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Part 2
by Mama Dee
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Summary: A weekend fantasy trip for Max and Liz. Moral of the story......Be careful what you wish for! If you like it, I'll write a sequel.
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The next two days passed quickly enough as Liz and Max shopped for food supplies. They felt like a married couple, pushing the shopping cart around the grocery store. Max would toss something into the cart and Liz would eye it critically. He'd shrug and say he liked junk food and needed to satisfy his sweet tooth. She let the Twinkies go but drew the line at the jumbo box of Cocoa Puffs. "Max, we're only going to be there for three days. How much cereal are you planning on consuming?"

He looked at her with puppy dog eyes and said,"We may get stranded up there in the mountains, Liz, and you wouldn't want me to starve to death, would you? After all, I expect to be burning up a lot of calories in the next few days, if you know what I mean!" as he waggled his eyebrows over those sexy orbs of his.

Liz just gaped at Max and then burst out laughing. "Max, I'm not going to let you fill your body with empty calories. You *will* need your strength and good, wholesome food is the only way you'll sustain it." She winked at her handsome boyfriend while sending her not so subtle message.

With that, she continued down the aisle, leaving a bemused Max in her wake. He shook his head and wondered what he had gotten himself into.


Liz, Maria and Isabel all gathered at the apartment on Friday afternoon, with their gear. They were taking the Jetta, since Maria's mom was also going to be out of town on a business trip. Liz's parents helped them load her things into the car. They kissed her goodbye and told them to be careful and to have a good time.

The plan was to meet Max out on the highway and switch Liz's gear over to the jeep. Max already had the rest of their supplies loaded in his vehicle and was waiting eagerly by the side of the road, when the girls' drove up. Liz jumped out of the Jetta and ran into his open arms, hugging and kissing him voraciously. He returned her kisses with equal fervour as he lifted her off the ground and swung her around. She squealed in delight, throwing her head back in glee.

Maria and Isabel couldn't help but laugh at their enthusiasm and threw in a few more teasing comments for good measure. Max and Liz handled them good naturedly and sent them on their way North while they headed West towards the San Andres Mountains . They had a three hour drive ahead of them and were anxious to reach their destination by dinnertime.

Liz snuggled up to Max, as best she could in the jeep, while they listened to the radio and discussed their options for the weekend. No t.v. to distract them--not that they would be spending much time watching t.v. or anything else for that matter, except each other. Of course, they each had their cell phones, for emergencies, but hoped they wouldn't necessary. They spoke of maybe doing some hiking, if time permitted, and if they had the energy! They joked about this for awhile and just generally enjoyed the feelings of the freedom awaiting them.


They arrived at the cabin around 5:30 p.m. It was situated on a rise overlooking a clear, blue lake. The view was breathtaking, with the mountains as a backdrop to the tiny log abode. It had belonged to Alex's grandparents and his family used it as much as they could, considering its location.

Liz and Max made a mad dash up the hill to inspect their haven for the next few days. Max held the key and did the honors, but before Liz could open the door, he swept her up into his arms and crossed the threshhold with Liz laughing heartily as he spun her around and positioned her on the floor.

It was a semi-open plan. The front of the cabin consisted of a large open space with living room, dining area and small galley kitchen completing the plan. A wall of windows looked out onto the spectacular scenery and a small veranda extended in front of it.. There was a hallway leading down the middle and on either side was a medium sized bedroom with a double bed in one and bunks in the other. Liz looked at Max and joked, "I guess we'll take the room with the bunks".

"Sure, Liz. You take that room, but I prefer the double bed." She swatted his arm playfully and he grabbed her and flung her onto the bed, gnawing on her neck until she screamed for mercy. She giggled as he stretched out on the bed and held her close to his body. Liz, being practical, decided that it was time to grab their gear and fix something to eat before it got dark. They both carried a load to the cabin, put their bags in the bedroom and started to unpack their foodstuffs.

The cabin was supplied with electricity by a small generator. They had brought enough gas with them to keep it going for a week, if need be, so Max went out to the shed to start it up. The kitchen was supplied with a small under counter fridge, a small range and a sink for washing up. Liz placed the refrigerator items in the fridge and started to put the packaged items in the cupboards.

She gasped in surprise when her hand reached in one bag and pulled out a jumbo box of Cocoa Puffs! " Max", she thought, "I'm gonna get you!" and she decided to teach her wayward boyfriend a little lesson.

Max came in and helped Liz with the rest of the unpacking. He looked into the cupboards and seemed to be hunting around for something.

"Liz, hon, did you unpack everything yet?"

"Yes, Max, is there something missing?"

"Uhm, no. Just thought I'd ask."

"Oh, Okay sweetie."

He looked a little disgruntled. Liz couldn't tease him any longer as she produced the offending box of cereal from behind her back. Max looked at her sheepishly and rolled his eyes.

"Sorry", he apologized, "I really love that stuff."

Liz looked at him lovingly and hugged him to her. "Max Evans. I adore you! Don't ever grow up!"

"Babe, if I don't grow up, I won't be legally able to do what I have planned for you this weekend."

"Oh, and what might that be Mr. Evans?" Liz cooed as she batted her eyes.

"I can't tell.It's a surprise," he whispered seductively into her neck.

Liz almost dropped the carton of eggs she held in her weak hands.

"Oh," she managed to squeak.

Max turned around to hide his wide grin and started busying himself at the counter in preparation for their first meal as a couple. They had decided on something fairly easy and risk free, so he took out the T-bones, onions and mushrooms and got the frying pan ready. Liz scrubbed the potatoes and wrapped them in foil for baking. Then she washed the ingredients for the salad, chopping and shredding the items efficiently into a bowl.

They glanced at each other covertly but kept to their kitchen tasks. Soon, the meal was complete. Max laid the table while Liz placed a bouquet of wild flowers, she had picked, in the centre. They placed the food on the table and Max pulled out Liz's chair for her. She sat down and smiled up at her galant prince.

They made small talk while they munched on their meal. It was delicious and they were really hungry and ate it with gusto. Max sprinkled Tabasco sauce on his food liberally and Liz shook her head in wonder, realizing this may be the one thing about her mystery man that she would never get used to. Max glanced up at her, fork suspended in mid air and she blew him a kiss across the table.

"I love you, Max."

"I know. I love you, too. And I always will."

Her eyes glistened and she knew he meant it.

He gave her a goofy grin and she crossed her eyes at him and smiled back. "You goof ball, finish your meal. Remember, I told you that you're gonna need all your strength for later on."

"Okay, mom'" he mugged and slid the forkful of food into his mouth.

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