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Part 10
by Mama Dee
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Summary: A weekend fantasy trip for Max and Liz. Moral of the story......Be careful what you wish for! If you like it, I'll write a sequel.
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Rating: NC-17
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The trip back seemed a lot shorter. Funny, but that's always the way! They arrived at their destination by a quarter to three and Liz whooped for joy as she ran inside to start her bath. Max chuckled at her enthusiasm and followed her in at a leisurely pace. He could already smell the steamy aroma of her bubble bath as it wafted out of the bathroom. He hung back, uncertain as to what his next move should be.

It didn't take him long to find out as he heard Liz splashing in the tub.

"Max." she called." Could you come in and scrub my back?" she pleaded.

Max was down the hall in three strides as he opened the door and took in the most welcome sight he could ever hope to wish for. Liz sat esconced in the middle of the tub wearing nothing but a big grin and a mass of bubbles. His heart leapt at the sight and he knelt down by the side of the tub and soaped the cloth that she handed him, gently running it over her back.

She leaned back and smiled seductively at him. " Now, would you do my front?"

He froze as he locked eyes with her and then he took the cloth and swirled it around each breast, paying careful attention to her erect, rosy nipples, She moaned in delight as he continued to pleasure her. Her wantonness knew no depths anymore. She had become a vessel for hedonism and she realized that she would never again be the simple, shy girl of a few days ago. Max was her Ulysses and she his Circe. To be pleasured and to give pleasure.

She touched his arm. "Join me." she enticed.

Max rose from his crouched position and shed his clothes as she watched him appreciatively. She took in his straining erection with hungry eyes as Max slid in behind her. Her hand immediately came around to the back as she grasped his shaft in her tiny hand and ran it up and down his length. He didn't object, but let her find her pleasure in his pleasure. They were so close to being one, that he could barely distinguish the boundaries anymore. They were acutely aware of one anothers thoughts and physical responses. It no longer mattered who gave and who received. The receiver and the giver were essentially the same.

Time stood still as sparks of delight swirled through their bodies. One final step for completion. It was inevitable and welcome. Liz stepped out of the tub and turned towards him. She looked deeply into his eyes as she held out her hand towards him.

"Make love to me, Max."

Five simple words that would change everything forever.

He reached out to her as she helped him from the tub. They dried each other off and turned towards the bedroom. Max held Liz in his arms, gazing into her brown pools and slowly lowered her to the bed. Their faces were flushed with desire as they started to caress one another.

Their hands ran over backs and thighs, lingering for a moment to knead a piece of flesh, before seeking again. It was as though they were mapping each others bodies, to committ them to memory, highlighting points of reference. Tongues moved to explore orifices of ears and mouths, swirling and probing their depths. Lips traced paths along necks and across chests, inspecting familiar territory with renewed vigor.

Max leaned over to the bed side table where he had previously deposited some condoms and he tore open a package with trembling fingers. Liz reached for his hand.

"Max, let me do it." She took the latex tube and rolled it onto his stiff shaft as he watched her with glazed eyes. She lay back down on the bed as he settled over her. They looked lovingly into each other's eyes as Max slid into position at her entrance. He brushed her passage with his tip and she closed her eyes in anticipation as he slowly inched his way inside her.

They gasped in unison at the overwhelming feelings overtaking them. Liz's walls stretched and expanded as her muscles accomodated Max's probing staff. Inch by inch he travelled up her tight passage until he reached her virginal membrane. He stopped as if to ask permission to cross and when she nodded, he quickly plunged through, holding her firmly as she drew in a short breath. She shuddered as she adjusted to the sharp sting, neither one risking movement.

"Liz," Max whispered with concern, "Are you alright?" She looked into his eyes and smiled her agreement. He kissed her softly on the lips. "I love you, so much. This feels so good!"

"I know, and I love you too. I can't believe you're inside me Max!" she murmured through her tears.

He kissed her cheeks as the drops fell from her eyes. Liz sobbed a little and then she felt the urge to move as the sensations became too impossible to bear. Her hands clung to his shoulders for support and she rocked gently under his weight. Max moved up on his elbows to give her room, and he joined her as they began their slow climb to oblivion.

Sighing and moaning joined with arching and rocking, their bodies a symphony of sound and motion as they discovered this new plateau of lovemaking. Juices flowed over rock hard parts and soft crevices, mingling together and then flowing on. Their bodies tingled with effort and fingers were shoved in mouths to be sucked in and out, and then to be released.

Their breathing wheezed to a high pitch as they forced air into parched lungs. Their bodies took on a faster rhythm as their excitement mounted. Max coaxed Liz's legs to his waist as he plunged deeper into her vessel. She revelled in the added friction to her sensitive nub as he moved in and out, waves of ecstacy reverberating through her channel.

