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Part 1
by Mama Dee
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Summary: A weekend fantasy trip for Max and Liz. Moral of the story......Be careful what you wish for! If you like it, I'll write a sequel.
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Rating: NC-17
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Liz and Max strolled down the quiet sidewalk, hand in hand, just enjoying the late summer evening. They were making plans for a solo trip to the mountains in a couple of days time, away from the ever prying eyes of their constant companions. Max pulled Liz into a tight embrace, drawing her perky lips into his and tasting her sweetness. He sighed in delight and rubbed his hands up and down her spine.

"Mmmm, Max, that feels so good! I just love kissing you. Your lips are so soft and you taste so yummy!"

"Yummy?! Well, I guess that's better than *crummy*, but how about something more erotic like sensual or scintillating or chocolate!" Max chuckled.

"Chocolate?" Liz gave him a funny look and just rolled her eyes at her gorgeous, sexy boyfriend. "Yeah, I guess chocolate can be pretty erotic, especially if it's drizzled over a certain alien , who shall remain nameless, and licked off slowly. Hmmm. Yeah, that does sound yummy!"

"Omigod, Liz! You do realize I have to take you home in a few minutes, don't you, and now I have this indelible image of you performing unimaginable sexual maneuvres on my poor unsuspecting flesh?"

"Yeah, right Max, as if you've never had those fantasies before! Remember, we have three whole days to explore all your daydreams, all alone in the mountains, just you and me, no interferences, just two people all alone in the wilderness with nothing better to do than service each others bodies." She looked at him coyly under her dark lashes and burst out laughing at Max's exasperated expression.

Max stood there, his lips parted and his eyes glazed over. He swept Liz into his arms and planted a big wet kiss on her unsuspecting mouth.

"Liz, I can promise you that it will take more than three days to fulfill all my fantasies concerning a certain human female that I have become* familiar* with, shall we say. And I promise you that if you're able to walk without any difficulty when the three days are up, then I'll offer you a reward for good behaviour." He rubbed his arousal against her belly and made a low growl.

It was Liz's turn to look a little dazed. She was flushed as her imagination wandered over some of the possibilities that were awaiting her. She felt her panties dampen in anticipation.

"Well, I guess you better get me home before Mom and Dad send out the hounds, okay?" she breathed with some difficulty.

Max couldn't help but laugh at the predicament they were both in but reminded himself that in two more days he would have this lovely dark haired creature at his mercy and vice versa and God help him if he made it out alive!

They reached the Crashdown and Liz turned to smile up into his handsome face, wondering how she had gotten so lucky. She gave him a quick peck on the cheek before she turned and headed up the stairs to her parents apartment.

"Hey," Max complained, "Is that all I get for my efforts!"

"That's all your getting tonight my sweet, sexy Alien. I don't trust myself one more minute in your presence without jeopardizing my curfew. And I don't want to screw up our weekend plans by getting grounded, so, good night sweet Prince and I'll see you in my dreams. I love you", and she blew him a kiss and dashed up the stairs giggling as she went.

Max called up to her,"I love you, too, Liz", and turned towards his jeep parked down the road .He muttered to himself that he didn't think he would be getting to sleep too soon with this raging hard on he had throbbing in his pants.Well, there were only two solutions to this dilemma--the cold shower or the inevitable hand job and, most likely, it would be the latter--more fun and much more satisfying.


Liz walked into the apartment and called out to her parents. "I'm home you guys!" Mom, Dad?"

Her mom was just coming out of the kitchen cradling a mug of tea in her hands.

"Oh, hi honey, did you and Max enjoy the movie?" she asked as she took a sip of her beverage.

"Yeah, mom, it was great. Max especially loved it--you know, all that Mummy mumbo jumbo. But it was pretty cool. Great special effects!"

Little did Liz's mom know that they had caught the early show and had spent two hours making out in Max's jeep. Maria was right. She had to learn to dissemble more 'cause it really paid off!

"So, I guess you and the girls are all ready for your weekend trip? Gosh, I envy you guys! Going up into the mountains . Alex's Dad was so kind to lend you their cabin."

Dissemble, Liz, dissemble! "Yep, good old Mr. Whitman. It seems like the Whitman men are always coming through for me when I need them the most. What can I say?"

Mrs. Parker just smiled at her, a little perplexed.

"I'm going to have a quick bath before I turn in, Mom. I love you! I'll see you in the morning. Good Night." She kissed her Mom on the cheek and headed down the hall towards her bedroom to avoid any further discussion of her little holiday.

She really hoped everything went according to plan. She was supposed to be spending the three days with Maria and Isabel at the Whitman's cabin but, in fact, the other girls were spending the weekend in Albuquerque on a shopping spree. Michael and Alex were covering for Max by spending their time at Michael's apartment trying to decipher some of the Alien hieroglyphics they had found on the cave walls. The girls had offered to help but the guys told them that they could handle it. Isabel and Maria planned to surprise them by returning early from their trip. Max told his parents that he and the guys were going camping, so it looked like they had all of their bases covered.

