FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
Part 9
by Sineya
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: (Liz takes Tessí place as the fourth alien.) If the other three Roswellians are her true family, then why is she so different? When duplicated versions of Michael, Max, and Isabel end up in Roswell years later, Lizís questions are answered.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: I started this story a long time ago, but never finished. Then I read DMíís, The Secret of Zan, and got inspired. I'd also like to state, I love Max beyond a shadow of a doubt, but Zan...ooooooh.
"Babe?"Liz looked up at Zan.


"Close your eyes."

He obeyed.

When they had arrived outside the cave, theyíd moved to the far east side, the big rock formation blocking them from all spectators.

Or so they thought.

Liz stared up at Zan to make sure his eyes were actually closed.

They were.

She turned lifting her hands in front of her. Her thick, black eyelashes softly met her cheek as she closed her eyes, concentrating.

*Black, silk, wood, curved, hard, soft, heavy, light, clean, smooth, metal, square...*

She opened her eyes.

And grinned.

Her bed stood before her.*Ah, the perks of being not of this earth.* She could form anything and have it appear anywhere for her use. On of her many powers.

She turned back to her awaiting mate. He looked tense.

Very tense, clenched hands and all that.

She moved towards him, stopping a breath away from his form. She leaned up, her breath hot against his ear as she spoke.

"You can open your eyes."

His lids quickly jumped, and he pulled her flush against him. The bed going unnoticed.

"Donít ever make me wait again."His voice was muffled as his mouth found her neck."Iím gonna explode if we donít do it soon." She smiled against his spiky head, then gasped when his tongue trailed around the rim of her ear.

Running her fingers through the silky hair at the back of his neck, she pulled his head up to mine, laving his bottom lip with her tongue. His mouth opened, allowing her tongue entrance. Carefully,

she explored his teeth, his gums, traced every corner and crevice of his mouth. Their tongues dueled wildly, until his hands gripped her upper arms tightly, holding her away from his body.

"Do you wanna kill me?" He asked, his eyes black with hunger.

She smirked up at him. His hand moved towards her face, and he cupped her silky cheek. His thumb rubbing across her bottom lip. "How the Hell you so beautiful?" His other hand traced circles over her palm.

Then the thin silk of her dress was no more as his eyes deepened to a dark red and he melted them off. "Can I have my wicked way with you now?" He whispered, his whispered words causing a shiver to trail down her naked spine. As he spoke softly, he lowered his hips, brushing his pelvis against hers.

She curled her leg around his calf, bringing their bodies even closer. She moaned, and pulled his head down for another deep. It turned passionate, desperate, as the flame of their arousal grew even brighter. Her hands tugged hid sleeveless tee from the waistband of his pants, then ran over his back, her nails teasing him and making him shudder. She squirmed against his clothed legs, pressing her bare dampness against the bulge in his jeans.

Finally frustrated with the usual undressing methods, she closed her eyes, and melted his clothes off his body. His bare flesh finally coming into contact with hers, and they groaned at the sheer bliss of the feelings that erupted.

"Za..."Her gasp was cut of by his hungry mouth on hers, as he pushed her blindly onto the bed behind them. Her lips opened, and her legs spread wide, and he thrust his tongue inside her waiting mouth as she wrapped her legs around his hips.

He was mad for her, starving. He needed to be inside her.

Rolling one of her hard nipples between his fingers, he brought his lips down and sucked her other unattended nipple deep into his throat. She could feel the cold, hard metal of his tongue piercing against her sensitive skin, and she arched her back, her hips grinding into his, and he entered her, burying himself inside her.

Liz bit her lip harshly, drawing blood, and arched her entire body against him, her golden arms wrapped around his neck as she moved with him, grinding her throbbing clit against his pelvis. Zan moaned hoarsely, his body out of control. She was so hot and tight, heíd kill to be inside her forever.

She felt so full, like he had taken every available inch of her body and filled it with him. Waves of pleasure, and burning hot lust ran throughout her.

"Look at me." Liz gasped, her hands clenching around his head.

Zan made his way, swimming through layers of mind-numbing pleasure as he stared down at her. Her eyes were open, locked with his, filled with every deep emotion that lovers felt. They told each other everything with that one look.

"I love you."His voice rasped in her ear. Her heart sped up, and she clenched around him tightly.

"I love you." She peppered his face with kisses, her hands clawing at his back, deep scratches forming. He pulled back slightly, and then plunged home once more.

His thrusts picked up speed, their bodies moving in unison. She could feel the knots in his back, the molded way his muscles moved as he slammed into her body. Her nails dug more deeply into them, and her legs pushed as she held on as he moved within her, growling her name.

"Uhhhh..."At the sound of her voice, throaty and full of need, Zan snapped his head back, and thrust harshly, deeply. His climax came forth, overwhelming him. Hers followed seconds later as she came loudly, her scream swallowed by his swollen lips.

They lay that way for what seemed like hours, before he pulled out of her and rolled onto his back. Their breathing finally calmed, and they sighed in unison.

Liz looked over at Zan, and smiled seductively, her hands running down his stomach, grasping his now-hardening flesh.

"Wanna go again?"

"Bring it on."


Meanwhile back at the Ranch....(or cave, whichever you prefer)......

"So, Max, do you have a girlfriend?"

He smiled at Ellie,"Not at the moment, but that can change anytime."

"I hope so."

"Are you guys flirting?"Isabel groaned,"Oh God!"


Back to the lust bunnies......

"How do you want it?"Liz asked, her breath puffing against his cheek as she slid onto him.

