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"Have A Little Faith In Me"
Part 1
by Linda
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Authors Note: To my Dreamer friends who need some faith in our couple! Summary: MY version of episode 5.
Max knew what he had to do. Enough was enough. He had given Liz the room she'd needed, just like Maria had said. And he'd waited as long as he could for Liz to come to him. But he knew it was really up to him. Liz had left Max back in May because she loved him and believed she couldn't stand in his way. So the ball was in his court now and he was going to show her once and for all just WHO his destiny really was.

With determination Max showered and dressed, trying not to shake as he combed his hair. He knew that what he was doing was the right thing, but a part of him was still worried that Liz would still turn away from him even after he declared himself once and for all, and told her he wouldn't take no for an answer.

Max threw on his black leather jacket and turned from the closet, but stopped suddenly and went to his nightstand drawer. He opened it and reached back for the box he had put there about a week ago. His hand hovered over it for an instant before he determinedly opened the box, grabbed a few of the items in it and slipped them into his jacket pocket.

Max was nervous because he wasn't sure what was up with Liz now. Just last night he had thought he'd finally gotten somewhere with her.

Liz had softened toward him and had actually agreed to talk to him about what they could do to recapture what they'd had if at all possible. She'd even let him walk her home and when he'd reached for her hand, Liz had smiled shyly and clasped his tightly as they walked companionably.

Max had left her at the door to the Crashdown with the promise to come back in the morning to pick her up and have their talk. Liz had looked hopeful and happy.

But this morning, she had called and said in a very short tight voice that she had rethought the whole thing and just couldn't put herself though it all again. That she was over it now, and didn't want to start it all up again.

Max had tried to talk to her about how he KNEW she had felt the same thing he had last night that the magic could never dieā€¦ but she had said sadly that it had, and had hung up.

So now Max was on his way to confront his girl once and for all and not take no for an answer! He would do whatever it took to get Liz to admit that their love was forever and could NOT be denied no matter what!


Liz hugged her pillow to her and felt totally drained. She had cried most of the night, since having been visited by what could only be described as a 'Future Max'.

He had come to her balcony window and at first Liz had assumed it was 'her' Max. She had laughed at how he couldn't wait until morning to have their talk and about how it was like old times and how much she had missed this.

But then she'd gotten a better look at Max's face and seen not only the sad, serious look in that was in his eyes and his whole demeanor, but noticed that he looked different, and older.

At first Liz had been terrified that something had happened in the time he had left her earlier, but when she got a closer look she noticed many changes in him. And the shock at seeing him with long hair.

That was when "Future Max" had told her why he'd come to this time. He had been so sorry and sad that Liz had wanted to comfort HIM when he was done explaining. After all, he had JUST lost Michael and Isabel right before he had made this trip. That was what had prompted his sudden journey through time.

"Future Max" told Liz the best news in her whole life, followed by the worst news in her whole life. He told her how in his future world, that he and Liz were married. But because of this, Tess had not taken it well, and she had finally gone crazy with anger and loss of Max, and she had killed Michael and Isabel and threatened to kill anyone and anything close to Max.

Liz had cried out at this and had wanted to run into Max's arms, but she realized at the last minute that this was not "her" Max. So she put a fist to her mouth to try to silence the cry of pain she felt for him and the future "them".

But it wasn't until "Future Max" explained what he wanted from Liz and why he was here, that she sucked in her breath, grew deathly pale and almost fainted.

"Future Max" having expected this, helped her to sit on her bed and had frowned with concern and love for the younger Liz he remembered loving so well.

"I'm so sorry." He had cried hoarsely as he watched the young Liz try to deal with this and felt her pain so strongly. And he knew her pain was in her having to hurt "present Max" in order to save the "future Max and his family". For this Max was asking her to give Max to Tess before it was too late. To change the future course and NOT marry her Max.

"But you have to make it VERY clear to Max that you no longer love him. Believe me, NOTHING will change his mind easily. There is only one thing I could think of that might have made me let you go all those years ago Liz." This Max had said with pain in his voice.

Liz had looked up at him with dread. She knew it had to be bad.

"Let your Max believe that you don't love him anymore by showing him how much you love someone else, how happy you are with someone else." He tore out, not liking even to say it, knowing how much it would hurt his past self.

Liz's face was filled with pain and her tears just silently started sliding down her face as she realized too what she had to do.

Kyle. He was the only one that Max would believe she could go to so quickly, because they had once been an item, and in his shock and pain, Max might be able to buy that Liz and Kyle had come together over shared problems and worry regarding the 'aliens'.

'Future Max', his face grim and his mouth tight nodded. "Yes, Kyle." He said knowing what she had been thinking.

But Liz was in too much pain to question how Max knew what she was thinking.

All she knew was she had to break it off with Max, her Max, forever. Even when she'd left him to his 'destiny' back in May, she had had hope that they would work it out eventually. But now? There was no hope.

"Liz, GOD I hate coming here and asking you this. But will you promise me you will do this." Max pleaded through his own tear filled eyes.

Liz saw his grief, guilt and pain, and knew for Max she would do it. And they were both her Max. This is what her Max would be feeling in 14 years or so. She couldn't let him feel pain AND guilt as well as grief like this.

Liz felt her stomach churn as she seriously considered what she had to do. Suddenly her stomach flipped and she ran to the bathroom.

Once she emptied her stomach, she leaned her head on the cool bowl and let more tears seep out.

She felt the gentle hand on her hair, soothing it back and smiled realizing this might be the last time she felt Max's comforting hand.

She looked up and saw the tears on this 'future Max's' cheeks and then swallowing she agreed to do as he asked.

Now she lay in her bed, hugging her pillow and wanting to be sick again. She had waited until daylight to call 'her Max' on the phone and try to explain that she didn't want to reconcile with him. She had hoped that that would be enough, but knew it wouldn't be. So as soon as she had hung up with Max who she knew was still coming over to 'talk', she had called Kyle.

"WHAT!? Are you on drugs or something? He just saved my life not too long ago and you want him to TAKE IT now!?" Kyle shouted out as he stared down at Liz who was sitting on her bed.

She hadn't told Kyle why she had needed to see him, only to hurry over, that it was important. She had told him to come to her window, and now he was in her room, staring down at her like she had lost her last breath of sanity.

"Kyle...he won't hurt you...he'll...he'll be too hurt to do anything but...leave. To get as far away from, as possible." Liz whispered, her voice hoarse from having cried for so many hours before. Now she was almost numb.

"No Liz. Why would you want to DO this!? I don't care what you say about this 'Future dude'! I will NOT help you do this. It's just WRONG!" Kyle paced as he saw how much this was hurting Liz, but how determined she still was to try to convince Max that she was in love with Kyle.

Kyle knelt in front of his fragile looking friend. "Liz." He said softly, waiting until she met his eyes before continuing. "Tell Max what this other him said. Between the two of you you can figure something else to do to change the future." Kyle tried to reason with her.

Liz shook her head. "I thought about that. But the 'Future Max' said that NOTHING would stop present time Max from marrying me and that would be sealing the future."

Kyle shook his head. He could tell Liz wasn't able to think straight right now. She was shell shocked from all that had happened in the last few hours, or he knew she would logically be thinking of what they could do to change the future another way. And with her Max's help.

"Look Liz..." Kyle started only to suddenly find himself toppled over by Liz leaping off the bed, still in her nightshirt, and falling on top of Kyle.

Kyle had been crouched down in front of her so he was easily thrown off balance and landed with Liz on top of him with a grunt.

"What the hell..." he said and then heard the same words from the window, only in a louder roar.

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