FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
Part 11
by Mama Dee
Disclaimer: Love 'em, but don't own 'em. That honour belongs to the WB.
Summary: A weekend fantasy trip for Max and Liz. Moral of the story......Be careful what you wish for! If you like it, I'll write a sequel.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: I'd love feedback. Please email me. Thanks. Dee
After they played in the shower and generally washed off, they dressed and hunted the kitchen for something quick to eat. The fastest thing they could come up with was bacon and eggs with toast and coffee. It filled the hunger gap and was ready in a snap. They brought their coffee to the couch and sipped it as they chatted amicably.

By this time, it was almost seven p.m., and the night was quickly closing in. Liz sighed contentedly as her thoughts drifted over recent events. She sat on the couch, with her legs stretched out across Max's lap, her toes wriggling in delight. Max sat with one hand stretched across the back of the couch, while his other one massaged her bare foot. He brought it up to his mouth and kissed the sole and then, as he glanced down at Liz, he took her big toe into his mouth and sucked on it luxuriously, drawing it in and out.

Liz's eyes fluttered up as she dug her buttocks into the couch, enjoying the tingling sensations his mouth elicited. Max's hand slid up her calf, kneading it as he continued to suck.

"Mmmm, that feels sooo good," she moaned in pleasure. His hand continued up her leg as it reached out to massage her mound.. Her head fell back, as the pleasurable feelings invoked more moans, and she squirmed under his touch to increase the pressure. He dropped her foot, as his free hand reached for the button on her jeans, undoing it, and sliding her zipper down. She raised her bum in assistance as he tugged on her jeans, dragging them down her legs and onto the floor.

Then he grabbed her ankles and whisked her body flat. He started nibbling on her extended limb, beginning at he ankle, and running his tongue up her calf, stopping to suck and lave behind her knee and continuing his journey until he reached her panties, which were soaked with dampness by this time. He opened his mouth over the silk material and tongued her through it, while he slipped a finger under the elastic in the crotch, and guided it into her hot, wet passage.

Liz's hips swivelled on the couch as she moved up and down with his extended finger, urging him on to increase the pressure. He removed his digit, to her chagrin, and whipped off her panties, as his dark eyes flamed with passion. He extricated himself from his own confining garment and scooped her onto his lap, poking into her with his rigid cock. She settled onto his staff, taking it all the way down, as her arms enfolded his neck.

He ran his tongue at the base of her throat, moving up her neck, and capturing her lips with his full mouth. She sighed as his tongue parted her lips and joined hers in a dueling match. Her knees dug into the couch as she used them for leverage, pulling her body up and down, as Max's hips moved to match her motion.

"Max," she moaned, "you're not wearing protection." He groaned in frustration, as he lifted her up by the back of her thighs and walked with her to the bedroom, still sheathed in her passage. He quickly retreaved a condom package from the drawer, slipped out of Liz and sat her on the bed, opened the package with trembling fingers and fitted himself with the latex.

Then, he sat down on the edge of the bed, having tugged his top over his head by this time, while Liz had followed suit, and grabbed her by the hips, placing her back into position on his lap and lowering her over his waiting erection. She sighed blissfully as he slipped back in her and she ground into him eagerly as she again rocked her body in unison with his upward thrusts.

Charges of electricity zapped her passage as she churned her sex into him. They grunted with effort as their bodies gave off a ferocious heat, slapping together as the sweat caused friction on their torsos. Her nipples rubbed along his chest as she pulled herself into him in a rhythmic wave, massaging her clit against his pelvic bone to increase her pleasure. Their mouths sought one anothers as they fought to breathe, gasping air through half open lips.

Soon, the first wave of pleasure hit them and they rode the storm as the waves heightened. Max pounded savagely into Liz as he frantically sought release, holding her hips as he moved her up and down in a frenzy. She threw her head back as the wall of pleasure crashed into her and she let herself fall all the way back, her head spiralling downward to meet the floor, while Max gripped her hips, thrusting into her as they both exploded in ecstacy.

