FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"At Last"
Part 4
by Debrah Carson
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Summary: What if Alex and Isabel hadn't been interrupted in 'Four Square'?
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: This is just a little harmless Alex / Isabel nookie. They don't get enough, in my opinion. BTW, this is the first fic that I've posted (so go easy on me!) and I'd been really grateful for any feedback that you may have. Thanks!
As Alex dipped her backwards, and kissed her, Isabel was once again agreeing with Etta. At last!! For all his talk, Alex wasn't very forceful. *But when he is,* Isabel thought *he really knows what to do!* Alex's kisses were sweet, and soft, and promised so much. But Isabel wasn't much for promises. They usually got broken. Besides, she knew that he didn't want to be kissing her softly. His body had given that much away. Isabel was flattered that he could get that hard just by dancing with her. *But you ain't see nothin' yet* she thought evilly.

Isabel pushed her body up against Alex's until they were standing once again, and she showed him what she wanted. She rose up onto her toes, and started kissing Alex more forcefully, pulling his body up against hers again. Alex didn't need any more prompting. He crushed her lips with his, eliciting small moans from Isabel, and grunts from his own throat. He started walking forwards, pushing Isabel back, until she felt the back of the bed at her calves. Collapsing onto the mattress, Isabel drew Alex onto the bed with her. As she stretched out under him, Alex pulled back just enough to look into her eyes.

"Are you sure about this?" he asked, stroking her hair away from her face. "Because we don't have to do this unless you want to. I mean, if you want to wait - "

"Alex." Isabel stated, halting his words. He looked at her, his eyes willing her to tell him what to do. He was so trusting. She loved that about him. "Alex, just kiss me." she whispered.

And he did. He started slowly, nipping at her lips, teasing her. Isabel moaned, an attempt to get him to do something. Alex gently ran his tongue over her lips, tasting the lip gloss she'd put on - raspberry - and then kissed her again, slipping his tongue into her mouth.

Isabel had always thought that french kissing was disgusting. Some guy sticking his tongue down your throat? Eww. But Alex knew exactly what he was doing, and god was he doing it well. His tongue traced the inside of her mouth, her teeth, her tongue, and then started to slide in and out of her mouth. His hands were exploring as much as his mouth was - her face, sliding up her thigh, the side of her body, her hair. She groaned, her hips beginning to move to the rhythm his tongue had set.

Alex didn't think his world could get any better. He was lying on his bed, with Isabel under him, grinding him. He dropped his head to Isabel's neck, and started licking and kissing his way down to her collar bone. Isabel's hands were moving restlessly on his back, tugging at his shirt as she threw her head back to allow Alex greater access to her skin.

Alex sat up suddenly. Isabel whined as the cold air hit her skin, but she smiled when she saw what Alex was doing. Quickly he divested himself of his shirt, then returned to kissing Isabel. His lips moved to the hollow of her collar bone as his hands began a similar journey that Isabel's had just seconds earlier.

Isabel felt his hands moving under her shirt, over her stomach, over her ribs. Usually she was so ticklish there that whenever she and Max had gotten into a tickle fight when they were kids, he would immediately go for that spot and the fight would be over. However, the effect Alex had was different. Instead of tickling, his touch made her shiver, her stomach lurched, and the juncture between her legs began to throb hotly.

Alex felt Isabel shiver under him, and smiled. He liked having this affect on her. He lifted his head, and looked Isabel in the eyes.

"Your turn, Iz, " he said huskily. She smiled shyly, and slowly raised her arms above her head. Alex grabbed the bottom of her shirt and tugged it up and off her. He threw it over his shoulder, not really sure where it landed, and looked at her. Isabel stared at him, unsure of his reaction to her. When she'd gotten dressed before coming over to Alex's, she hadn't bothered putting a bra on under her tank top. Suddenly she wished she had. She couldn't take the penetrating gaze that Alex had fixed on her. What if she wasn't what he'd imagined? What if he was disappointed? As the fears flew around her head, Alex looked her deep in the eyes, and all she saw in his brown eyes was awe.

