FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
Part 8
by Sineya
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: (Liz takes Tessí place as the fourth alien.) If the other three Roswellians are her true family, then why is she so different? When duplicated versions of Michael, Max, and Isabel end up in Roswell years later, Lizís questions are answered.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: I started this story a long time ago, but never finished. Then I read DMíís, The Secret of Zan, and got inspired. I'd also like to state, I love Max beyond a shadow of a doubt, but Zan...ooooooh.
Liz stood up, walking closer to Zan."íS like this-"She held up her hand.

"We wasnít supposed to be stuck together."

Ellis stood and moved next to Liz, copying her motions perfectly."Back home they didnít have enough of our.."She stared at her sister,"Essence?"

Liz nodded,"YeahĖwe was supposed to be like youís."She pointed to Max and Zan."But thegrand pompou-ya motha-didnít have enough for two bodies."

"So she stuck us in one."Ellie added."I mean she couldnít have Fed Exíd my body after sending down Lizís or something.."

"But weíre different." She grabbed Ellieís hand, and a purple light emanated from their intertwined fingers."We sisters."They pulled their hands apart, and the glowing stopped instantly.

Ellie nodded."Yes, unlike you guys, weíve been together for years."She sighed."Iíve just been dormant Ďcause of Lizís dominant personality."

"Can I help it if Iím more powerful, yo?"

"Yes."Ellie answered."Anyway, the only way we could be separated was when Liz finally met her destined mate."

"Iís supposed to meet him years ago, but he neva came."She glared at Zan. "Iís stuck here with these cornballs for years."She looked at them and snickered, but quickly sobered when she saw Michael grimace.

"Yo, I didnít mean you Mikey."She walked over to him, wrapping her arms around his waist."You the only one who been real with me."

"Hey, sis get your hands off my brother!"Ellie shouted, a smile in her voice.

"He ainít jusí yours."She shouted back, and pulled away."You want me to be stuck with only that wack job for family?!"She pointed her finger at Rath, who was laughing loudly at her comment. This was definitely the Eilis he remembered.

She stared at Max and Isabel,"I canít say Iís sorry to youís, Ďcause all you done is treat me like shit for somethiní I had to do."Their mouths opened to speak then closed quickly when she held up her hand.

"Liz..."Her sister warned, pain leaking into her voice.

"Iím cool, Iím cool."She sighed, and looked up at them."But ya gotta know that me and El we ainít the same, she ainít a killer, or a thief, she ainít nothiní like me."

"Iím sorr-"Max started.

"No, no apologiziní, we ainít never gonna see each other after today." Liz said, glancing over at her sisters silent form."Iím goiní back to New York with my mate and crew for the Summit."

Cries of dismay bubbled up throughout the room from the Roswellians.

"Chill, chill."She reached over and hugged her twin."You get this dork instead."

"Hey!"Ellie grouched as Liz gave her a noogie, messing up her flawless hair.

She pulled away and moved over to stand next to Zan, Rath, and Lonnie. She reached for Rathís hand and squeezed it tightly, for some reason his presence was now comforting her.*Maybe itís because weíre family.*

"This my true family."She gestured to the Dupes."This where I belong."

Ellie ran up to her and embraced her tightly, everyone gasped when the two became translucently purple.


They pulled away from each other, sadness blazing around them.

"So, youís got any questions?" Liz looked around the room, stopping at each face.

Maria stood, "Iíd really like to know why youíre talking like that?" She looked confused.

Everyone turned towards Liz, awaiting her answer. They really were curious.

"We was built, not born."She thumbed her nose."Iís supposed to grow up in New York with these fools, and Ďfore we were sent they programmed everythiní we needed to know in here." She said, pointing to her head.

Everyone nodded.

Liz gave them a small smile, and turned towards Zan.

"Wanna go scratch that itch now?" She smirked up at him, and got an answering expression in return.

"Yo, letís do that."He reached for her hand, and snickered when a spark shot out hitting Rathís forearm.

"Dammit, why the Hell you always do that to me?"

Hysterical laughter was heard as Zan and Liz exited the cave alone, intent on finding someplace to get down and dirty.

They didnít go far.

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