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"Who Will Save Your Soul"
"The Dinner"
Part 26
by Hero of the Day
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Summary: Michael is leaving Maria for Isabel but for a reason he can't explain and only time will make Michael stronger as he searches for what Isabel gave up to save the group.
Category: Unconventional Couples
Rating: PG-13
Michael opened the door. He glared at the couple standing before him. "What?" he asked. "Michael,.." Isabel began, "I sort of burnt Christmas dinner, do you think that Ms.DeLuca would mind if we-" "ALEX!" Amy shouted from the hallway, "Honey, Merry Christmas!" She hugged Alex. "Merry Christmas, Mom.." Alex said with a smile. "Is something wrong?" Amy asked. "Mom..." Alex looked at Isabel, "I sort of burnt parents are out of town and-" "Oh, don't even finish, you and Isabel are welcome anytime. Come on in" Amy moved out of the way, "Merry Christmas, Isabel" "Merry Christmas, Ms.DeLuca" Isabel smiled. "Michael would you be a dear and take their coats to Maria's old room?" Amy asked handing the coats to Michael. Michael took the coats to Maria's room and then headed to the kitchen. Jim and Kyle added the center leaf to the table expanding it. Jim sat at one end of the table. To his left sat Maria and to his right sat Amy. Next to Maria sat Michael and across from Michael sat Alex. Making Alex sit next to Amy. Next to Alex sat Isabel and across from her was an empty seat next to Michael. At the other end of the table sat Kyle. Jim brought the turkey to the table followed by the other guys who brought the side dishes to the tabel. Amy said grace and everyone dug in. "Maria" Kyle began, "Thank you for the four-foot-buddha.....he'll sit next to my bed in my dorm." "No long as buddha's eyes aren't covered by some girls underwear I'm fine." Maria smiled. Everyone laughed. "So Kyle" Alex began, "Is there someone who's bra will be covering buddha's eyes back at the dorm?" Kyle looked around, "Architechs....we can't be distracted." "Kyle what's her name?" Michael asked bluntly. "It's just..." Kyle stopped, "It's nothing.....serious." Kyle just sat there playing with his food. "Kyle..." Isabel urged on. "Okay, okay....her name is Torrie. Her car broke down outside the building where my dorm is so I invited her in to use my phone. It was snowing really bad so she spent the night....then she came back a few more times, we went out a few times and....she flew back to Detroit for the holidays." "Kyle's got a girlfriend....." Maria joked. The group was silenced by yet another knock on the door. Michael got up. "Damn it Michael, sit down!" Jim joked, "I'll get it." Jim walked to the door and opened it. "Who are you?" he asked. The man smelled the flowers he was holding. He smelled highly of liquor and stumbled on the porch. "I'm the dad!" Steve slured. "Ya, I'm sure you are." Jim said, "Do you need help finding you home Sir?" "Where is my Maria,...where is my daughter?" he slurred again. "Mr.DeLuca" Jim said realizing who he was, "I thought you moved to Virginia Beach?" "I did...why won't you let me see my daughter?" he slurred angerly. "Steve-" Jim was cut off by Steve's fist as it made contact to his lower lip sending him flying against the wall. Kyle, Michael and Alex got up to see what was going on. Alex reconized Steve the moment he saw him. "Where's my daughter?" Steve slurred. Kyle rushed over to help Jim up. Jim felt the tiny spirts of blood trickle down his lip. "She's not here." Alex said angerly. "Well if it ain't Maria and Liz's gay friend Al!" he slurred. "Alex." he corrected Steve. "I think it's time for you to go." Michael said trying to keep himself calm. "And who the hell are you?" Steve asked dropping the flowers. "The boyfriend, who the hell are you?" "The father" Steve answered "The father?" Michael questioned, "Haven't seen you be much of a father for the past few years that I've known Maria." Alex went to the kitchen and called Max. They could use another man. "Whats going on?" Amy asked. "It's nothing just stay here, with the ladies." Alex said. When he returned to the hallway, Jim was holding Steve down on the ground. Kyle sat on his legs and Michael was keeping an eye out for Max. "Alex, keep an eye out for Max." Michael said leaving the hallway and entering the kitchen. He looked at Maria, "Can we talk?" he asked calmly. Maria stood and she lead Michael to her bed room. "Whats going on?" she asked. "You knew he was in town didn't you?" Michael asked staring at her but keeping his voice calm. "You didn't want to come here because you knew he would be here right?" Maria nodded her head. Michael walked over to her and hugged her. He kissed the crown of her head and got one of her weird "Maria Vibes", it was a vibe telling him something she was not. "What's wrong Maria?" he asked. "I can't tell you..." she whispered pulling away from him, "I want to tell you, but I can't." "Then show me..." he extended his hand to her and she took it but quickly pulled away. "No.." she whispered. "Maria..did he hurt you?" "No" she lied as she bit on her lower lip. Michael went to talk out of the room. "YES!" she shouted and he wipped around, "I just can't tell you how" she cried. Michael hugged her. "Maria, I know you know you can trust me...." he pulled away and looked in to her eyes, "Please show me what he did so I can help you..." Maria grabbed