He answered by impaling her on him, hissing as her wall surrounded him. Liz moaned as the sensations enveloped her, and they moved in a rhythm that was pleasurably painful. She lifted herself off of him, only to slowly, teasingly, slide back down. He hissed and reached up to grab her hips, forcing her to go faster, until they were practically slamming against each other.

She fell forward, keening her pleasure as he thrust inside her, her orgasm fast approaching. As her lover laved her breast, she whimpered, arching her back until her hair fell across his thighs. The new position threw them both over the edge completely, as they came together.

Their shouts of fulfillment echoing throughout the desert.

She collapsed atop her lover, and moaned once more as she felt his flesh harden yet again inside her.

"One more time?"He asked as his hand trailed up and down her spine. She smiled against his neck, inhaling his delicious scent, and felt the familiar heat jump into her womb at his hoarse question.

"One more time."


Meanwhile back at the ranch.........(or cave..havenít we already been over this?)

Elllie smiled up at Max, Liz was right she REALLY wanted him.

"So, we have Biology together, right?"She watched intently as his beautiful face moved up and down.

"Uh huh." he griined at her."So, youíre really staying?"

"Oh yeah."Her mouth curved upwards,"I most definitely am."

They grinned at each other, their eyes alight with deep emotions.

Maria was astonished and she looked over at her best friend,"They just met!"

Alex smirked,"When ya got it, ya got it."

Then they all looked up as a keening cry was heard from outside.

Lannie and Rath grinned at each other.

They knew what was up.



The lust bunnies........

He aroused her completely.

Soon she was writhing beneath him, and he ducked his head to suckle at her breasts. She gasped brokenly, trying to push his head down, but he growled; she shook at the primal sound, her belly tightening as he moved lower, his tongue dipping into her bellybutton, skimming around the tender flesh.

He growled again, the sound slowly rolling into a purr. "What do you want?"

"Fuck Zan, you already know."

"You gotta tell me."He whispered against her stomach, and she moaned as he sucked lightly on her smooth, toned skin.

"Goddam..."Her voice trailed off as his mouth moved closer and closer to her heated flesh.

"Tell me..."His tongue traced circles over her thighs, his hands caressing her ass, kneading.

"Touch me," She moaned as his tongue flicked once across her swollen nubbin.

"Here?"He bit her tender flesh, and a wave of hazy lust ran through her.

"Yessssss."She hissed, her breath coming in pants as he sucked her into his mouth.

He smirked, as his tongue stroked her swollen flesh, he ran his hand across her thigh, plunging three fingers into her. As her moans increased he thrust his faster, adding a fourth finger as his teeth nibbled on her distended clit. He quickly found a rhythm that left her aroused and wanting. His eyes darkened as his eyes moved up to her face, seeing the wanting expression that flashed repeatedly across her face.

Liz was in such glorious pain. Every flick, every thrust threatened to give her release, but didnít . He tortured her, bringing her closer and closer, then pulling back. Finally she couldnít take anymore, and she gasped out the words he was waiting to hear."Please...."

"Please, what?"

She shouted the words hoarsely,"Fuck me, dammit!"

He grinned against her dripping core."If you really want it...say it."

"Say...what?"She panted brokenly.

"You know what."Hi fingers thrust sharply into her, and she shrieked loudly.


"Fine what?"

"Fine-- Iím yours!" She groaned, need overcoming pride."Iím yours, now fuck me you asshole!"

He pulled away from her, and crawled up her body, kissing her deeply as he positioned himself at her burning entrance. She pulled his body onto hers as he slammed into her once more.

She leaned her head up, and ran her tongue around the shell of his ear.

"But youíre mine too."She purred, and he growled back, because she spoke the truth. They belonged to each other, always had, always would.

Zan grunted, as her tight walls clenched around him. Her smell was wafting through his body, and he buried himself deeper. She cried in desperation, needing so badly to come, and he slammed into her. He was nearing the edge and he reached down, pinching her clit between his thumb and forefinger. With a keening shout she came, bucking up into him. He waited for her to calm down, and thrust into her three more time, allowing himself release.

"Shit, baby..."He rolled onto his back, taking her with him, still deep inside her. She slowly came to, her heartbeat slowing down, and she pulled away from him.

"We gotta go now." She said, kneeling above him, she closed her eyes, concentrating on them both.

When she opened them, they were both clothed. She in her gauzy, black gown. He in his leather pants, and sleeveless black tee. Zan groaned, pulling her back down.

"Do we gotta?" She curled around him, smoothing her hand over his moving jaw.

"Yeah, we do, the others are waitiní."

He opened his eyes, and looked up, seeing Lannie and Rathís forms standing some distance away. He could see their smirks even from where he and Liz were laying.

"They watchiní the whole time?"He questioned curiously.

"Nah, they donít wanna see their sibs gettiní it on."She smiled down at him, then pointed above his head."But them two was watchiní that last act."

He sat up, and turned around. Grinning at their spectators."I think we got Ďem horny."

She laughed,"They was already horny to begin wití." She got up, and pulled him after her."Ellie wanted his shit first time she saw the dude."

"How you know that?"

"Look at him, heís one hot dude." She could admit it now that she had said her piece.

"What?!"She laughed at Zanís angered tone, and looked up at him.*He so damn possessive.* He had always been like that, sometimes it was funny though.

This was one of those times.

She embraced him, running her hand down his back."You know you the only one for me, Zan." She looked up at him, a mischievous twinkle in her eyes."Ya think we ask can ask him to join us, I could have both of yaís at the same time."

He growled at her playfully."Only if we can get your sis to join us."

They chuckled together, and turned towards Rath and Lannie.

"Letís go."She curled her arm around his waist, and his fell across her shoulders, hugging her body close.

"Letís do this."

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