FanFic - Unconventional Couples
"Crossed Wires"
Part 6
by Pinaypoet
Disclaimer: Don’t own anything having to do with Roswell...the lucky Melinda Metz and Jason Katims do though....
Summary: In the aftermath of Destiny, Max and Maria find solace and love in the last place they expected to
Category: Unconventional Couples
Rating: PG-13
Later that night, Maria, Liz, and Michael were the only ones left in the Crashdown to lock up. Michael was busy in the back washing dishes, Liz was wiping down the tables, and Maria was refilling the sugar shakers. They all seemed preoccupied with their tasks not wanting to stop and think about what was really going on, all of the things they were thinking, all the things that needed to be said. But none of them had the courage to say anything. The tension was so thick in that cafe that you could literally slice it with a knife.

Just as Maria finished with the sugar shakers, Max, Isabel, and Alex walked in. She looked up and immediately found Max’s eyes staring straight into hers. She looked at him and smiled. But just as soon as she smiled she realized who else was there, and what had transpired earlier. She quickly looked away and continued on to the salt and pepper shakers, hoping that Liz hadn’t caught that little look.

Meanwhile Alex, Isabel, and Max all sat down in a booth. Liz came up to their table acting very cold asking, “Do you guys want anything before we close the kitchen?” She didnt’ even look at Max, she couldn’t. She was afraid if she did, she would break into tears again.

Max sensing something was wrong instinctively looked over at Maria. Maria mouthed “She knows, I told her.” back to him. Then Max understood why Liz was acting the way she was.

Before Liz walked away, Max grabbed her arm and said, “Can I talk to you, alone?”

She didn’t answer him, she just pulled him up and took him to the back room. Maria followed them with her eyes, hoping that Max would have more luck with Liz than she did.

“What’s going on Isabel” Alex questioned. “Why is everyone acting so wierd?”

“You mean alien wierd or just typical teenage wierd?” Isabel said pouring some sugar in her orange soda.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, right now I think you and me are the only two people in this cafe who aren’t about to experience some major emotional crisis. Maybe we should get out of here before plates start flying.”

Alex sensing the wierd tension in the air, nodded in agreement. “C’mon let’s go rent a video. I think I still have Boogie Nights at my house...” Isabel looked at him strangely.

“What?? Well I had to get my motivation for you birthday present from somewhere.” He laughed and the two left just as quickly as they had come, glad to get out of the line of fire.

Meanwhile in the backroom. . .

“Look Liz, I know you’re upset about what Maria toldyou.” He paused trying to figure what he was going to say. He wanted to make this as painless as possible.

“I wanted to tell you myself, but I didn’t know how.” He started to pace around the room. “Things between us have been really bad lately and well, when you went off to Florida Maria was there for me to lean on, and well. . .” he hesitated again, unsure of what to say.

“What, you fell in love with her? Huh Max?!?” She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Her best friend and her one true love. The two people in the world she THOUGHT she could trust. Liz could feel herself beginning to cry again.

“Honestly, I dont’ know what I’m feeling right now.” He stopped in front of her, dropping to his knees.

“All I could tell you is I’m confused. Please Liz don’t hate me,” he was pleading now, “and don’t hate Maria. You’re her best friend and she’d die if you didn’t speak to her.”

“BRAVO Maxwell, BRAVO!!” Michael yelled from behind them, clapping his hands. “Quite an oscar winning performance. What category you going for this time? Best Attempt to Stab a Best Friend in the Back?” Max turned around while Liz quietly seated herself on the couch.

“Michael stay out of this. This is none of your business.”

“Gee I seem to be hearing a lot of that lately.” He came into the room further, with no intention of backing down. “ I’m afraid your wrong Max. This IS my business because that is my girlfriend you are trying to steal.” he said pointing out towards the cafe.

“You’re girlfriend huh?” Maria screamed suddenly coming in through the door. “Since when did I become your girlfriend again? Huh, Michael.” She marched straight up to him and started poking him the chest.

“What? You think I’m like a freakin toy? You take me out to play with when you need to, and put me away and ignore me when you have something else to play with?” She knew she was babbling, but boy was she upset.

“Look” Max said, “We’re obviously all upset. But I don’t think we’re gonna solve anything yellling at each other.”

“Oh please Max, spare me your touchy-feely Oprah crap” Michael responded looking over Maria’s shoulder.

“Please guys, knock it off okay. I don’t need a repeat performance of yesterday.” Maria cut in.

“Why don’t you just leave them alone” Liz yelled unable to take anymore, “haven’t you caused enough trouble? Or what, you just always want to be the center of attention don’t you?” She quickly stood up, her eyes wild with anger, all of which directed toward Maria.

Maria was taken aback by Liz’s comment and angry tone. She didn’t know quite what to say in response.

Liz gasped and putting her hand on her chest amazed, “What Maria Deluca left speechless? I guess hell finally froze over.” she spat out.

“Liz, that’s enough.” Max stepped in.

She turned toward him. “Fine Max. You’re the fearless leader, you take care of the mess you and Maria made.” With that Liz went upstairs and never looked back.

“Good one Max. Some leader. I’m outta here.” Michael grabbed his jacket and took off out the back door.

Maria and Max were left there to pick up the pieces of what had just happened. But they weren’t quite sure how to do that. So they both quietly walked out, Max through the front door and Maria through the back door, without even saying a word.

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