"You are so beautiful, Iz, do you know that?" And not waiting to see if she did or not, Alex bent down and took her right breast into his mouth.

He wasn't lying when he said she was beautiful. If she was gorgeous fully dressed, then there were not words to describe how she looked lying naked under him. He'd fantasised about being in this situation, and he knew exactly what to do. Alex rolled one of her nipple in his mouth, grazing it with his teeth, as his left hand began to stroke and fondle the left breast. Isabels' breath quickened, and her hands entwined in his short hair. Whatever he was doing to her, it felt so good, but it wasn't quite enough. She needed more.

"Alex," she breathed, "Oh, god, Alex, stop teasing me!"

Alex smiled. The Ice Queen had officially left the building! But he did as she asked, and latching on to her breast, began sucking. Hard.

Isabel began to moan. Oh, god that felt good! Her stomach was all butterflies, and her panties were soaked. She hadn't imagined anything like this! Her fingers tightened in Alex's hair, holding him close, as her hips began to grind against Alex's leg.

Isabel brushed against his now throbbing erection, and it was all he could do to control himself. Alex groaned deep in his throat, and switched to the other breast. Isabel tossed her head in delight, her hips gaining speed. If she didn't stop it was going to be all over very fast!

Alex released her breasts, causing noises of complaint from Isabel. He smiled down at her flushed face, he silky blond hair spread all over his pillows. "Stage two," he told her.

*Stage two? What was stage two?* Isabel wondered. Alex sat up, and reached for the buttons of her Levis. Looking at Isabel, he spoke. "Do you want to do this? Cause we can stop here, you know. Whatever - " "Alex!" Isabel practically shouted. He got the picture, and began to undo her fly. Slowly. Tortuously. Taking the time to calm himself down, and to rile Isabel up some more. Every so often, Isabel would try to help him, and he would slap her hands away. In the end, she gave up and let him have his fun. Finally, the fly was undone, and Alex slowly slid the jeans down her legs and off. They joined her top somewhere in his room. Again, he didn't care where.

Now stage two could commence. Alex picked up a foot with it's perfect pedicure and bright blue nail polish, circling a finger over the arch of her foot. He grinned over at Isabel. "Nice nails, Izzy." She tried to kick him, but the feeling of Alex touching her foot was all she could focus on. The torture continued when Alex began kissing the same area he'd been touching moments ago. He kissed the arch of her foot, her ankle, her heel, and then began moving his way up. He kissed her calf muscle, kissed the pit of her knee, kissed up her thigh. The closer Alex got, the more he could smell her, and it was intoxicating. Isabel was tossing her head about on the pillow, her hands moving on her own breasts, trying to recapture the feelings she'd had before. Alex was entranced. If he thought Isabel dancing was bad enough, this was enough to send him over the edge!

Alex decided to put her out of her misery. He moved up to kiss her flat stomach, sticking his tongue into her belly button. Isabel began to buck, almost sending Alex flying, but he grabbed her hips and held her down as he continued his ministrations. Isabel began moaning his name in between the shallow breaths she was taking. Taking that as permission to continue, Alex hooked his fingers under Isabel's panties, and slid them off. He was shocked at how wet they were, and pleased. Isabel had opened her eyes as she felt her last article of clothing being removed, and watched Alex as he looked at her. Alex crawled up the bed so that he was face to face with Isabel and, in an attempt to remove the insecurity and doubt he saw in her eyes, kissed her.

Isabel kissed him back enthusiastically, her tongue exploring his mouth as his had done. Her body shivered delightfully as Alex ran his fingers down her body until he got the dark blond curls between her legs. Beginning the rhythm with his tongue again, Alex ran his hand over her core and slid a finger inside her. Immediately, Isabel's hips began to grind into his hand, trying to relieve the friction. She was so wet and so hot that it took all of Alex's control to stop from ripping the rest of his clothes off and pounding Isabel right there and then. Instead, he slipped a second, then a third finger inside her, and moved his thumb over Isabel's clit. Isabel began to move faster and faster, and as Alex lifted his mouth from hers to whisper "I love you, Isabel," she screamed as her orgasm took her over the edge.

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