FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
Part 12
by Mama Dee
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Summary: A weekend fantasy trip for Max and Liz. Moral of the story......Be careful what you wish for! If you like it, I'll write a sequel.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
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Max lay awake as Liz slept peacefully in his arms. He couldn't get over how much he desired her, not just physically, but spiritually. She made his heart soar with happiness just being in her presence. He loved the way she wrinkled her nose when she was trying to get a point across, or the way she rolled her eyes at him in mock exasperation.

He loved the way she skipped along when she was totally absorbed in her happiness and her uncontrollable giggles when she was laughing at something helplessly. He loved the way she smelled and tasted, but most of all, he loved the way she smiled just for him. His heart clenched every time she did that and he would always be grateful for that smile.

Liz stirred beside him as she returned to consciousness. She looked over at him, and leaned in to nuzzle his cheek with the tip of her cold little nose. He looked into her eyes with adoration and she held his gaze with an equal outpouring of love. She then took his wrist and glanced at the time.

"Omigod, Max, it's Midnight! How long have I been sleeping?"

"A couple of hours, I guess," he mumbled as he nipped at her ear lobe.

"Have you been awake all this time?"

"Yep," he replied.

"Why didn't you wake me?"

"You looked like an angel sleeping. I couldn't disturb you. Besides, it gave me plenty of time to dream up some more fantasies since we still have about fourteen hours left.........well, make that thirteen, 'cause I think we'd better have a long, hot shower to wash the smell off of us. We reek of lovemaking!

"Mmmm, I love that smell! I wish I could bottle it and every time I needed to be near you, I could just spritz some on me. I'd call it "Eau de Max", she joked. However, I do feel a little sticky and I could do with a shower right now. Care to join me?" she winked.

"I'm right behind you, Babe," he replied.

As Max got out of bed, Liz zeroed in on his arousal.

"Max, have you had that for the past two hours?!" she exclaimed.

"Uh, huh."

"How come?"

"It never goes away, until I make it go away," he complained.

"Oh, my poor baby!" and she reached down to stroke it, which only compounded the problem.

Max grimaced, as he jerked in her hand. Liz led him to the bathroom, turned on the shower and climbed in, with Max close behind. Then she soaped her hand and eased it over his aching shaft. He sighed loudly in relief as she pumped her hand rhythmically up and down his arousal, while he leaned heavily against the tile and let her work her magic on his neglected flesh. His breathing became more intense as he neared his climax and he pulled Liz into him as he exploded under her loving touch.

She kissed him soundly on the mouth and let her hand drop from his penis, as it became soft.

"Oh god, I needed that!" he sighed. "Thanks, Babe."

"My pleasure, Max. I don't know why you suffered so long. Why didn't you relieve yourself, Hon?"

"I would've, but I didn't want to wake you."

"Max, you are a saint, but next time, either wake me up or do the deed yourself. I feel really guilty about this," she added contritely.

"It wasn't your fault, Liz. If you recall, I started this whole thing myself."

"Okay, whatever. Let's finish cleaning up and then get something to eat. My stomach is rumbling!"

They freshened up, dried off and threw on their robes as they made a mad dash for the kitchen in search of food. Max started munching on a large bowl of cocoa puffs, while Liz filled the kettle and set it on the stove. She opened the fridge to hunt for something fast and filling. She pulled out some ham and cheese, mayo and pickles. Then she cut some slices of bread and quickly assembled some sandwiches, which she placed on the table.

She brewed a small pot of tea while Max opted for some coffee. They sat down to the table and ate greedily, intermittently munching and drinking, too busy eating to carry on a conversation. After they finished their midnight snack, they cleared the table and stacked the dishes for tomorrow.

They weren't sleepy, but they went down the hall to the bedroom anyway, and snuggled up in the bed. They lay together,in the dark, Max on his back and Liz lying next to him with her leg casually thrown over his. They held hands, with fingers laced together, enjoying the solitude. They caught a glimpse of the night sky, from their bedroom window, which twinkled with the bright light of thousands of stars.