They screamed their pleasure, Max throwing his head back as the cords in his neck stood out on his flushed countenance. He came into her with wild abandon, unaware of anything but the overwhelming buzzing in his overheated body. Liz accepted his fury as she dug her fingers into the carpet, body bucking in ucontrollable spasms, riding out the last glories of their passion. She slumped to the floor as she slid out of his grasp, his hands too weak to support her anymore.

Max fell back onto the bed, his softening shaft lying in limp salute to his valient efforts. His heaving chest gobbled up air in a vain attempt to slow his racing heart, while his sweaty palms lay flattened against the spread, seeking equilibrium. He was jolted back to reality when he heard Liz moaning feebly at his feet. He slid onto the floor and dropped down by her side, taking her into his warm embrace.

She smiled weakly over at him as her hand came to rest on his face.

"I love you, Max," she sighed.

"Love you too, Babe," he mumbled into her neck as he pulled her in close.

"Wow!" she exclaimed. "Where did that come from?!"

"Well," he joked, "I know where it went," as his body shook with laughter.

She poked him in mock anger as she, too, had a fit of giggles. "We are definitely out of control," she gasped hysterically.

"Yeah, but what a way to go!" he sighed happily in return.


They climbed back onto the bed, hugging each other close as they stretched out along each other's length. Max moved his big, strong hands along Liz's tiny form, massaging her back as his hands slid down to cup her round bottom. He squeezed it gently and she moaned delightfully as she wiggled in closer to him.

Her lips sought his long, strong neck, and she ran her tongue around the base of it. She lapped at him, purring her pleasure as she breathed in his masculine scent. She felt pure bliss as she reflected on her new position as Max's lover. She had never known such completeness before, and wondered how she had existed thus far in life. She loved loving him. It was as simple and as complex as that.

Max kissed the top of her head as he smiled lovingly to himself. She had definitely bewitched him and he was beyond saving........not that he had any intentions of seeking rescue. He had found the woman of his dreams and his love for her was boundless. He adored her and would protect her with his life. And that's all that mattered now.

"Mmmm, Max. You taste so good! I just want to eat you up!

"Be my guest," he chuckled good naturedly.

She made gobbling sounds as she munched on his exposed flesh, dragging her nails lightly along his well developed chest. He jerked back as his body responded to her ministrations. His nipples stood erect and his once flaccid maleness, stood at attention.

"See what you do to me. Liz?" he moaned helplessly.

"I am determined to win my reward, Max, so you better be prepared! I am on a mission! she taunted him.

"We'll see who has the best strategy," he smirked as he ran his fingers down her belly, dipping into her navel and spreading them out to slide into her curls. He let his middle finger plunge into her folds as his other digits continued to massage her mound. She writhed in response, sighing and moaning as he moved along her hot, silky lips, extracting her creaminess and running it back up to her swelling, which he massaged lightly.

She needed more, and she moved into his hand to increase the pressure but he teased her by moving away enough to decrease the contact. She pouted and cried out in frustration as he continued to avoid her movements. She reached down between them with her hand, and held his in place as she ground into him, rocking her hips furiously as he swirled his finger on her flesh.

Her head was nestled into his chest and the damp strands of her hair clung to her forehead as she drove herself into a frenzy. Her hot breath blew forcibly on his chest as fine spittles of spray peppered him. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she bucked uncontrollably in release, grunting in pleasure as she came on his hand.

She lay cocooned in his body, trembling in pleasure as her chest heaved in great gasps. She removed her hand from his and brought it up her torso where she cupped her breast to still her beating heart. His hand followed hers and rested on it. He, too, was breathing hard, and a light sheen of sweat shone on his body as his own arousal sought release. His other hand reached for his stiff shaft and squeezed it to relieve some of the ache.

