FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"At Last"
Part 2
by Debrah Carson
Disclaimer: I own nothing; I'm an 19 y.o. student for pete's sake! But if I do offend somebody (I don't mean to) and you really really want some sort of compensation, then take my little brother. Please.
Summary: What if Alex and Isabel hadn't been interrupted in 'Four Square'?
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: This is just a little harmless Alex / Isabel nookie. They don't get enough, in my opinion. BTW, this is the first fic that I've posted (so go easy on me!) and I'd been really grateful for any feedback that you may have. Thanks!
She stood in front of Alex's door, feeling a slight sense of deja vu. The last time she had been here, feeling this nervous, it was under the guise of 'generating a little information' to help find her missing brother. Now, standing here, watching Alex through the glass as he approached the door, the nerves were completely understandable -at least in her mind. Because this time she was there for more than just a kiss.

Alex was beaming as he opened the door. "Hi," he said

Isabel smile back. "Hi."

Alex stood aside, and ushered her through the door. His house was nice, Isabel decided. Understated colors and subtle decorating made the house seem simple, but cheerful and welcoming. She continued looking around as Alex led the way up to his room.

His room was just as she'd imagined it. Blue walls, covered in posters of bands, movies, and cars. The desk beside the window had a computer sitting on it, surrounded by papers, books and computer disks. There were clothes strewn everywhere, but Alex was a guy. What did she expect? Even Max, control freak that he was, sometimes couldn't work out what coat-hangers were for.

"I haven't ordered the pizza yet, I wasn't sure what you would want on it." Alex explained.

Isabel turned to look at him. "I don't mind, as long as it doesn't include anchovies." She shuddered. "Those little fish are disgusting."

*This coming from a woman whose best friend happily eats chocolate bars coated in Tabasco sauce* Alex thought, but he shrugged. To each their own.

"Okay," Alex said. "So."

Isabel looked at him.

"Why don't I go get us something to drink?" Alex offered, already moving towards the door. "That'd be great," Isabel agreed. Alex turned and smiled at her before he walked into the corridor and towards the kitchen.

Left alone, Isabel began to explore the room. The chess game that was in process would be over in two moves unless Alex woke up and saw the trap that the other player was laying for him. She looked at the posters on the wall (*What is it with guys and cars? Must be something phallic*), the books on the shelf (*Sci-fi books, hmm, why am I not surprised?*) and finally came across the CD collection. *That's what I need* Isabel thought. *Music. It's way too quiet in here* She began to scan the pile of CD's next to the player. *Boring......Boring.........Spice Girls? Eww.........Classic Rock.....boring........Wait.*

Suddenly she stopped, and picked up a familiar looking CD. Save Ferris. Memories of Alex's dream flashed through her head. He was so sweet, so courteous to her in that dream - so not every male at West Roswell High. And she should know. She'd visited most of their dreams at one point or another. But Alex was different. The way he'd treated her, held her as they danced; Isabel had seen that look in a guys eyes before - it was the way that Max looked at Liz, but she'd never seen it aimed at her before. That was what had convinced her that Alex was different, that maybe he could be trusted. And that was what had compelled her to head to the mall the next day to buy the CD she was now holding. So that no matter what happened, she'd always be able to listen to that song, and remember. Of course, nothing less than the tickle torture could get that out of her. *Hmm, note to self - do not let the FBI find out I'm ticklish.*

Bored with the rest of the collection, Isabel turned on the radio and began to scan the stations. Finally she heard something decent - the tail end of a Barenaked Ladies song - and stopped the dial, going back to exploring Alex's room. She'd just opened the closet door (*I am so going to have to take him shopping!*) when she heard the familiar strains of Portishead's song 'Glory Box' begin to play under the annoying DJ's voice. "Oh, I love this song!" Isabel said softly to herself, as she moved to the centre of the room and began to sway to the music.

Meanwhile, Alex was puttering around in the kitchen, fixing the drinks. Nerves had already cost him half a bottle of orange juice to the kitchen floor - he hadn't noticed that he'd missed the glasses until it was too late - and he'd seriously considered something alcoholic. *C'mon, Whitman, chill!* he said to himself sternly. *It's just a drink, not a marriage proposal. Anything liquid will be fine, I'm sure.* Somewhat reassured, Alex moved back to the 'fridge and pulled out the Coca Cola bottle his father had hidden in the back. *Besides* he went on *if she doesn't like it, I'm sure she can just turn it into something else!*

Alex filled two glasses with Coke and placed them on the drinks tray, along with the Coke bottle, and moved towards his bedroom. *Wait, I nearly forgot!* Putting the tray down, Alex grabbed the small bottle of Tabasco sauce he'd bought especially for Isabel from the cupboard, and added it to the tray. *Perfect* Satisfied, Alex started walking again.

He could hear music coming from his bedroom, and smiled. The smiled stayed on his face as he turned into his room....when he suddenly froze.

Isabel was dancing to the music on the radio.

Her eyes were closed as she moved back and forth. Her long blond hair flowed around her as he swung her head from side to side. Her arms were raised above her head, lifting the bottom of her tanktop to reveal her stomach. Her knees were bent, and her movements were graceful as she swayed her hips, moving up and down to the music.

Alex felt his mouth drop open and his eyes bug out. He felt that like cartoon wolf - y'know, the one whose eyes stretched out halfway across the room, and heart would beat meters out of his chest? - but he couldn't take his eyes off her. He watched her, watched her hands as they piled her hair up on her head, as they twisted around her hips, as they slid up her thighs, as they rested on her breasts.....................


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