This sight always made Max nostalgic. It was an odd feeling, since he had no memory of his former life, but just knowing that he had lived before on this other unknown planet, was surreal. Liz empathized with him but would never truly understand what he was feeling. She just wanted him to know that she cared and would always be there for him.

She ran her foot up and down his leg, subconsciously, and he brought her hand to his lips and kissed it tenderly. She sighed in contenment, trying to commit every touch and taste to memory, knowing that even though they would be inseparable from now on, it would be a while before they had this freedom again. Time just refused to stand still!

"I love you, Max. I hope you don't get tired of hearing me say that."

"Never. If that's all you said for the rest of your life, I would be the happiest man on earth, And, by the way, I love you too, Liz."

He rolled to his side to face her and stared into her big brown eyes with pure love. He moved in closer and ran his tongue lightly along her bow lips, which she parted for him to give him admittance to her eager mouth. She met his tongue with her own and they ran them around one another's teasingly. Max deepened his exploration of her mouth as his hands began to roam her body.

He undid her robe and slipped his roving hands inside to caress her warm, soft flesh. He ran his hands over her breasts while his fingers teased her nipples into points. She moved against him, luxuriating in his touch. Liz needed to feel him, too, and pulled his robe apart as she glided her fingers over his chest and down over his abdomen. She was not surprised to find him ready for her and she brought the tip of his rigid heat to her own hot, wet entrance and rubbed it along her folds.

Max moaned in delight as she fondled his shaft and reached behind him to retrieve another condom. When he had packed a dozen, he felt he was probably being overly optimistic, but at this rate, they might have just enough to get them back home. He slid it on his ever-ready shaft and pulled her into him as he entered her slowly, watching her expression as she watched his. He took his time travelling up her channel until he was fully inside her. Then he pulled out just as slowly as she softly moaned her appreciation.

Liz's eyes sparkled as Max performed his slow dance of love. They rocked back and forth in unison as their pace picked up. He moved his hand behind her to push on her petite buttocks, increasing the friction between them, while his lower hand reached between them to rub on her sensitive, swollen flesh. She clamped her eyes shut as she blew out puffs of air from her parted lips, concentrating all her efforts on what was happening in her pelvic region.

Max, too, was zoning in on his arousal as he pushed deeper and deeper into her passage. His sensitive tip was reacting to the steady pounding and the tightness of Liz's walls on his shaft was sending swirls of electrical pleasure throughout his gut. His chest heaved as the beads of sweat collected on it and ran down between them. Every time seemed like the first time, he thought, as he felt Liz's walls contracting on him, milking his shaft of its precious contents.

They dove at each other's mouths as they exploded simultaneously, kissing full mouthed and deeply, as they came. Their trembling bodies jerked sporadically as their climax receded, until they pulled apart reluctantly to gulp in air.

One thing they knew for sure.......they were sexually compatable! Granted, this was only the first day, but so far, every time had been spectacular. Of course, being in love sure helped.

They lay in a crumpled mass of sheets and legs. They got up to straighten out the bed clothes, then Liz went to pee and Max soon followed. They brushed their teeth and went straight back to bed. To sleep.......for a while, anyway. Throughout the night, they made love four more times, experimenting with various positions.

Once, Liz found herself on her hands and knees as Max entered her from behind, while he fondled her hanging breasts. Another time, they sat in the bedroom chair with Liz facing Max, and using her feet as a spring board, pumping her legs until they ached from her effort. And lastly, they found themselves back in the kitchen, after another food raid, as he pushed her up on the table, squirted her body with the last of the Ready Whip, and ate her out, before he climbed up on top of her and plowed into her unmercifully.

He carried her back to bed at 6:30 a.m. and they both collapsed under the covers. They slept until noon and when they stood up to go to the bathroom, their legs crumpled beneath them. They looked at each other across the bed, and burst out laughing. Their limbs, and it seemed like every other muscle in their bodies, ached from their sexual adventures.

"Well, Max, it looks like neither one of us will be claiming that reward! I don't know how I'm gonna make it to the bathroom, let alone walk to the jeep!"

