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"Have A Little Faith In Me"
Part 2
by Linda
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Authors Note: To my Dreamer friends who need some faith in our couple! Summary: MY version of episode 5.
Liz looked up at the window and bit her lip trying to look shocked to see Max there.

Kyle swore under his breath and jumped up, placing Liz firmly back on the bed and he backed away from her.

Max stepped into the room from the window with a combination of a frown on his face and a look of confusion crossing his features. He ignored Kyle; afraid he would kill him if he looked at him right now.

"Liz?" Max said. He couldn't think of anything else to say. This had to be a mistake. She would explain.

Liz put her head down and tried to look guilty. "I'm...I'm sorry Max. Sorry you had to see this. I... I tried to tell you it was over. You just wouldn't believe it. You wouldn't leave it alone." She murmured, still not looking up at him.

Liz was so afraid that if she looked at the pain in Max's eyes as she told him she was with Kyle now, she would not be able to go through with it.

Many expressions crossed Max's face. Not the least of which was anger and utter confounding confusion. How could this be? Just last night...Max KNEW there was magic last night, and that Liz had been very willing and eager to talk to him today. Something must have happened between last night when he'd left her and when she'd called him early this morning. He didn't buy THIS for a second.

Liz figured Max was ready to bolt so she bit her lip and tried to get out the next words as quickly as possible so that she could go be sick when Max ran off.

"I'm sorry Max. I realize that I do love Kyle. I always have. It was your... your saving me that made me fall for you for awhile." She swallowed surprised she hadn't started losing her stomach right then.

Max watched the play across Liz's features, or what he could see of them with her head down and her hair spilling partially over her face. What he could see was unbelievable anguish coming from Liz.

He glanced at Kyle who had stood silent and far into a corner of the room to avoid being noticed. Now he flinched when he saw Max's eyes meet his.

Max could not see any of this supposed all consuming love Kyle had for Liz or guilt for having betrayed him. All he saw was a guarded and resigned Kyle.

Max knew something had happened and Liz was trying to protect him. That much he just knew. There was nothing else in the world that would make her try something like this.

Liz couldn't take the silence anymore, and she finally braced herself and raised her eyes to Max. She frowned in confusion when she saw him standing not too far away from her, with his arms crossed and his expression showing him calmly, patiently waiting.

"Kyle, get lost." Max said softly, not taking his eyes off of Liz.

Kyle knew Max wasn't about to kill Liz, so he complied, glad that at least Max was too smart to buy that crap Liz had tried to lay on him. Kyle left as fast as he could.

Liz swallowed shocked that Max was still there, and looking very calm considering what she'd just told him. She frowned at Kyle and threw him a look accusing him of being a traitor, but it was wasted on Kyle because he was already out the window and half way down the fire escape by then.

"Liz." Max said softly, and with pain. But it was pain for Liz. He knew this had almost killed her to try to stage, and he knew something horrible must have happened.

He knelt in front of his fragile girl and gently took her hands in his larger ones. He waited until she met his eyes before he continued. He almost flinched when he saw the pain so poignant in her eyes.

"Max I..."

"Shhh... don't try any more Liz. You'll never convince me that you don't love me as much as I love you. NEVER."

Liz's lip quivered and she sighed, relieved that she didn't have to go through with the charade any longer. Then the tears again began to seep out from under her lids, and she closed her eyes giving thanks for Max and his faith in them. She didn't know what she had done to deserve such undying faith, love and trust from him.

"Max...I'm so sorry but I had to try... I had to..." She couldn't continue. She choked on her words and then she was in Max's strong arms.

"Liz honey! It's okay. God whatever it is, we'll work it through together!" Max swallowed feeling Liz's pain.

Max was just so happy to have Liz in his arms. To be able to comfort her and have the right to once again, hold her close to his heart and soothed her worries with his hand running through her silky hair.

Slowly and hoarsely, Liz finally explained to Max what had happened last night. Max got more and more tense as she told the story, and then he stood up and started pacing. When she was done, Max slammed his fist on Liz's desk in anger.

"I'll KILL him for coming to you and not me!" he ground out in a soft but harsh voice. Liz's parents were gone for the weekend, but he still didn't want to be heard down in the restaurant.