Liz ran the water in the tub. She poured in some bubble bath that Max had given her and lay down to relax while she daydreamed about her upcoming excursion Their friends really did come through when they needed them. This wasn't always the case, she recalled wryly, but she and Max had overcome a lot of obstacles in the past year and had proven their mutual devotion to each other.

They still hadn't had sex, but they had come close many times. The truth was, they both weren't ready to take that final step. They had gotten over all that Alien thing, "Oh Liz, I'm afraid I'll hurt you", crap but they both felt that the final step was such a big committment and, lets face it, they were both still only seventeen. Liz knew that some of her friends had already taken the plunge but she didn't let that influence her.

She and Max just wanted to get away. Max had been under so much pressure with all this leader responsibility thrust upon him and the strain was starting to show. To their surprise, it was their friends who had come up with the vacation idea. Isabel had watched her brother fret over their future and she discussed the situation with the others. They all agreed that the two lovebirds deserved a break.

She was so happy when they all gathered at Michael's apartment and they had revealed the plan to her and Max. At first, Max was doubtful. He felt that even three days apart would jeopardize their safety. Who knew when the* Evil Aliens* would show up? The gang finally convinced him that if anything strange happened, they would contact him immediately. Max acquiesced, and after quite a bit of ribbing, he and Liz were making plans--making a list of needed supplies, etc. This was going to be so much fun and, even though she and Max hadn't discussed the whole sex issue, the possibility was still there.

Liz got out of the tub and towelled off. She stood in front of the full length mirror in her bedroom and eyed her naked reflection. She wasn't very well endowed but this didn't seem to bother Max. He had seen and felt and sucked on her breasts many times and he assured her how beautiful she was to him. She ran her hands over her small, round mounds and moaned as her nipples hardened. Her palms made circles over and over her rosy buds until she felt the familiar moisure between her thighs.

One hand glided down across her abdomen as it slowly massaged her flat stomach. It continued down into her mass of dark curls. She had wanted to shave some of it away, but Max sounded so disappointed when she had mentioned it, that she decided against. He said that it felt so soft, like a little nest and he loved running his fingers through it and finding her hidden treasure inside. Max could be really dorky at times, but she still smiled in remembrance at his little quip, and she loved him all the more for it.

She thought of the many times that Max's fingers had worked their magic *down there* and she trembled at the memories it conjured. She brought her own finger into contact with her swollen nub and massaged it gently while she continued to palm her breast. As she fondled herself, she imagined Max standing in front of her with his hand on her mound. She moaned in delight as her body responded to her touch. She continued to apply pressure as her finger swirled in the slick heat. Her knees bent slightly as she felt the first jolt of her impending orgasm and her body bucked as the waves of pleasure rolled over her. She gripped the mirror as she leaned forward, mouth slackened, sighing Max's name over and over. She was so flushed and she felt so warm and satisfied that she immediately crawled into bed, hugging her pillow and wishing Max were in bed with her. Just two more days, she whispered and I'll feel like this until I can't take it any more. She smiled as she drifted off to sleep.


Max managed to get home and run up to his bedroom before he met his parents or Isabel. Liz had this amazing effect on him. With just a word or a touch from her, he immediately became aroused , and he remained in that state until she(or he) took appropriate steps to relieve it. He decided to hop in the shower but he wasn't in the mood for a cold one. He let the hot water ease his discomfort somewhat but he knew, in the end, there was only one cure for his common complaint and since he didn't have the bonus of Liz's hot little hands to offer some release, he'd be the one jacking off.

Well, since he was in the shower, he might as well get it over with. He grabbed his rigid shaft in his right hand, while his left arm extended to the shower wall for balance, and started to pump it. It's not like it was the first time he had resorted to this and it definitely would not be the last. God, you'd think after the hot and heavy make out session he and Liz had had tonight, he wouldn't have anything left to pump! Where did it all come from! Being a teenage guy, Alien or otherwise, sure demanded a lot of pump action. He heard some guys bragging that they'd slapped the monkey up to five times a day and he had to confess that he'd been there a few times himself.

He'd also heard of those sessions where a bunch of guys jerked off and had wad shooting contests. Of course, being who he was, he'd never had the opportunity to partake of those games. The only guy he felt that he could reveal himself to was Michael and, somehow, sitting in a room with Michael, shooting his wad, was less than appealing !

Whoops! Almost lost the old erection there! Better think of more pleasant thoughts." Yeah. Oh Liz. Oh yeah baby. Mmmm. That's right! Open your legs and let me just slip....aaah.... aaaah... into you." He came in great spirts and jerked all over the shower. "Oh God, that felt good!" he breathed in shakily. "Well, maybe I can get some sleep now", he muttered as he slunk out of the shower, dried himself off and headed off to bed.

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