They moved in a frenzy as the first hint of their explosion was upon them. They cried out to release the surging tension that was threatening to implode.Liz's arms wrapped under Max's and her hands came up to clasp his shoulders. Max moved up slightly more to watch her face as they rode the crest of their passion and they shouted in unison as their release came, their bodies jerking out of control as they tumbled over the edge, gulping air into their starved lungs as they trembled in each others arms.

Their bodies were drenched in sweat. Liz rubbed her forehead on Max's shoulder as he collapsed onto her outstretched body, too weak to support himself any longer, as his heart pounded in his chest. She ran her tongue along his shoulder blade to lick at the beads collecting on him, sucking the salty wetness into her mouth. He turned his head to lip her lobe, suckling on it and sighing blissfully. She moaned her response in gratitude.

Max moved to the side as he felt his weight crushing Liz, turning her at the same time to maintain contact. He kissed her lovingly as his hand moved up to cradle her face. He murmured his love as he melted under her adoring gaze. She moved her hand into his hair, sweeping his damp bangs off his forehead, planting soft kisses over his face. Max flung the covers over their cooling bodies.

Soon, their lovemaking lured them into a heavy slumber, Liz's head on Max's chest, being lulled by his steady heartbeat. He rested his chin on the top of her head and joined her in sleep.


They woke two hours later, still clinging to one another blissfully. Their lovemaking had surpassed all imagination and the smell hung on them as a heavenly reminder. Max had slipped out of Liz while they slept, his softened member now lying on his thigh, still sheathed in latex. He stripped it off and placed it on the night table, eyeing the contents with interest.

He glanced over at Liz who was watching his expression closely.

"What are you thinking, Max?" she asked.

"I was just thinking that someday we'll want to make babies and whatever's in that sac won't have to be thrown away anymore," he replied sheepishly.

"Oh Max, you're so sweet! I love you so much!" she cried as she covered his neck in kisses.

"Mmmm! Keep that up and we may just go another round," as he sniffed into her neck, nibbling and sucking.

"Sounds good, but to tell you the truth, I'm starving and I feel so sticky, that I think I'll have a quick shower and then try to fix something to eat."

"Want some company in the shower?" he implored.

"I was hoping you would ask," she giggled. "But I have a feeling round two may be starting sooner than I think , if you have your way with me." she laughed back.

"I'll try to restrain myself, I promise. Maybe I'll just feel you up, or something!"

"It's the "or something" that worries me."

"Ah, Liz, don't let it worry you, hon! Didn't you enjoy round one?"

"Of course I did, Max. It's just that I'm a little sore and I need some recovery time."

"Hey, sweetie, you know I can take away the sting," as he moved his hand into position over her mound.

"No, Max. Not just yet. I want to remember this feeling. I've wanted this for so long, that I want to enjoy my new status as a *Woman*, you know," she replied.

"Okay, Babe, but as soon as you get tired of this new feeling, you let me know. Now that I've had a taste of the real thing, I definitely want seconds!" as he smacked his lips lasciviously.

She threw a pillow at him and ducked, as he shot one her way, while she streaked out the door on the way to the bathroom.

"I'm coming to get you, Liz Parker," he warned, and she shrieked in glee as he swatted at her butt as she reached the bathroom door. He grabbed her by the waist and drew her into a big bear hug, planting wet, sloppy kisses on her neck. She giggled uncontrollably, begging him to stop because she needed to pee. He let her go, as she sunk with relief on the toilet. The relief didn't last long as tears sprang to her eyes and her breath rushed in with a hiss.

"Omigod, that stings!" she cried.

Max was at her side in a split second. "Liz, please let me do something for you," he beseeched worriedly.

She nodded her head in acquiescience and he brought his hand up to work his magic yet again this weekend. She sighed as the healing process warmed her passage and in seconds, she returned to normal.

"I'm still having a shower and eating before round two, Max, so don't get any funny ideas!"

"I promise I will wait until you get your strength back," he answered. "But watch out then! You ain't seen nothin" yet, Babe!" he joked."Remember what I said about giving you a reward for good behavior if you could walk without difficulty after this weekend? Well, I'm gonna do my darndest to prevent you from claiming that reward," he insinuated."We've only just begun, and by my count, we have about twenty hours left before our time here is up!

Liz looked at him with a sparkle in her eye and whispered invitingly, "I can't wait!" as she blew into his ear. He shivered as he gave her a questioning look. "We'll see whose walking funny by tomorrow afternoon, Max," she teased, and turned to start the shower.

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