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"At Last"
Part 3
by Debrah Carson
Disclaimer: I own nothing; I'm an 19 y.o. student for pete's sake! But if I do offend somebody (I don't mean to) and you really really want some sort of compensation, then take my little brother. Please.
Summary: What if Alex and Isabel hadn't been interrupted in 'Four Square'?
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: This is just a little harmless Alex / Isabel nookie. They don't get enough, in my opinion. BTW, this is the first fic that I've posted (so go easy on me!) and I'd been really grateful for any feedback that you may have. Thanks!
Isabel spun around, startled at the sound, embarrassed at being caught dancing by herself. But however she felt, it was minor compared to how Alex was obviously feeling. His face was bright red, his mouth was opening and closing like a fish out of water, and his hands kept moving in what he obviously hoped was an apologetic gesture. At his feet lay the drinks tray, the drinks steadily seeping into the carpet.

Isabel knelt down next to the rapidly spreading stain, and placed her hand over it. After all, she had apparently caused this mess, so she should at least clean it up. As her hand began to glow, the stain began to fade, and slowly disappeared. Sheepishly, Isabel smiled up at Alex, who was replacing the now empty glasses and bottle on the tray and trying to regain his cool.

"At least I'm good for something," she said, motioning to the now pristine carpet.

"Isabel, you are good for more things that just being Sadie." Alex said to her, wincing as soon as the sentence left his lips. *Stupid!* Alex mentally berated himself. She was never going to take him seriously when he kept saying stuff like that to her!

Isabel looked up, confusion evident on her beautiful face. "Sadie?" she asked.

Alex blushed again. "Never mind." he told her. *Note to self - lay off the obscure pop culture references!* Isabel continued to watch Alex as he battled with himself. He was so cute when he was like this - hesitant, unsure - but he really needed to show a little backbone sometimes. She has seen in his eyes what his brain couldn't (or wouldn't?) say, had seen what effect her dancing had had on him. Well, if he wasn't going to do anything, it was up to her. Again.

Isabel rose suddenly, startling Alex out of his reverie. Curious, he watched as Isabel moved towards the radio, and began spinning the dial again. Back and forth, up and down the frequencies she went, static punctuated by sharp bursts of music all that Alex could hear until something obviously struck her fancy, and the twiddling stopped. Violin music began to play, and Isabel held her hand out towards Alex, who was still crouched over the drinks tray.

"Well....aren't you going to dance with me, Alex?"

Obediently, Alex stood up, and the backbone that Isabel had been silently wishing for kicked into action. Grabbing the hand that Isabel had extended, Alex spun her into his arms, just as he had in his dreams. *Either dream-Alex has been giving real-Alex lessons, or dancing is one of many hidden talents* Isabel thought to herself, as Alex began to lead her in a simple waltz-step and Etta James began to croon.

[i]At love has come lonely days are over............and life is like a song.............[/i]

The irony of the situation did not escape Isabel. At last, she was in the place she'd wanted to be her whole life. In the arms of someone who liked her for her. Not because she was beautiful, or because being with her would up their popularity stakes, but because she was Isabel. In the arms of someone who wasn't scared of her because she, well, she could clean up spilt drinks with the wave of a hand. She and Etta had something in common. And it only took dreaming of a guy that Isabel considered a brother to make it happen.

[i]At last...............the skies above are heart was wrapped up in clover.............the night I looked at you.[/i]

Alex laughed to himself as he listened to the lyrics of the song. He'd never listened to this radio station before - golden oldies weren't really his thing - but if all the songs were as accurate as this one, he'd have to listen to it more often. When he'd first seen Isabel, Ice Maiden that she is, was, and probably will be forever, his heart had definitely been wrapped up in clover, whatever the hell that was. He still couldn't believe that he, gawky Alex Whitman, had someone won over Isabel's heart. Or at least gotten past her defences. He looked at his dance partner. Isabel was smiling, her eyes showing that she was enjoying dancing with him, being here with him, but her body was still tense under his hand, and her thoughts were a million miles away. Well, he'd teach her not to pay attention.

[i]I found the dream that I could speak to..............a dream that I can call my own..............I found the dream to rest my cheek to........a thrill that I have never known............[i/]

Alex gently pushed Isabel away with the hand that was resting on her hip, keeping hold of her other hand. Her eyes snapped to his at the unexpected movement, then grinned as she realised what was going on. Playing along, she extended her free arm out to the side, lifted her head imperiously, and then ruined the image by beginning to laugh. Alex smiled back, and pulled on the hand he was holding. Isabel spun in towards him, and quickly grabbing her other hand, he stepped to the side, so that Isabel was now stretched out to the other side. The look in Isabel's eyes showed that he had her full attention now. Again pulling on the hand he held, Alex spun Isabel into him and then around, and around, and around.........

Isabel laughed, her blond hair flying out as Alex twirled her. Why is it that the ones you overlook for being geeky, or brainy, or uncool are the ones that know how to treat a girl right? Isabel was sure that she could write a book on the subject, but this was not the time to be thinking about it, for Alex had grabbed her around the waist, abruptly stopping her spin. Still giggling, and shutting her eyes to ease the dizziness - for once she was a dizzy blonde! - Isabel freed her hands from Alex's and linked them behind his neck. Alex responded by placing his hands on her hips.

[i]Oh..... you smiled, smiled............oh, and then the spell was cast...........and here we heaven..........[/i]

Isabel sighed, frustrated. Couldn't he lay of the gentlemanly behaviour for once? She wrapped her arms around his neck, forcing their bodies to touch, and automatically Alex enfolded her in his arms. *Now this is more like it* Isabel thought, as their bodies swayed to the music. She couldn't help notice what a nice body it was, too. Alex was tall enough to make dancing with him - and kissing him - easy. Sure he was wiry, but there was a strength hidden somewhere, because she'd never felt more secure that she did in his arms. And once you got to know him, he was damn cute, and he didn't know it, which was good, because guys who knew they were hot were insufferable. *But enough with the physical analysis* Isabel thought. *Just enjoy*

Alex definitely was in heaven. He, Alex Whitman, was so close to Isabel Evans that he could smell the shampoo in her hair, feel her body heat under the shirt she wore, feel her chest rise and fall against him as she breathed...........

Suddenly, Alex responded to having Isabel that close to him. He felt himself grow hard, and he was pretty sure that his face was getting redder and redder as well, which some analytical part of his brain questioned, seeing as most of the blood required to make his face red was heading downwards, but now wasn't the time to be thinking about that so -

So in an attempt to distract Isabel from feeling what he was pretty sure was growing more and more obvious (or some subconscious attempt to show her) Alex slid one foot behind him, bent forward so the Isabel was in leaning backwards, and kissed her, just like they did in the movies.

[i]For you are last. [/i]

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