Liz felt a little better now, and could see the irony in that statement. She bit her lip and tried not to smile. "I wonder what would happen if you did murder yourself." She giggled.

Max grinned himself. He knew she was close to losing it and that the giggle was a nervous one, but he was glad to see the brighter look in Liz's eyes.

He came and sat on the bed, holding her hands again and meeting her waiting eyes that still were bright with her earlier tears.

"I love you Liz Parker. Nothing will change that. We will figure something out to change what is to happen to Michael and Isabel. But I will NOT give you up for ANYTHING!"

"We could kill Tess now." Liz stated calmly and then laughed when she saw Max's shocked look.

Max laughed; glad to see Liz could joke now and was willing to realize that they WOULD figure something out together. Max knew that not for a minute would Liz be able to harm anyone, unless her life was threatened personally, or his, he realized.

"We will make sure history does NOT repeat itself."

"But Max... if the future you thought that things could be changed just by telling us, why wouldn't he have just done that. He must know something..."

"Liz...he doesn't know anything. You said he had JUST come from Michael and Isabel being killed. Liz, he wasn't thinking at ALL! I know I would be feeling guilty and in pain and not thinking straight."

Liz realized what Max was saying made sense and she nodded and her eyes lit up even more. "You're right! My God Max! You were acting on your guilt, your emotions, not logically. I should have realized that!"

"It's okay. He shocked you too. He put you in a spin and drew you into the guilt and pain as well.

Liz looked at her Max and knew she was the luckiest girl in the world to have him. And she was tired of fighting it any longer. Last night, before any of this had happened, she had decided to tell Max how much she loved him still, and that she wanted to be with him again.

Liz put a hand to Max's strong jaw that she loved so well. He had such strength, and yet was so gentle on the inside.

"I love you Max Evans. And I promise NEVER to leave you again. No matter how tough things get!" she said on a sob.

Max swallowed, emotion overwhelming him to hear Liz say the words he thought he might never hear again. "Liz..." he whispered hoarsely.

Liz cried out and slid into Max's arms and actually pushed him back till he was lying on the bed and she was halfway on top of him. She started kissing his cheek, jaw, neck and then back up to his eyes and his nose and anywhere her little kisses could reach on this face and neck.

Max just smiled and closed his eye, reveling in the jubilation they both felt to be back in each other's arms. And Max having Liz's little love kisses covering his face and neck was heaven. Her kisses had more to do with healing than anything else. He let his hands glide up her back and comb through her hair as he let her have her way with him with her little nibbles.

Liz sat up and looked down at Max, and sighed when he opened those beautiful dark eyes and speared her with their heat. "My God Max. I am your wife in the future." She smiled, finally able to treasure the news.

Max grinned and then his own eyes heated up as he too realized what the future held for them. "God Liz. My wife." He said reverently, running a hand through her hair softly and then cupped her face in his hands gently.

"Will you marry me Liz Parker. Will you make that much of our future come true." He said hoarsely.

Liz felt the sting of tears and biting back a sob. She nodded and then kissed the hand that palmed her cheek. "Yes Max!" she managed to get out.

Then it was Max who was kissing Liz. He covered her face with tiny worshipful kisses.

They were cherishing each other and just enjoying being together. Reveling in the knowledge that they could just touch as they wanted and needed to once again.

Max couldn't believe he had his Liz back in his arms where she belonged, and it was only when his hands strayed to her hips that he remembered she was only wearing a nightshirt and now his hot hands were touching her butt, that was only slightly covered by her panties. Max tried not to groan as he realized that Liz was barely covered as she lay on top of him, and that they were in Liz's bed!

Liz felt Max shift and she finally cleared her head of his kisses enough to realize that Max was firmly pressed against her stomach and rock hard with arousal.

Liz's body answered back immediately, and even Max could feel the wet heat of Liz's response through his jeans and onto his thigh in which she straddled.

Max did groan then, and his eyes darkened and started to glaze over.

Liz too felt her eyes lower and she focused on Max's full sexy lips as she closed the distance and they shared their first real kiss in over three months.

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