Liz became aware of his discomfort and she brought her free hand down to join his. She grasped his hardness with her tiny hand and slid it up and down his rigid flesh. Max removed his hand as he lay flat on the bed, and let Liz fondle him freely. His arm fell across his forehead as he gave himself up to her loving caress.

She gently massaged his balls with her other hand and felt them tighten in response. She whimpered in delight as his silky residue leaked form his tip and her own body responded in kind.She needed to feel Max inside her again, so she slid her body down over his, grabbing another condom from the drawer, on her way. She quickly whipped it over his arousal, while she sat facing away from him as she lowered herself on his manhood. They sighed in unison at their joining, and Max brought both arms up, encircling her hips with his hands, as he helped move her body up and down over his accepting flesh.

Liz used her knees and thighs to push her in motion, as her own hands moved down to hold onto Max's for balance. She caught her reflection in the dresser mirror, watching her breasts bob as her body rocked. She saw her flushed expression as she gritted her teeth in effort. Her hair clung to her sweaty body and her head flung back and forth as her humping increased.

She moved one hand to her mound as she sought her swollen nub with her extended finger, massaging it to heighten her pleasure. Her legs were tiring and she didn't know how much longer she could maintain this pace, when she felt the approaching storm. Her insides contracted violently, prompting Max to join her in his own explosion, and they both lost control, yelling their pleasure as the force of their release hit.

They rode it out, bodies bucking and muscles straining, until they slumped in exhaustion from their efforts. Liz fell forward over Max's legs, as she slipped out from his hot rod. One of his hands rested on her exposed bottom, while his other one lay weakly across his lower abdomen, sticking to its sweaty surface. They moaned as they fought to return their breathing to normal, and their throats ached from shouting each other's names.


Neither one moved for the longest time. Liz's legs stretched out from beneath her as she lay sprawled across Max, her feet pointing towards his face. His hands came up to massage her calves and he turned his head to plant a kiss on her sole. She wriggled her foot in response and he gnawed on her toes.

"No more Max, please!" she begged. I need to catch my breath before I pass out!"

"Are you conceding defeat?" he teased.

"Unh, unh," she shook her head. I'm taking a break, that's all," she mumbled.

"Alright, you've got twenty minutes before the bell rings for Round Four," he warned jokingly.

"What!" she exclaimed. "You're kidding I hope!"

She rose up on her knees with some difficulty, and swatted his own outstretched leg.

"Can you honestly lie there and tell me that you're ready to make love again so soon?"

"I never kid about that, Liz," he replied as he cupped her mound and squeezed it gently, giving her a hot look.

Liz squeaked and shook her head as she joined his on the pillow.

"I guess Aliens really are a superior race," she muttered. "But it's not over yet, Max. You never mentioned time limits before, so it doesn't count."

Max glanced at his watch. "Well, the clock is ticking, Babe. I figured if you overdosed on me now, then you may be able to resist me a little when we get back home."

She gaped at him in astonishment and then hit him with a pillow. He was too fast for her , and grabbed her wrists as he straddled her body. She looked down in shock as she observed his already straining flesh sweeping her belly.

"Omigod, Max! That can't be normal!"

"What's so great about normal," he mugged.

Liz burst out laughing as he planted a big, sloppy kiss on her mouth.

"I want you, Liz Parker, now and forever, and no matter how many times we make love, I'll always be ready for you. However, since you are only human," he conceded, " I will give you a break" And he moved back by her side, kissing her wrists before he released them.

She turned on her side to face him. "I know you're teasing me, Max, and if you could only know how much I adore you, I'd be satisfied. Whatever happens, Max, don't ever leave me! I'll die if you do!" She teared up as her eyes bored into his.

He pulled her in a tight embrace, kissing her lovingly on her puffed lips. He rubbed his lips lightly across hers and choked out," Liz, I will never let you go. You are my life and mean everything to me. Believe me."

She nodded her head and lay along his body, as he wrapped her in his arms securely.

"I love you with all my heart, Max," and she kissed him tenderly on the chest as she nodded off.

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