"Oh God," he groaned pathetically. "I ache everywhere! C'mere, Babe. Crawl to me and I'll heal your aches. We can't arrive home in this condition!"

"No, Max. You crawl to me. I'll never make it over there!"

"Alright, gimmee a minute," and he groaned loudly as he pulled himself up on all fours and made his tortuous trip to the other side of the bed, falling in a heap at Liz's feet.

He looked up at her in obvious discomfort, as he stretched his hand out and spread it over her abused flesh. She moaned gratefully as the warm, tingly feeling soothed her tortured body. Since Max couldn't heal himself, she ran into the bathroom to draw him a hot bath. When it was ready, she helped him into the tub, and he sank into the heat thankfully.

"Soak for a while, Hon. I'll make some coffee and bring it into you."

"Thanks, Babe," he breathed. "I really appreciate it."

Liz put on her robe and busied herself in the kitchen. She made the coffee and also prepared some toast with butter and jam. She brought it into Max and he accepted it gratefully. She decided that while he was soaking away his pains, she would strip the bed and replace the sheets. She balled up the soiled sheets and decided to take them home to be washed. She would return them to the Whitman's later.

After that, she packed up their gear, leaving a fresh change of clothes for each of them on the bed, and brought it out to the living room. She returned to the bedroom and finished straightening up in there. Then it was back to the kitchen to wash dishes and put everything away. Finally, she emptied the cupboards and fridge of any leftovers, placing the contents in their cooler as it sat ready by the door with the rest of their belongings.

She tidied the living room, and had just finished, when she heard Max coming out of the bathroom. He seemed much better and even managed a smile.

"There's clean clothes on the bed, Max. I've cleaned up and our things are packed. I'm gonna have a quick shower, and then we can be on our way. Don't forget to shut off the generator before we leave"

He grunted in reply and she quickly ran through her bathroom routine. She bemoaned the fact that they didn't get a chance to share a last shower, but they would have other opportunities. She got dressed and as she sat on the bed putting on her socks and shoes, she glanced up to see Max watching her with amusement.

"You seem to be in a real hurry to get out of here, Liz. I was expecting you to at least join me in the tub, for old time's sake," he grinned.

"Oh no, Max! As much as I love humping your Alien Ass, sweetie, my own body is crying Uncle right now! Save it for another day, okay?"

"Hmmm, I guess so. Of course, we do have that long drive ahead of us, and you never know when you'll get a craving!" he teased.

Liz rolled her eyes at her sexy lover. He really was irresistible but she honestly couldn't take any more loving right now.

"C'mon, Caesar, our chariot awaits," and she ducked under his arm as she headed towards the door.

"Not so fast, Cleo! I didn't get my Good Morning kiss, yet!"

He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her back into his waiting arms. She sighed as she gave up the fight and eagerly closed her lips on his. They kissed lovingly, whispering their adoration for each other as they hugged tightly. They held each other for a few more minutes, rocking gently back and forth. Then, Max patted her on the bum and scooted her down the hall.

They double checked the windows and made sure everything was in place. Max had already packed their gear in the jeep. They looked around one last time, then walked out the door hand in hand. Max locked up and they trudged down the hill to the jeep. They both climbed in and started back towards Roswell.

Liz sat in silence, with a troubled look on her face. It looked like she was doing some mental arithmetic. Max glanced over at her and asked her if anything was wrong.

"I'm not sure," she shrugged. "I went around the cabin this morning, picking up all the used condoms and wrappers, and I counted seven. It just seems a little odd, since I was counting how many times we made love, and they don't add up. I'm sure we did it eight times, but I guess I miscounted."

Max did a little of his own calculating. "Well, as far as I can figure, we did it four times before we both went to bed, and then three more times until we finally threw in the towel at 6:30 this morning."

"That's what I thought, but it seems like there was one more time after we went to bed this morning, but I guess I dreamed it. Oh well, I must have been dreaming," she sighed. "Wishful thinking!"

Max's jaw tightened as he looked at her and he stopped the jeep abruptly, pulling over to the side of the rode.

"Not unless we had the same dream," he spoke with dread.

"O- MY- GOD!


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