his hands. Nothing. "Maria, you have to let me have to take down the stone wall." he knew it sounded funny comming from him of all people. Then the flashes started. **Flash** Maria playing in the front yard with Liz. Maria being led to Amy's room with another little body and Steve. **End** Maria pulled away. "No!" she yelled. "Maria open your eyes." Michael said, "open your eyes, it's okay, I'm here, he can't hurt you." Maria opened her eyes. She was shaking with fear. Isabel came in. "Max just left. He and Jim handcuffed Steve and Jim took him to the station. Max went home. Is everything okay?" Isabel asked. "Ya." Michael said putting his arm around Maria. They walked out of her room and Michael walked her to the living room. "I have the best sons." Amy said, " She kissed Kyle, Alex, and Michael on the cheek. "Michael is she okay?" He nodded his head. "Ma, why don't you go sit down, we'll get everything cleaned up." "Thank you." Amy said walking into the living room. The girls sat in the living room while the guys cleaned up. Isabel sat in the arm chair, Amy sat at one end of the couch and Maria laid across the couch with her head in Amy's lap. "Girls, I'm sorry about this." Amy said, "Poor Isabel must think were the most disfunctional family in Roswell." "No." Isabel said, "I don't. There's a lot worse out there." Amy managed to smile as she sighed. Alex came in to the living room, "We're done, mom." he grabbed Isabe's coat, "We should get going. Thank you for dinner" Alex kissed Amy on the head. "Thank you Ms.DeLuca." Isabel said as they walked out of the DeLuca house. Kyle came in the living room followed by Michael. Michael looked at Maria who had fallen asleep in Amy's lap. "I think I herd dad. I'll be right back." Kyle said heading outside. "Michael, this is my baby." Amy said, "I need you now more than ever to take care of her, and if I find out that you haven't, I will-" "Hunt me down and kill me like the mangy dog that I am." He finished her sentence. "Yes." she said. Michael scooped Maria up out of Amy's lap. Amy drapped her coat over Maria and Michael walked her out to the car. "Merry Christmas Michael." Amy said. "Merry Christmas, mom." he said back. Michael put the sleeping Maria in the car and drove home. ---------------------------------- "So is everything okay?" Ms.Evans asked. "Ya...Jim just thought he needed an extra hand." Max said taking off his jacket. Liz was in the Evan's kitchen washing dishes. "What are you doing?" Mr.Evans asked. "Oh,..uh..I was washing the dishes. I started to put dinner away." she smiled. "Liz, honey, you don't have to do that." Mr.Evans said, "You a guest in this house, that really isn't necessary." Max and Mrs.Evans came into the kitchen. "Liz honey," Mrs.Evans began, "You don't have to do that. I'll finish up..but thank you, that's very thoughtful." "Okay" Liz said drying off her hands. "I should get you home." Max said holding Liz's coat for her. "Okay. Thank you for dinner, it was great." Liz said zipping up her coat. "No problem, any time sweetheart." Mr.Evans said. Liz stopped mid action when he said that. She thought of Steve. No one ever called her that but Steve. She snapped out of it when Max grabbed her hand. "Lets go." he said smiling. "You okay?" Max aked. Liz stared out of the jeep. "Ya...I was just wondering how Maria was feeling, she felt like puking earlier." Liz lied. "I'm sure she's fine.....if she's with Michael....I'll bet any money she's not feeling pukey now." Max joked. Max pulled up in front of the Crashdown. "I'll call you after work tomorrow so we can start moving in." Max smiled. "Max, I still have to break the news to my parents, about me moving in with you." " you don't. See, your dad gave me this gift..." he trailed off. "What?" she aked, "What gift?" "Well, your dad came by the office today to tell me that he realizes that your growing up and....that eventually you'll be moving out....and he herd about my new place and how much time you'll probably be spending there so he gave me his "blessings" and he's okay with you moving in with me." Liz's eyes got as big as saucers and she hugged Max. They were intrupted by a tap on the window. It was Mr. Parker. Liz jumpped out of the jeep and hugged her father. "Thank you, thank you, thank you" she said cutting off his air supply. Mr.Parker looked at Max in the driver's seat. "This is my most prized possession....if you don't take care of her, I'll kill you myself." Mr.Parker said clearly. "I will take care of her better than myself, Mr.Parker, you have my word." Max said. Mr.Parker held up Liz's hand with the ring on it. "Non of that" he pointed to Max, "Until this ring is on the other hand and I have given her away, do you understand?" "Yes Sir." Max said trying not to laugh. "DAD!" Liz yelled hitting Mr.Parker's arm. "Well I don't want some guy to deflower my daughter before she's married or I'll kill the bastard Lizzie!" Mr.Parker said. "But it's okay for your son to deflower his girlfriend before he's married?" Liz said in defense, "We are not having this conversation!" she said crossing her arms. "What?" Mr.Parker said shocked, "I'll be having a talk with that boy! Good night Max." "Good night Mr.Parker." He said, "Good night Liz." " 'night." she said back. Mr.Parker put his arm around Liz and they headed into the house as Max drove out of sight.
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