FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"Have A Little Faith In Me"
Part 4
by Linda
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Summary: MY version of episode 5.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: DEDICATION: To my Dreamer friends who need some faith in our couple!
With that thought, Liz pushed Max back and reached for him. Max's breath came in short bursts as he smiled at her anxiousness. He was once again lying on the bed with Liz above him.

He let his hands run through her silky hair that he loved so much, as he let her have her way with him. He sucked in his breath when her small hand brushed up against his throbbing erection.

Max curled his hands around her face gently and brought her mouth up to his for a passionate kiss as Liz gently held the huge swollen heat that hardened even more for her.

The feel of Liz's hands on the part of Max that he had only fantasized about for years, almost made him lose it right then.

He put his hand over hers to still her movements for a second so he could try to catch his breath and calm down. But the feel of her gentle grip surrounding his flesh was too much, and he guided her hand up and down his flesh in the movement and rhythm he needed.

When he removed his hand Liz continued, sighing and watching with amazement as her hands felt what her eyes were watching. He was so smooth and soft, yet hard. She was fascinated and didn't try to hide her curiosity as she explored every inch of his hard flesh with her sweet little hands.

She could tell from the small sounds Max made, what things in particular drove him crazy, and she smiled loving the intimacy of knowing what pleased him.

"You like that don't you. The control you have over me right now." Max ground out between his tight jaws, his eyes hooded, but a twinkle shown in them, as he watched Liz's fascination and enjoyment of her exploration.

"I like knowing that no one else has touched you like this but me." She admitted boldly, and met his eyes with bright ones filled with love.

"I've waited for you love, only you." He reaffirmed and kissed her again as her hands drove him crazy.

Liz smiled at that, her eyes filling with tears at how she could have left him all those months ago. She was NEVER going to leave him again. She loved him beyond life itself, and would do anything to keep them together forever.

"I love you so much Max. You are mine, and I am yours, forever." She promised.

Max's own eyes filled as he thanked the stars for bringing him here to this woman he loved beyond all else.

Just watching her pleasure in touching him made him crazy. He couldn't prevent the potent response of his body, the silky residue glistening on her fingertips in stark testimony to the uncontrollable passion she called from him.

Liz felt the drop of moisture on her hand and looked back down in fascination. One of Liz' fingertips skimmed the blunt satin flesh whose smoothness and taut heat fascinated her. Another silk drop formed beneath her touch. She shivered visibly as her own body secretly answered.

As he watched Liz' look of utter delight and reverence as she explored his body, Max realized he couldn't hold out much longer. The sight of her hands on his most sensitive flesh could bring him to his knees like no enemy ever could.

Liz suddenly bent down, sending her hair sliding across his naked stomach to the far more sensitive flesh she was cradling in her hands. The cool, dark brown strands were in stark contrast to Max's own heat, but nothing was as searing as the instant when her lips parted and the tip of her tongue caressed the same satin texture that had so intrigued her hands.

Taken by surprise once again, Max fought for control of his body. Liz slid past all his defenses, leaving him completely naked in her hands. He felt the first shuddering pulses of release tear through his body, and cried out as Liz closed her mouth over his aching flesh, and fueled him to completion.

As Max's hoarse cries died in the room, he pulled Liz gently up his heaving body and held her close. She clung to his trembling body, kissing his chest and neck as he slowly calmed down.

"God, Liz…what you do to me," he admitted finally, and kissed her deeply.

"You do the same to me, Max," Liz smiled, her own head swimming from the pleasure she had given Max. "I've always wanted to do that," she whispered against his neck.

Max chuckled and held her closer. Still amazed beyond words at what Liz had just done.

Liz continued to caress Max's chest and rake her nails up his ribbed stomach as she nibbled on Max's incredibly sexy neck. She couldn't get enough of him. Couldn't stop touching him. She opened her mouth and tasted the sweat on his chest and neck, and relished in the flavors of her Max.

Max's own hands were not idle. He was caressing her soft back with his fingertips, running them up and down from her shoulder blades to her soft rounded bottom.

Liz crawled up further on Max and their mouths met in a hot explosive kiss. They loved each other thoroughly with their mouths and just enjoyed the after glow of pleasure.

Liz's leg brushed against Max's now soft flesh, and both of them were amazed when it answered her touch immediately and fully.

Liz was fascinated that he had gone from soft to completely hard and pulsing so quickly. But then she gasped as her own body answered his just as quickly.

Max hissed when he felt her feminine moisture against his thigh and knew he couldn't wait any longer. He needed to complete them. They both needed it.

He knew it would be okay because he remembered that his future self had come and told her that they were married in the future. This knowledge made Max give in to their love as nothing else could have. Liz WOULD be his wife one day.

Max helped Liz squirm up and position herself with him, but then he remembered at the last minute, the protection he had brought for her.

Lifting Liz swiftly off of him he jumped up and reached into the pocket of his leather jacket where it lay on the floor.

Liz shivered as she realized what Max was doing, and that he had come prepared. She knew then that Max had been more determined then she could ever realize when he'd come to her this morning. Liz smiled; glad Max loved her more than anything.

Then she glanced over at her own night table, thinking of the pills she had in there. She had known she was weakening, and had also wanted to be prepared. She had gone on the pill the day she had seen Max again after she had gotten back from Florida. She had known then that it was only a matter of time before she gave in to the undeniable love they would always have for each other. A love that would defy destiny and time and obviously space as well.

Max turned back to Liz and with a shy smile as he held out his hand to her. Liz saw the little square packages and felt even more love for the man who stood before her looking unsure of her reaction to his preplanning and presumptuousness.

Liz smiled and leaned over and opening her night table drawer, she pulled out her birth control pills.

Max looked perplexed, and then realizing what it was he laughed feeling jubilant that Liz too had known their love was inevitable, even when she'd been fighting it.

Liz looked Max over hotly as he stood fully naked for the first time before her. She licked her lips and then met his hooded eyes. He was watching her watch him.

"Get your alien butt back in this bed Max. I'm not through with you yet space boy." She whispered thickly, making Max's eyes widen with even more arousal, and he slowly walked toward the sexy naked temptress, he loved beyond all else, sprawled out on her bed waiting for him.

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