FanFic - Unconventional Pairings
"The Palace"
Part 3
by Andaluchia
Disclaimer: You already know they don't belong to me. Just the plot!
Summary: Don't really know. Just going along.
Category: Unconventional Pairings
Rating: PG
Maria pulled away from Max leaving him embarassed about what just happened. He looked at Maria who was looking at him in shock. They stood silent for about a minute before she broke it. "Max, I thought we were just friends." She said almost to herself. Max wasn't sure how to respond. "So, did I." He finally said. "What are you saying? That you don't want to be friends with me anymore?" She asked him. Max looked up at her and shook his head. Maria began walking off, but Max caught her. "Max, let me go please." She said softly. "No, wait Maria. I..." Maria looked at him. "What?" She asked. "I've had feelings for you for a long time." He finally managed to get out. Maria scoffed, "Yeah right." And started walking off again. "Why don't you believe me?" He asked catching up with her. Maria stopped walking and looked at him. "Because, I think you're going with the nearest thing familiar to Liz." She said. "That's not true," he told her. "It isn't? Max, come on! All these years you've NEVER once had a relationship with a woman. Now, all of a sudden when you want someone you pick Liz's best friend!" She said to him. Max shook his head. "Maria, I've had feelings for you for years." He told her. "And Liz has been dead for years." She said and started walking off. "That's NOT fair." He yelled to her and ran to catch up with her again. He jumped in front of her. "It's true. I've had feelings for you for years, but I never did anything about it because I thought, like you said, that it was because you were the closest thing to Liz. But, when I realized they were real I didn't do anything because of Michael." He told her. "Max, I can't be with you." She whispered. "Why?" He asked her. "Because, I'm still in love with Michael." She breathed and ran off quickly. Max didn't go after her.

Maria ran through the crowds of people til someone jumped in front of her. "Kylia, what do you want?" She asked with a hint of hostility. Kylia looked at Maria nervously. "I...Michael, was completely faithful to you." She said. Maria sighed. "It's true. I had a thing for him and I tried. Believe me when I say I tried, but he wouldn't. He wouldn't because he loves you." She told Maria. "Fine." Maria said and walked off. She was almost near the exit when someone grabbed her arm. "WHAT IS IT?" She yelled. "What the hell was that?" Maria looked up and saw Michael. Maria sighed. "Michael," she said. "That's right. Now, why were you kissing Max?" He asked her. Maria looked up at him. "I don't have to explain anything to you. We're not together anymore." She said, yanking her arm away from his grip and running off. Michael ran after her. "Maria, wait!" He yelled to her. She stopped and turned around. "Do you still love me?" He asked. Maria looked up at him. She had been in love with Michael for such a long time. But, now she wasn't so sure. "Michael, I love you, but it's dying. My love for you is dying. Not even getting back together can bring it back to life." She told him. "I'm sorry,'s over." She said softly. "I know," Michael breathed. Maria walked up to him, kissed him on the cheek. "Goodbye." She whispered and turned around to leave.

Knock, knock! Max looked at his clock, it was 3:30 a.m. He knew who it was so he opened the door and saw Maria standing there. "Hi," he said. "Hi, can I come in?" She asked. He nodded and she walked in. "So, did you come over here to talk to me or something?" Max asked. Maria nodded. "Max, I'm leaving." She started. Max looked a bit shock. "Maria, you ca--" She stopped him. "I'm going to go to New York to take some classes up there. I need to get away from all this." She said to him. He was going to reply but she stopped him again. "I love you, Max. But, I want to be in the right state of mind when and if anything happens between us." She explained. "I understand." He whispered. She stepped forward and kissed him on the lips then turned and left.

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