FanFic - Unconventional Pairings
"The Palace"
Part 4
by Andaluchia
Disclaimer: You already know they don't belong to me. Just the plot!
Summary: Don't really know. Just going along.
Category: Unconventional Pairings
Rating: PG
4 months later:

Dear Max,

Hi, if you're reading this. You might have already crumpled it up and thrown it in the trash because you're still angry. But, if you haven't then here is what I've got to say. New York is beautiful. All those years growing up in Roswell, New Mexico I would think, 'I hate this place. I want to leave when I get the chance.' Now, that I've gone I want to go back. As much as I hate to admit it now I love Roswell. It's my home. See how I try to get to the point, but I shy away and talk about something different. But, I think Roswell is my home because you're there and I miss you. Remember when I told you that you only wanted me because I was the closest thing to Liz? Well, the more I think about it I ask myself, 'Was I with Michael because he was the closest thing to Max?' I believe so. All those years how I'd just sit back and observe you with such admiration. I love how you never give up on me. So, that's why I'm hoping you're not giving up on me now. I'm hoping that you're anger with me for leaving will subside with this letter that states my feelings. Or attempts to. I love you, Max Evans. I really do. I hope you still love me. If in any possible way you do then please give me another chance. By the time you get this letter I will be on a plane going back to Roswell. I will arrive on August 11. If you are there to pick me up then I will know you forgive me. If you are not then I will feel the heartbreak I truly deserve for hurting you. Love Always, Maria DeLuca.

Max folded the letter and put it back in it's envelope. Maria was coming back. He wasn't sure if he was happy. But, it was August 10th so he had a day to decide. Max slipped the copy of 'E.T.' into the VCR and lay back on the couch to watch it.

Maria stepped off the plane nervously. Butterflies were flying in her stomach and she couldn't help but be a little shaky about this. What if he didn't show up? She knew she'd deserve it if he didn't. She walked over to retrieve her bags then walked towards the lobby. She stepped into the lobby and her eyes darted around the room looking for him. He wasn't there. A hurtful pang shot through her heart. Maybe she missed him. She looked around the room again, this time more thoroughly but still failed to see him. She felt someone tap her on the shoulder and turned to look at the person. Maybe it was Max. She hoped. When she looked over she saw a little boy looking up at her. He extended his hand out handing her a rose. "You looked sad." He began. "No one as pretty as you should look sad. Take this rose and be happy." He told her. "Thank you," Maria said and managed a smile. The boy nodded and walked off. Tear threatened to fall down Maria's face until she noticed the note attached to the rose. She opened the note and it said, "Come home." She knew what it meant. She grabbed her bags and headed towards Max's place.

When she reached the apartment complex she walked in and up to his door to find another rose taped to the door with a note. She grabbed the note and it said, "Come in." She slowly turned the knob and walked in. The was another rose on the floor with a note attached. She picked up the rose and opened the note, "Walk over and open the fridge." She looked around the apartment then did what the note said. She opened the fridgerator door and they was another Rose with a note. She opened the note, "Behind the TV." It said. She walked behind the TV and found another rose with a note. It said, "What's your favorite Movie? Go to the interview room." The interview room? Maria thought. Oh yeah! His room. Duh! She walked into his room. On the floor and bed lay hundreds of hershey kisses. In the middle of the bed sat a stuffed 'Dumbo' doll holding another rose and a card. She walked over to it and grabbed the card. It said, "Now, that I've kissed the ground you walk on will you join me for dinner tonight? While you think about it walk over to the closet and see the surprise for you." Maria smiled and walked over to the closet. She opened it and there stood Max holding a dress and a dozen roses for her. Maria was shocked. "Max," she said happily. Max smiled at her. He looked at the dress then at her. "I wasn't sure what your size was. You look like a six though so that's what I got." He said and handed her the dress. Maria took the dress then jumped forward and wrapped her arms around him. "It's perfect." She said. "You're perfect." He whispered in her ear. "No, you are." She said. "I love you." "I love you, too." He said and kissed her on the lips. "So, what do you say about ordering some pizza and watching E.T. tonight?" He asked. "I'd love nothing more."


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