched him yet. He was so large. She wondered if they would fit. Were all men this large? Or was it his alien status?

"Liz? What are you thinking?" Max had to ask. He thought he would explode, from just her perusal. And he could see the play over her features of wonder, excitement and something else.

Liz looked up into Max's eyes and blushed, then realized she and Max could tell each other anything. "I was wondering if it would fit. And are all guys this large, or is it because of your being an alien." She whispered, looking back down at that wonderful part of him that made him so different from her.

Max laughed. Only Liz could make him laugh when he was so ready to explode. Just Liz's hot eyes on his flesh were killing him.

"Trust me, it will fit." He whispered back and gasped when Liz's hand suddenly reached out and tentatively closed around him.

"Ah GOD Liz!" He tore out as he arched into her hand. Her hand had only ever touched him through his clothes as his had hers.

Suddenly he had to touch her, look at her. He gently removed her hand from his ready to explode flesh and smiled softly at her disappointed eyes.

"It will be all over before it begins if you continued with your hot little hands Liz." He told her ruefully.

Liz laughed lightly, glad she had that affect on Max and then gasped when Max gave her a hot hard look and then slid down her body and spread her legs gently, giving her time to tell him no if she wanted. But she didn't want to! Liz held her breath, dizzy with anticipation. Max could make her turn to putty with just a look as well.

Max's first look at Liz's feminine beauty took his own breath away. He closed his eyes only to realize her beauty was now imbedded in his mind for good. She was so beautiful! Her scent and visual beauty were enough to make his head spin and Max was almost afraid he would pass out from shear enchantment. He sucked in his breath and thought his head would explode; the burst of passion that filled his head and made the blood roar in his ears was unreal.

Max lifted his passion filled eyes and met her half closed bemused ones, and saw her smile her encouragement.

He moved her thighs farther apart, and she took deep breaths trying to breathe but feeling faint. She wanted him so badly. His mouth, his hands, his body… she was completely his and she didn't care what he did as long as he didn't stop touching her.

Liz was so sweet, and pink and moist and ready for him. With his head already swimming, he gently took his first taste of Liz as he had been dying to do for what seemed like forever.

At the first touch of Max's tongue on the tip of her swollen bud, Liz cried out, bit her lip again and arched up into him. She was completely lost to the unbelievable feelings Max was creating as he slowly started tasted all of her by running his tongue through her folds.

Max couldn't get enough of her taste. He was instantly addicted and only wanted more. When he gently captured the little bud at the top in between his teeth, and ran his tongue around it, Liz arched into him even more. Then he followed the folds until he reached her feminine heat and could see her liquid response to his ministrations, and he slid his tongue deep into her waiting throbbing body.

When Max slid his tongue into her heat, she exploded, her eyes shocked from the feelings Max had pulled from her.

When he heard Liz sobbing, he eased his way back up her body and took her into his arms, his lips capturing her cries of passion and telling her of his love and adoration for her without words.

Liz felt the overwhelming feelings of love that were crashing through Max's soul into hers and she sobbed even more. It had been beyond perfect, beautiful! And they hadn't even completely made love yet!

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