FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
Part 4
by Sineya
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: (Liz takes Tess’ place as the fourth alien.) If the other three Roswellians are her true family, then why is she so different? When duplicated versions of Michael, Max, and Isabel end up in Roswell years later, Liz’s questions are answered.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: I started this story a long time ago, but never finished. Then I read DM’’s, The Secret of Zan, and got inspired. I'd also like to state, I love Max beyond a shadow of a doubt, but Zan...ooooooh.
Bodies molded as if they were built for each other, quivering flesh touched softly. Sparks bounced. The two once-lovers seemed to be immune to the heat of the red-hot sparks, as they flew sharply off their burning bodies.

Lannie and Rath were not as lucky. As the sparks flew they landed on the two spectators and the nearby parking lot. The smell of burning flesh and melting tar seemed to permeate the air.

Zan and Liz were oblivious of everything until Rath’s harsh voice broke their spell.

"Yo, could you’s two cool it?"He jumped as final spark hit his cheek as they slowly slid apart.

Liz opened her eyes and stared up at Zan, sighing as his hands stayed where they were, wandering down her back. "What was that?"

He smiled down at her, trailing one hand up her shoulder, to brush her dark-blue streaked hair behind her ear. "That’s ‘cause we ain’t seen each other in so long."He smiled down at her,"Our bodies need to uh..reacquaint ‘emselves ‘fore the sparks can stop."He smirked, eyeing her curvaceous form. He remembered the way she moved under him,*I need to feel her again.*

She was eerily silent as she backed away. Everything she wanted was standing before her. Everything she’d dreamed of each night of her life. Every memory was entwined with him. Everything that she needed.. So what the Hell was wrong?

Lannie stared at her, with surprising concern."Yo, Eilis––uh, I mean Liz--you cool?" She moved towards her, stopping when Liz lifted her hands and nodded.

"I’m fine."Straightening herself and steeling up her spine, her arms folded across her chest once again."Now you guys gonna tell me why you’re here, because I’m not buyin’ the whole––-you’re here for me--thing."

They all moved closer, Zan leading. He looked at her, "It’s the truth––-we need you."He reached for her but she quickly stepped back."We ain’t got a fourth."

"Yo, it’s like this."Rath held up his hand."There’s this meetin’, called the Summit, with the other leaders of Antar, and they need all of us––-the whole Royal Four."

Lannie nodded, "Yeah, and since we ain’t got a fourth––we need you."She smiled sweetly, a hint of anger peeping out from behind her brown eyes when she saw Liz’s skeptical expression.

Liz grinned, it did not reach her eyes."So where’s your fourth?"She grinned cruelly,"She just up and leave, or did you guys kill her?"

Zan was enraged, his eyes burning."We never got an Eilis." His arms lifted up."You were supposed to be with us."He grabbed her shoulders."You were supposed to be mine!"

She pulled away, pacing violently back and forth."What the Hell does that mean?" She stabbed him in the chest,"If I’m yours then why did they send me here--to Max?"

He growled when she mentioned his duplicate."Don’t know that, but I always knew you was mine."

Lannie’s eyes lit up, and she smacked herself in the head as she turned towards her brother."Zan, they messed up."She looked at Liz. "You always dressed like that?"She questioned."You still have memories of home?"

Liz nodded slowly."Yeah, I’ve always been different from the others."Thoughts flitted through her mind."The only one I’m close to is my brother Michael."She winced when a pained look crossed Rath’s face, a look which he covered quickly.*Guess he can feel something.* Then a realization quickly floated through her mind.

"They sent me to the wrong, uh..set?"

A joyous smile crept across Zan’s face as Lannie nodded. His face was inches from hers, and he lifted her chin."See, I was right. You always been mine."They were soon lost as their minds melded once again, sharing a forgotten memory.

//Her lover trailed his hands over her lithe form, leaving nothing untouched. His mouth moved down, nipping at her breasts as he passed them. Her toned stomach was traced with a firm tongue-- tiny, seductive laps. He ran his heated mouth over every inch of skin he could see, could feel.

She grasped his head tightly when he reached her pleasure point, his tongue moving out to caress her bare thighs as he slowly inched up towards her dripping flesh. She gasped loudly, her eyes flashing open, glowing bright, white as his tongue darted out to taste her essence. His tongue flicked slowly across her engorged clit, then slid down to bury itself deep inside her body.. He groaned blissfully as her juices slid over his tongue, coating his mouth. She tasted of pure ambrosia, and he was a starving man.

She arched above him, purring with pleasure, as an intense orgasm flooded through her system. He was relentless, his pointed tongue sliding in her over and over, as his fingers rubbed her clit millimeters above. Her eyes flashed in a rainbow of colors as orgasm after orgasm washed over her. Finally her body gave way, only able to handle so much pleasure at once.

He rose up, grinning triumphantly into her eyes. She could feel his throbbing flesh against her, and finally cooled down enough to reach over and grasp him. She watched as his grin disappeared, replaced by a look of hungry lust.

He pulled her caressing hands from him, and positioned himself above her. The tip of his rock-hard cock above her melting opening. He grasped her hands, placing them above her head, and he slammed into her. Her back arched up at the sudden invasion, taking them to deeper heights.

They groaned in unison as he lifted her legs up, placing them over his shoulders. The new position deepening their pleasure. He seemed to touch her womb, as his huge penis rammed into her violently. She leaned up, biting his nipple harshly, and he let go of her hands with a shudder.

Her arms coiled around his neck, pulling him down for a harsh kiss, as her hands buried deep into thick, black hair. Their tongues entwined, copying their movements down below. He reached down, pulling her clit between his fingers, and she screamed, her body tightening around him like a vice.

"Zan!"His name emerged from her lips, her eyes turning fully white and stared up at him. He looked back unseeing as his too glowed white.

His hands dug into her hips as he answered her,"Eilis!"Her golden flesh was now colored with passionate bruises. She milked him completely, as he emptied himself inside her. Their arms wrapped around one another as they finally collapsed.

Both were sated, both satisfied. Both utterly happy.

She looked up into the eyes of her husband, and sighed deeply as she tightened her hold on him.

"I love you."

He rolled over, his new bride falling atop him."Happy Birthday, my love."//

Liz gasped closing her eyes tightly, as she collapsed into Zan’s waiting arms. Her chest was heaving as an vision-induce orgasm ran through her. Finally she opened her lids and stared angrily into his hungry eyes, as Lannie and Rath laughed loudly behind her.

"That was nice."She nipped at his earlobe and backed away. She walked calmly over to her bike, then smiled sweetly at them."If any of you touch the others, I will kill you."She started the engine and winked at Zan, her parting words flying through the air as she drove away. "If you need me so much, you’ll have to find me."

Zan looked stone-faced at Lannie, then at Rath. "Let’s go."

And they walked.

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